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Purple Eyeshadow

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Brendon's past is used for blackmail, but it will change. Just ask Bob and the boys from Fall Out Boy.

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The lights were fan-seizure-tastic and the music was blaring from the large dance area known as Angels & Kings Pete Wentz, full-owner of the said club, was up on the dance floor just having a good time. He flashed a smile to his band’s drummer who looked out-of-place in the club full of drinkers. Their bassist had no problem fitting in though. He glanced a few times around for the lead singer but he was no where to be found.

It wasn’t until his sixteenth scan that he saw Patrick walk back through the front doors; the look he wore said nothing but bad news. He slipped his phone out of his back pocket and frowned. Seventeen missed calls from Ryan Ross. Patrick was by his side the time he put his phone away and both nodded.

When they got to Pete’s office Patrick spoke.

“Brendon’s collapsed.”


The idea was outrageous and he couldn’t understand why Ryan was doing this. The said brunette held out his hand and a pair of boxers. Brendon shook his head, “I’m not gonna do it.”

Ryan’s eye shot to Brendon’s. Pure nothingness bore into Brendon and he instinctively reached for the boxers. His life was in danger, he could tell.

“Do you want to go back there and waste you life away?”

“No,” he said.

“This is our chance, and you’re better at this then anyone.”

Brendon lowered his gaze and turned toward the door, “I’ll be back.”

“I’ll pack up your microphone.”

Brendon closed the door and snuck over three doors down hallway of the house and entered into the room. The famous man that had just listened to them rock looked up from the paper he was looking at. He said he had to go and think and that it wouldn’t take him very long. Spencer had commented about how the famous man had a reputation of pro and con lists.

The famous man smiled and turned in his computer chair around. Brendon kneeled down. “You don’t have to swallow.”

Brendon never looked up as he unzipped the famous man’s pants to begin his job. “I’ve done it before, I’ll do it now.”

And he did.

“I hear you passed out after your second beer,” Pete joked opening the hospital door to see Brendon already glaring in his direction, “you’re losing your touch.”

“Shut up Wentz,” he grumbled, “Ryan called you.” The older man nodded. “I told him not to.”

“He never listens,” Pete pointed out and Brendon took his turn to agree. Brendon’s eyes moved towards his window. Feeling a awkward silence settling, Pete sat down and spoke. “I heard you all were celebrating-”

“-the birth of Panic.” Brendon joined in chorus with him, mocking and bitter.

Pete raised an eyebrow, “Brendon?”

“He acted like it never happened,” Brendon hissed.

Pete leaned forward in his chair. “What are you talking about Brendon?”

Brendon meet Pete’s gaze, “never mind, thanks for coming by to see me.”

“No,” Pete warned, “tell me. Who acted like what never happened?”

“Ryan acted like he had never forced me to; you know, blow you then have sex with you.”

Pete was shocked. “What do you mean Ryan forced you?”

The younger man swallowed, “he used my past against me. He wanted to get out of Vegas so bad; he didn’t have the balls to do it himself.”

“I, I don’t understand,” Pete confessed. It scared him, this look on the usually hyper lead singer. What he couldn’t understand was how Ross would force someone to have sex to get something. Ryan wasn’t that type of guy? Was he?

The door opened again and Pete half wanted it to be Ryan so he could punch him, but it was Patrick, with two cups of coffee in hand. “Trick,” he sighed.

Patrick halted his steps. “What’s wrong?” the lead signer of Fall Out Boy asked; the sound of Pete’s voice giving it all away. Pete didn’t answer him; he only turned to question Brendon

“That caused you to collapse?”

“No, my migraine did,” Brendon laughed, “but that brought on the migraine.”

Patrick snorted. “There is no use for subtleness; I know how you got signed. Pete kinda sucks when keeping secrets from the band.” Brendon gave a sweet smile.

“Why am I not surprised.”

“Hey!” Pete whined, “I have my moments.” He crossed his arms and pouted why Brendon and Patrick shared a laugh, but decided it was time to cut it short. “So, when you said Ryan used your past a-”

“Wooh,” Patrick stopped him, “Ryan did what?”

“Ryan had me have the sex with Pete instead having the balls to do it himself.”

“Because of your past.”

Brendon frowned, “can we not talk about this anymore. I’m tired.”

“No,” Patrick’s angry mother-hen side kicked in, “you’re gonna talk about it right now. We need to know this.”

“You really don’t,” Brendon bit back, “it’s not like it interferes with my life, or yours.”


