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In 1975, David Bowie and John Lennon recorded "Fame". For three days, they had no wives, no contact to the outside world. Of couse something would happen. Kind of a drabble.

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For three days, David and John were going to be alone, recording "Fame". Yoko and Angela had left, they were completely alone. One of the rockstars was openly bisexual. What do you think would happen? They'd sit and have tea?

"John, love, play it like this." David said. He took John's hand and fixed it's position. God, John was hot. He left his hand linger on John's. He could feel John's breath. It turned him on. "Like this?" John asked, playing the riff. "Yeah." David said.


John sat, holding his guitar. He was watching David sing. He was great.
"Fame, makes a man take things over. Fame, makes it loose, hard to swallow. Fame, puts you there where things are hollow." David stopped, and smiled. "How do you like it?" he asked. "I love it." John said. He got up, put down his guitar, and walked towards David. "Like I'm gonna love this." he snaked his arms around David's waist. They were so close. John could feel David's nervous breathing. His lip's met David's. They shared a long, wonderful kiss. When it broke, the kissed again. This time it was less romantic, more like two horny 15 year olds. "We're going to have a great 3 days, darling." John said.
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