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Lyra's birthday

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An (almost) true story about my Birthday camp out

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A play staring:

Gerard Way
Frank Iero
Mikey Way
Lyra Kiss

[You are sitting around a campfire with Gerard, Frank and Lyra. It is about 8:30pm and is still light. You are celebrating Lyra's birthday]

Gerard: [Smiles mischieviously] Lyra, stay here. [goes off set]
Lyra: [drags hand frustratedly down cheek] What is he up to now?
Frank: [shrugs] God only knows, knowing him it could be anything.
[Gerard returns with a big wrapped gift and passes it to Lyra]
Lyra: [pulls a horrified face] Gee, it's pink... and has a shiny pink BOW on it.
Frank: Weldone Lyra [claps sarcastically]
Lyra: Fuck you Iero
You: Come on, just open it!
Lyra: [tears back a bit of the hideously girly wrapping paper] OH MY GOD, GEE!
Gerard: Like it?
Gerard: Who deserves a hug? [stretchs out arms]
Lyra: THANK YOU FRANKIE! [crawls over to hug Frank]
Gerard: HUH? [drops arms and glares at Frank]
Lyra: And this Birthday card inside is so cute
Gerard: You put a card inside? [Annoyed at Frank]
Frank: Yep, you can't take praise for my present this year [Smiles and hugs Lyra]
Gerard: [mutters under breath] Fuck sakes
You: What is it?
Lyra: [rips remaining paper off to reveal present] Like it?
You: OH! It's amazing
Lyra: I know, I've always wanted one
Frank: I'm glad I could make you happy
Lyra: THANK YOU! Thank you Frankie, Thrankie [Licks Frank's cheek]

Hope you enjoyed it, just a little birthday party for me, hosted by Frankie and Gee. Thank's for being there.

I got to lick Frank's cheek

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