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Love Me Kill Me

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Three vampires with unusual gifts begin to hunt certain members of the host club. Will the boys survive or will they be turned into killers themselves.

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Summary: Three vampires, each with rare powers begin to target three of the Host club boys. Will their prey be killed or will the feelings of the three vampiresses lead to three new vampires being born?

Warnings: Possible Character Death, Language, and severe OOC. Oh and original characters so you have been warned

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran I only twist the characters to my liking.

talking through minds


Vampires, humans who have lost their souls and gained in its place a thirst for living blood, although there is a lot of vampire mythology there is very little refutable information about these creatures of the night. Vampires are created when a human has vampire blood infused into their body, whether by digestion or by the vampire that is changing, or ‘siring’ them infusing their drained body with the vampire’s own blood. Although most books and vampire enthusiasts will tell you that vampires are not able to walk around during the daylight there is sufficient evidence to support the fact that this is only true for certain vampire families, or ‘legions’. Furthermore, contrary to popular superstitions, neither a silver crucifix nor garlic will kill a vampire. The crucifix will only hurt the vampire immensely, and the garlic will not affect them at all. Whether or not a vampire can be seen in a mirror depends upon that particular vampire’s age and or ability. When a human is turned into a vampire before the age of seventeen they will continue to grow until they reach that age, at that point in time all physical growth stops. Vampires that are under the age of seven hundred are considered juvenile and will almost always have a clear reflection. From the age of seven hundred to the age of one thousand six hundred vampires are considered in their adolescence and may look slightly transparent around the edges in glass or mirrors. The ages of one thousand six hundred to five thousand is considered the young adulthood of the vampire race and may result in a very transparent reflection. The next five thousand years of a vampire’s life is when they are considered mature, by this point they have lost their reflection completely however very few vampires make it to maturity due to the despair of watching everyone they come to care about die as they live on. For those vampires that live to above the age of ten thousand come the respect and the recognition as a wise ancient by other vampires. Vampires’ posses many frightening magical abilities that help them survive in our world, some powers such as the ability to hypnotize their prey into submission are only gained at a certain level of maturity. Others, such as the ability to shape shift into whatever animal the vampire has an affinity for, is possessed from the moment they are turned.

The cool night air blew through the open window, turning the pages of the book that sat open on the desk. One of the room’s occupants, a girl who appeared to be in her early teens giggled. Jade green hair fell messily in front of eerie, pupil-less neon green orbs. Translucent skin shone wonderfully in the moonlight that had managed to seep through the dark, forest green curtains. It was late, almost morning, and yet the jade haired girl showed no intention of retiring for the night. On the contrary she seemed to be getting ready to leave for a night of clubbing, though it was doubtless any place that would serve her would be open at this hour. The girl wore a tight forest green, off the shoulder shirt under an equally tight black tank top that had holes at the top and near the stomach area. A dark green belt with a gold buckle was fastened on a slant across her waist, three chains hung from the belt and looped across the girl’s layered skirt. The top half of the skirt was a shade of green that was just darker than her undershirt, the bottom layer which was ruffled was pitch black. On her legs she wore a pair of stockings that looked as though they had been separated from their matching partner and picked at random. The right stocking came up to her shin and was a normal shade of green, the left stocking however came up to her lower thigh and was slightly darker than the other. Her gloves were in a similar state, only reversed, with the right glove being the longer and darker of the two coming up to her elbow. The left glove ended at her wrist with lacy trim. Black, heeled slippers that laced up her calves served as her footwear. The only visible jewelry she wore was a thin strip of ribbon that was tied around her neck in the exact shade of her undershirt. A similarly colored hair tie held her shoulder length hair up so that it just barely reached the nape of her neck. One of the other occupants looked up from her book of poetry. This girl also appeared to be in her teens, short, flyaway dishwater blond hair matched perfectly with pupil-less amber eyes yet didn’t seem to fit with her milky white skin. This teen was also dressed to go out on the town, albeit a whole lot less cluttered and mismatched as her jade haired companion. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless, red and black striped shirt, a baggy pair of black pants that were adorned with two chains that hung from the backs of her knees, and black boots. In fact the only accessories on the second of the girls was the red armband she wore on her left arm, a black wristband on her other wrist, and a black belt that was studded with red beads and had what once looked to be a silver buckle spray painted red.

“What, pray tell, is so amusing Mika-chan?” The brunette asked, the jade haired girl identified as Mika only giggled once more.

“The way this horrid excuse for a book describes the powers of the wonderfulness that is our life Nika-kun. I mean they never even mention the most horrid aspect of our being.”