There was a knock on the door and all three turned back to see a nurse standing shyly at the cracked door. “Excuse me,” she said, “but I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You’re upsetting the patient.”

Pete growled but knew the woman was only doing her job.

“No their not,” Brendon spoke up.

“Oh,” she blushed, “you sounded upset; my fault. I’ll leave.”

The door shut and Brendon gave a chuckle. “She was so star struck.”

“It happens,” Patrick was smiling as well at the exchange, “but Brendon, please.”

Brendon sighed, “I’m not going to ask you to promise you’ll still like me after this, and frankly, to be bullshit honest, I don’t really fucking care if you like me after this, but, yeah; I was a whore.”

“A whore,” Pete voice dropped, “what do you mean by ‘whore’?”

“What the word normally means, one who has sex for money, gives themselves up cheaply, to give people cheap pleasure. What other kinda whore is there Wentz?”

“Why?” Patrick spoke before Pete had a chance to retort, “why that life style?”

Brendon flustered his eye shut, “I was lonely.”

Pete went to say something but was stopped by Patrick’s hand on his shoulder. Patrick leaned forward and wiped Brendon’s congregating tears. He spared a glance to Pete whose eyes widened seeing the idea sparkling in Patrick’s eyes. Pete looked down at Brendon who was staring up at them now. He leaned forward and placed his lips softly to Brendon’s before pulling back gently.

“An invitation,” Patrick said.

“To what,” Brendon questioned.

“Come to our bus when you get out of here,” Pete said slyly, “you’ll see.”


Brendon pulled the horizontal handle out and pulled on the door to the Fall Out Boy bus and tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. “Um, guys,” he said just loud enough that nobody would look his way. The door creaked open and his wrist was grabbed. He was yanked inside with a grunt and the door was shut. The lock clicked. What he was greeted with was a naked Pete yanking at his clothes from under the naked Joe’s arms that held Brendon up against the door frame. Brendon yelped and wiggled but doing so he managed to look over Joe’s shoulder.

He blushed seeing Andy bent down on the edge of the folded out sofa with Patrick leaning back on his two arms, making sound that told Brendon that this was not to pass up.

“Welcome to Fall Out Boy,’s-” Pete laughed.

“Orgy,” Brendon finished for him. Pete’s hands were in his boxers in no time, working on his dick with ease while Joe’s tongue battled his. Joe wasn’t rough with him, giving Brendon the opportunity to settle in and get comfortable. He smiled when he felt Brendon fighting for dominance.

“We call it a lovefest but Orgy works,” Joe commented going in to cover Brendon’s mouth again. It was all so heated and rushed; he never realized he was on the bed in seconds after his clothes were on the ground, with Patrick trailing his tongue over Brendon’s body while Joe worked hard on his erection.

“I wanna-I wanna suck one of you off,” Brendon whimpered out. Andy steadied himself over Brendon while Pete moved just above him. Those two were making out while he sucked. That and Joe’s skill put together was enough to make him come.

It was then he heard Pete ask: “who’s fucking who?”

Andy pressed his warm body to Brendon’s and sucked on his ear, “who do you want,” he asked.

“N, Any…one,” Brendon breathed and Andy grinded up on him just to see Brendon squirm.

“Brendon’s mine,” Joe ran his hands up Andy’s side making the drummer giggle and recoil before taking his place.

“I think you’re too big for him,” Andy commented. Pete made an agreeing noise, or at least what he could manage as Patrick sucked on his neck.

“I can handle it,” Brendon told them before looking at Joe, “Just, add extra lube,” he requested of him, “I haven’t done this in a while.” He nodded and all talking was done.
He was gentle with Brendon as he stretched him and whenever the younger male arched his stomach Andy would lean forward and lick at Brendon’s navel. Brendon reached out and grabbed onto Andy’s hair in retaliation when Joe slipped inside him. It must have helped Patrick who was going at Andy like a horn dog, and surprisingly Pete who was waiting his turn while jerking off. Brendon felt half bad that Pete was left out, but the cry Andy gave told them all that Pete was in for a treat and it was well worth the wait.

“Do you want me to come inside?” Joe questioned. Brendon’s mind flashed a warning; Joe wasn’t a wearing a condom either.

“Only if it can’t be avoided.” Joe nodded and slammed himself inside.

It was all paper scraps thrown into hurricane wind from there, nothing was visible, nothing was comprehendible; it was swirls of colors and noises in maniacal, lewd poetry.

Brendon sucked off Pete while Patrick fucked him after Joe gave Brendon his release.

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