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Another dollar, Just another blow

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They told me it was normal and that it happened to everybody. I was young and vulnerable so obviously, I believed them. I believed them when it hurt me, when I couldn't sleep in fear it happened twice in one night and even when they told me I wasn't to tell anybody. I believed everything they told me because it was all I knew.

Laying on the floor, hands between your legs trying to stop the burning pain you always feel after. Staring, through teary eyes, at the blood on the carpet. Wondering what excuse you can use this time and hoping that nobody at school asks about the marks on your arms and neck.

You manage to drag yourself up onto the bed and try to catch your breath. Sobbing uncontrollably, you shakily reach out your hand and pull open the drawer beside your bed.

"Lucy, get down here now!"

The slightest noise makes you jump and so the drawer comes crashing down onto the floor, its contents spilling all over your carpet. You can hear footsteps getting closer and your breathing gets faster as you try to pick everything up as quickly as you can.

Before you can put the drawer back into its place a hand grabs your shoulder and throws you from the bed. You curl up into a ball, tightly shutting your eyes because you know what is coming next.

"Little bitch"

Two blows to the back, this caught you off guard and so you let out a scream. Bad idea.

"Shut the fuck up"

Two strong hands grab onto your small wrists and pin them above your head, allowing your stomach to become the target. Choking on tears you try to call out, but no words escape your lips. Only small gasps as his foot slams repeatedly into your ribs. You let out a long breath as he drops your arms and you slump forward, hitting your head on the floor below you. You try and get your breathing back into a pattern as you think it's all over for now, that is until he grabs your ankle and drags you over to the bed. By this point your lashing out, trying to stop him.

"You've been a naughty girl today, and you know what happens now"

He grabs your hips and pins them down harshly onto the bed, straddling your small frame. He doesn't make eye contact with you as he pulls down his zipper and reaches his hand up your skirt.

"John, are you up there?"

Your eyes grow wide as your mother shouts up the stairs and he jumps off you, fixing his trousers in the process.

"Dont fucking move, I'll be back" he snarls at you as he goes out onto the landing.

Frozen on the spot, you try and look around for something, anything to end the pain. Nothing could be worse than what your already living so you manage to weakly drag yourself off the bed and crawl over to the window. Luck must of been on your side when your parents picked a three storey house.

You know you don't have much time, so with your bloody fingers you flip the latch on the window and throw it open, letting the fresh air fill your lungs for the last time. Knowing this is your only way out, you pull your injured body onto the windowsill and slide forward, teetering on the edge.

You feel a pang of sadness, realising that for the first time in your life you feel happy but consequently you are seconds away from your death, hopefully.

One last push sends you hurtling over the edge, the last thing you hear is the sickening crunch of your own bones breaking against the pavement.

Free at last.
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