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A question: your "friend" or someone you have chatted with writes a story and it is god-awful (in dire need of a spell check, poorly written, mary-sue, unoriginal, unbelievable or unreadable). Would you give them an honest review or do you feel compelled to say "omg it is great" because you don't want to hurt feelings or piss them off?

Do you believe the point of reviews and ratings is to help the writer become a better writer through constructive suggestions? Or do you believe the point of reviews and ratings is to show your bff that they are indeed your bff and you love them?

Do you believe that a crappy story can be excused by posting that you know it is crappy, but you presented it in any event?

Would you read a story by a writer who couldn't be bothered to spell check or to proof read and who states in the introduction that his/her story is terrible?
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