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Paid to kill

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Hey! this was a completely random thing I wrote in French and I thought it was alright so I posted it! X]
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I sat on the bench, gazing at the stars wonderingly as I heard the wind glide past me, lifting my hair slightly. I’m sat in the exact place where I met him… and the exact place where he died. I felt tears sprung to my eyes as I watched a bird fly past me, singing an unusual tune. A mocking bird, also known as me and my twin, Vikki. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, before it curled round my neck, grazing against my skin, before I felt a warm breath near my ear.
‘Give me your money’ a deep voice snared as I looked up, my eyes meeting with a pair of grey ones.
‘On one condition, you kill me’ I whispered as he looked at me, his eyes clouded over with confusion.
‘Huh?’ he asked as I sighed, before I turned round, my green eyes, narrowing.
‘Lets just say your getting paid to kill someone, now kill me and look in my jacket pocket… you know what fuck it… here’ I snarled as I took out my wallet, before throwing it at him.
‘Now kill me or fuck it I’ll kill us both’ I growled as he fumbled in his pocket, before pulling out a knife.
‘Fuck sake just get it over with already!’ I yelled, before he stabbed me in the stomach, before the cold blade slid out of the wound, crimson covering it. I looked at the man and smiled, before I saw red and blue light flashing from the corner of my eye. So much for a peaceful death, why cant I die in peace!… I guess not then…
I woke up in the hospital, a tube shoved down my throat. I crossed my eyes so I can stare at it better. Suddenly a swarm of doctors came in, before detaching the wires that were attached to my body.
‘Miss Harlequin are you okay?’ a doctor asked as I nodded, before he pulled the tube out of my throat. I winced in pain before rubbing my throat, which was sore.
‘Miss Harlequin… we almost lost you’ a nurse sighed as I rolled my eyes, before I led back on the bed, a headache starting to form, which was made worse when I heard screaming.
‘Megz!’ Frankie yelled as I looked at him, before spotting my twin behind him.
‘We’re so worried!’ Vikki cooed as she sat on the end of my bed, before I saw Mikey enter the room, a frown on his lips.
‘I heard where you were… and I heard what happened, you okay?’ he asked as I nodded, before flicking my black hair away from my face.
‘Yeah I’m fine…’ I replied, forcing a smile. Vikki stared at me, her eyes misting over with regret. Me heart thumped in my chest as I saw mine and Vikki’s mum rush into the room, before she stood in front of me, her eyes ablaze.
‘Why? Me and your father were worried sick and you go ahead and ASK this man to kill you? Why?’ she asked as I sighed, before pulling my knees towards my chest, but failed miserably coz of my wound.
‘I don’t know… I’m depressed’ I mumbled as she grabbed my face, forcing me to look at her.
‘I don’t want it happening again… got it?!’ she growled as my eyes clashed against my mother’s hazel eyes, before she pushed my face away, storming out the room. I ran a hand through my matted hair before closing my eyes, ignoring everyone else whose eyes were on me.
‘Please leave’ I mumbled as they all got up from their seated positions. Suddenly I felt a pair of lips meet my forehead, before they pulled back, placing a hand over mine.
‘Don’t do anything you’ll regret Megz’ Mikey murmured as I nodded, before I opened my eyes, only to see no one there.
As night fell upon the hospital I sighed, before I spotted a pair of scissors on my bed side.
‘Shall I?.. shan’t I?’ I whispered. I continued to have this internal battle as I reached over to the scissors, before picking them up, the cold metal stinging my warm skin. I opened them up, so the blade was staring at me in the face. I place it by my wrist, before letting it slice open my skin like paper. The crimson cascaded down my ghost like skin, before I smiled, my eyes darkening as I placed the blade on a different patch of skin, before doing the same. The pain seemed to have calmed me as I cant stop smiling. I placed the bloodstained pair of scissors on the bed, before stretching out my arms, admiring my work. I smiled before I thought for a moment. If the blade is sharp enough to cut my wrists then… maybe… I giggled to myself quietly, my own impulsiveness getting me high. I grabbed the blade and pressed it to my throat, before letting the blade slowly glide across my skin, tearing it delicately. I sighed to myself, before I began to cough horrifically.
This is for you Gerard
All for you…

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