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Willy Pickett Goes To McDonalds With Gerard And Frank

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Guess who's back, back again?

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"HEY WILLY GUESS WHAT?!" Gerard asked.

"1...2...3...?" I asked.

"We're going to the amusement park! HOLLA AT YOUR GIRL!"


"OK, and you're not invited," Gerard said and hung up. I decided I felt insecure about my weight and went on a diet. I decided that Big Mac was perfect for diets.

I decided to ring Gerard up.

"1...2...3.." I greeted Gerard as he picked up the phone.

"Okay, I'm coming."

"Is Frank over?" I asked.

"Yeah why else would I come?"

"What are we talking about?" I asked.

"I don't know," Gerard said.

"Be over in 1...2...3..." I said.

When Gerard and Frank both came it took 10 minutes, then they had to leave their house to go to my house. When they arrived we left to McDonalds.

"I'm going to get a McChicken!"

"I'm going to get a Big Mac!" Gerard included.

"I'm going to get a Filet-O-Fish," Bob said.

"WHO THE FUCK INVITED BOB?" I asked. Everyone shrugged.

"Get out," I told Bob. Bob just nodded and left.

When we got to the McDonalds Gerard and Frank stayed true to their words and ordered McChickens and Big Macs. Even though Frank was a vegetarian.

"What would you like today Mrs.?" The employee asked.

"MASHED POTATA'S!" I screamed.

"1...2...3!" I screamed even louder. When I looked at the side I saw Mr. Buchanan and the S.W.A.T team.


"1,2,3," I said.

"Get him," he ordered the S.W.A.T. team and then they all shot me.

The death of a martian.
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