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You Don't Need Me

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Do you remember when we met? The exact moment you decided you liked me enought to see me again? It's been such a long time, i know, but if you can reminisce about that night, maybe you'll remember what we had together.

A connection. Fireworks exploding across the space from which we were apart. I couldn't talk my eyes off you. Your beautiful hazel eyes stared back at me and the little half smile you performed made my heart jump with nervous anticipation.

And the first words you spoke to me. When I heard your voice for the first time. Angelic, flawless in it's nature, telling me I looked like a cherry when I blushed. My face reddened deeper as you gave a full smile.

Our first embrace. Such a wonderful hug that I'll never forget. Your arms holding me tight, pulling me closer than I had expected. I could feel the stiffness in you pants pressing against my thigh as you held me close. Afraid I was holding you for too long, I tried to let go of you, but instead you pulled me back into your chest. I whispered a goodbye as I left, leaving your lips unkissed.

That is what we had. Chemistry. Everything. We had it all until you met her.

And for some fucked up reason you left me. Just because someone kissed you, you're gonna give up the person you loved and date the them? You must be easy. I wish I could've found out...

You don't need me. You have her. You don't need this case of beer and these bottles of pills and this shiny metal blade like I do. You have her. You don't need to feel loved, because you know you are. Not only by her, but by me as well. I can't let you slip out of my memory and slip into her without a fight.

But I'm too weak to care.

I still see you around town. You look away from me, trying to hide your true emotions. I can see them though. It's in the way you walk, the way you focus so hard on the ground beneathe your feet as I walk by you.

You're dying inside.

So am I.

Depression is washing over me. And the blood flows across me like a warm, caring blanket. That should be you.

This always happens doesn't it? You get so attached to someone that when you lose them, it's impossible to let go. There's only one guaranteed to get you off my mind.


And that's my final choice.

I'm not gonna say that it's not your fault, because it is. You could've at least done what I am doing: Saying goodbye. If I can't hold you, can't have you, can't look into your amazing eyes again, I'd rather be dead.

This is it.

My last words.

I miss you.

I love you.

I'm sorry we'll never be.

~Frank Anthony Iero
4:03 pm
September 6, 2008
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