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When the Moonlight Hits Your Bright Eyes I Go Blind

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Filler chapter.

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After the audition, the four of us just hung out and got to know each other. Joe and Patrick were talking about bands, and me and Pete were talking about well… I'm not sure what we were talking about just random stuff here and there.

“Is Elly short for something?” Pete asked.

“Yeah, my actual name is Elizabeth, but no one calls me that.”

“Oh, everyone just calls you Elly?”


“Well, I'm going to call you Lizard.” I looked at him strangely and very confused.


“Yeah, like some people call people with the name Liz, but I'm going to call you Lizard.”

“Okay… I guess.” Pete sure was strange. I mean I'm sure anyone who knew him already knew that, but yeah you get the point.

“So where do you live?” Pete asked. I thought about that for awhile, I knew where I lived in ’09, but what about here? I have no where. Then I started thinking, where am I going to sleep tonight? I have no where to go. I quickly made up an excuse.

“Glenview.” I said, which was sort of true. I did live there, just not there here. If that made sense.

“Oh, I live over in Wilmette.”

“Cool.” I wondered if I should tell him how I'm not from this time. He would either A.) Think I'm crazy, B.) Think I'm lying, or C.) Think I'm crazy. And I wasn’t any of that so I decided to just not say anything, it could wait for another time.

“Your boyfriend is an awesome singer.” Pete said, with almost no emotion.

“Patrick? Patrick isn’t my boyfriend.” I said, even though I sort of wished he was.

“He isn’t?” Pete said surprised.

“No, I just moved here, no boyfriend yet.”

“Oh.” Pete said nodding his head, “Where did you move from?” I was caught off guard by the question, since literally speaking I hadn’t moved at all. So I just shouted out the first state that came to mind.


“Wow, that’s a pretty big change. Weather and time zone changes, that sucks.”

“Yeah and leaving behind a few friends sucks too.” I said playing along with my own lie.

“Yeah but you have 3 good friends right here, so it won’t suck so bad.” He said smiling, I laughed.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” Just then Patrick came up to me.

“Hey, it’s getting kind of late and I need to get home, but I was thinking do you have anywhere to sleep?”

“No, I don’t know what I'm going to do.”

“I'm sure it’d be okay with my mom if you wanna crash at my place.”

“Really Patrick? That’d be great, thank you so much.”

“Sure no problem, I'm sure my sister has some clothes you could sleep in and wear tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” I said smiling, then I started to think. What if I just stayed here? Like Pete said, I have good 3 friends here and sadly that’s a more good friends than I had before. Yeah it wouldn’t be bad staying here for awhile.
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