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Taken for granted!

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A letter from MCR's second hottest couple... not anymore, thing's are going to CHANGE!

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Heyaa beetchs! I got my laptop backk, fecking sercurity!

An (almost) real note from Bob and Ray

They are married


Dear fans of MCR,

Firstly I'd like to say... WHAT IS THE POINT! It's not just Gerard in the band, or even Frank and Mikey, Ray and I are in it too. Just because we aren't "pretty" and wear eyeliner and look like overall girls, doesn't mean we aren't equal members of this band! I think Ray and I deserve more recognision. Frank has a creepy, REALLY HOT stalker, Lyra, Gerard has loads of 13 year old chicks screaming after him, AND FRANK! Mikey has... well everyone loves Mikey, but us two are extremely taken for granted, if we don't get more praise for our hard work, we quit! Look guys, we aren't going to makeout onstage like two other (unamed) freaky, eyelinered, emo, sexy, fuckers in the band, so just except it that WE work just as hard as everyone else to make our songs awesome, if not HARDER!
We are recording new songs now, we expect a whole bunch of creepy, emo chicks stalking us, or someone as sexy as Lyra Kiss, PLEASE!!!

Lots of Love and kisses,

Ray and Bob Toro-Byrar.

When this letter was being written I snuck in and licked Iero's cheek, he moaned with PLEASURE!

Lyra Kiss
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