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How FRERARD came about.

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Another (almost) true story.

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There was a kickass band!

They were named My Chemical Romance.

MCR were a pretty new, unheard of band... BEFORE FRERARD!

Gerard was singing, and being emo. Frank was playing like a short physcopath. Mikey was being as stiff as usual. Ray was hard to see under his wafro (white person's afro) and Bob was looking as scary ass as usual.

Ray thought Mikey was about to fall asleep, that's how unenthusiastic he looked, so Ray nudged him slightly, Mikey being as thin as he is fell onto Frank, no-one could see as Frank is so short.

Frank toppled forwards, brushing his hand over GERARD'S MANHOOD! (DUM DUM DUUUUUMMMMM!)

Gerard, being the sexy emo he is, let out a ecstatic moan of pleasure, the crowd being silenced, then began to scream with excitement as Frank and Gerard made out, LIVE ON STAGE!

After the show, Gerard and Frank pretended like nothing had happened, until their crazed stalker showed up.

"What do you want, Lyra?" Gerard sighed.

"Oh, not much, just popping in to see my favourite little Gee" (I was THE first person to call him Gee) Lyra smiled.

"So, you two looked gorgeous on stage" Lyra Kiss teased.

"Shut it kid" Frank snarled.

"Oh Frankie, give your gob a rest, you always have to have a say" Lyra whined. Frank sat pouting, she laughed and patted him on the head.

"Seriously Lyra, what do you want?" Gerard became restless, probably due to the lack of coffee.

"More sexy Frerardness" Lyra replied, cleverly combining Gerard and Frank to get FRERARD!

"Lyra!" Frank hissed.

"Frerard or press" Lyra sang in her sweetest, most innocent voice.

"Grrr, bitch" Gerard growled and draped himself over Frank's lap.

"YAY! Good choice" Lyra squealed, clapping enthusiastically.

Afterwards, the sercuity dragged Lyra away, but she got to lick Frankie's cheek before she left.

And that is how Frerard was born!

The END!

PS: I got to lick Frank Iero's cheek!
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