“What, the fact that we can’t date?” Put in a voice from the other side of the room. Yet another pale, teenage female sat snuggled on a cushy, blood red armchair. This girl had long, flowing red hair. Her bangs, like Mika’s obscured her pupil-less sea foam green eyes. The final occupant of the room was not only dressed as though she were going out, but she was dressed as though she were in the artic tundra and was going to be stuck outside for a rather long time. She had a long sleeved navy blue shirt on but it was obscured by a black winter jacket with dark blue fuzz at the collar. The third girl was also wearing a skirt, one that was much longer than Mika’s, going down to a little past her knees. The skirt itself was a darker shade of blue than her shirt, however, the ruffles that adorned the top and bottom of the skirt, much like the ruffles on Mika’s skirt, were pitch black. The girl also wore a pair of black and blue, striped tights, and tall black boots. She too wore a belt although hers was the only one of the three that did not have some sort of adornment or color additive to it; it was simply a black belt with a plain silver buckle. The third girl’s final accessory was a length of navy felt that was wrapped around her neck. The redheaded girl held an issue of Tarot Café in her hands and was absent-mindedly flipping the pages as she talked.

“No Kyo, although you are very close to what I was thinking of,” Mika said quietly her voice somehow being easily heard by the room’s two other occupants. “I was talking, of course, about how we have to kill all the people we feed from.”

“Mika-chan do you mind staying away from this topic of conversation, you know I hate angsty stuff and nothing’s more angsty than that.” Nika stated returning to her poetry.

“Fine, I just hate how all the stupid books make it out as though we have a choice in the matter.” Mika mumbled plopping down on her bed.

“What do you expect from human authors? What would they know of our lives?” Kyo put forth.

“This author can’t use that excuse Kyo, she is one of us.” Mika growled. Nika made a dismissing motion with her hand.

“There are the rare few of our kind that don’t have to deal with that aspect of our lives Mika-chan” The brunette reminded her friend.

“I think Mika’s just trying to steer away from the true topic, who are we going to feed from next?” Kyo asked quietly suddenly totally absorbed with her book.

“I’ve heard of a prestigious high school near here that supposedly has some very choice candidates.” Nika said.

“Ouran right Nika-kun?” Mika asked. At her companion’s nod she screwed her face up in concentration for a moment. “Enrolling as students is out of the question on this one.” She finally said.

“Why can’t we enroll?” Kyo asked.

“First of all, because someone is bound to get suspicious after their dead and we disappear, and we can’t afford to move out of town again.” Mika stated. “Second, because the older of the two Nekozawa children goes to that school and we all know he would blow our cover immediately.” The two other girls nodded in understanding.

“So, how exactly are we going to scope out our next targets?” Kyo asked.

“Hey Mika, doesn’t Haruhi go to Ouran now? Maybe she can introduce us to someone.” Nika suggested.
“…Do you think she would remember us at all Nika-kun? It has been a while since we’ve talked to her in person besides, we wouldn’t even know where to find her.” Mika said tilting her head back thoughtfully.

“Mika-chan there is this little invention called the phone book, it lists people’s addresses by their name. USE YOUR HEAD WOMAN AND FIGURE IT OUT!” Nika yelled throwing a copy of said book at Mika’s face.

“Hey Mika…are we going to visit her tonight?” Kyo asked after the few moments of silent page turning that ensued. Mika nodded, her eyes never leaving the page as she ran he finger through the list of names. Another few minutes passed silently.

“Found her, let’s go you two.” Mika said closing the book and laying it on the bedside table. Nika and Kyo followed suit, stretching as they rose from their respective places in the room.

“Is it ok to show up at her house looking like we do now Mika?” Kyo asked quietly looking out the window.

“I was thinking we could just show up in our cat forms…see if she remembers us then show up later as we are now.” Mika stated looking out the window.

“Well then what are we waiting for lets go!” Nika exclaimed, without further ado she snapped her fingers causing a puff of smoke to rise up. When the smoke cleared Nika was no longer there, instead there was a small cat where she once stood. The cat was all white with the exception of one of its ears which was grey. Mika and Kyo both rolled their eyes at their friend’s display.

“Nika the smoke was entirely unnecessary you know.” Mika deadpanned before she herself turned into a black cat with a white star on the forehead.

I know Mika-chan, I just like the theatrics. The Nika cat gave what could be interpreted as a grin. Kyo sighed before turning herself into a black cat with white Egyptian markings around its eyes. Together the three cats jumped out the window and ran off into the night.

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