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Willy Gets Max TV

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Willy’s Point of View.

YAY. Today were getting max TV I yelled jumping out of bed.

“Honey calm Willy down.” My mom said to my father.

“Son, shut the fuck up ya dumbass.” My father said.

I waited all day then I heard a knock at the door. It was MR. Buchanan.

“You guys smoking pot?” He asked. I slammed the door in his face.

Then the cable guy got here and started hooking the boxes.

“You’re pretty good at the job.” I said.

“Thanks, I’m Gerard.”

“This will be as quickly as 1…2…3…” I said.

“Gerard you’re pretty sexy.” I said.

“Don’t you ever shut up!”. Yelled Gerard getting mad.

“1…2…-“ I started but Gerard kicked me in the balls. “3…”

I was so upset that I watched sex TV all night.
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