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Gerard and Mikey talk.

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Gerard watched as Rose stumbled down the hallway, too tired to see straight. He wanted to go help her but decided against it; He'd already done enough damage to both of them. He sighed and slumped against the wall, dragging his hand across his forehead to remove some of the dampness. He needed help. He needed someone to tell him it was alright to feel that way about her; Even if his ulterior motive hadn't been so kind. He wasn't at that point yet, but he felt that with help, he could easily get there. Gerard groaned and slammed his fist against the wall, cracking the wall and exposing a few pieces of drywall.

"Mikey!" He hollered.

No more than three seconds later, Mikey was in the doorway, leaning casually against the frame. "Something you need, Gee?"

"No," He shook his head. "I don't need anything, Mikey."

"Then... what the hell do you want?"

Gerard sighed and bit his lip; His tooth tearing into the tender flesh. "Help?"

"With what? I thought you didn't need anything."

Gerard pointed down the hallway, glaring. She was no longer there but he could still smell her. Her scent lingered in the air; mixing with the crisp Autumn leaves and frost. Mikey rose hie eyebrows and shook his head. His brother didn't need to feel like that. He didn't know what to do about it or how to help him. He'd never kept any of the girls around longer than Rose. Usually, when he discovered he couldn't get them to feel for him, he'd tear them apart.

More literally than anyone would like to believe.

But Rose was something different. Everyone in the house could see that there was something there; Whether they'd like to admit it or not. But, if they helped Rose to fall in love with Gerard then the curse of everlasting immortality would be lifted, and they'd be able to drift peacefully off to eternal rest.

But now that Mikey could see what she did to his brother, he wasn't so sure if that was a good thing anymore. He'd be helping break not one heart, but two. Mikey sighed. "I don't know how to help you, Gerard. If you have feelings for the girl, then, that's great; We're one step closer. But, you have to understand that as soon as she returns those feelings... you can't be with her, Gerard."

"I know that," Gerard snapped. "That's why I need help."

"Help for what, Gee? For not falling in love with her? I don't know how to do that. If you already feel like you're developing feelings for her, then all you have to do is tell her and--"

"No! I can't do that, Mikey. You don't understand!" Gerard gritted his teeth together. His hands balled up into fists and he squeezed his fingernails deep into his palm; Trying as hard as he could to keep himself from lashing out at his brother. "If I tell her that, then, she'll either run away or--"

"She'll either run away or express her feeling too, and then the curse will be lifted and we can all--"

"Is that all you care about?" Gerard spat, running a trembling hand through his hair. "Are you really that selfish? All of you?"

Mikey glared, angered by his words. "Selfish? Us?" He threw his head back and laughed. "Are you really that blind, Gerard? Can you not see what you're asking of us?"

"This is different, Michael."

"How?" Mikey mocked, narrowing the gap. "How is what we're doing any different from what you're asking? All we're trying to do is make you happy."

"No, you're trying to save your ass from--"

"No." Mikey stopped an inch away from his face; He could feel Gerard's labored breathing hitting his face. "Do you honestly think that you're the only one who has feeling for this girl? They may not be in the same as yours, but we all care, Gerard. This isn't just about you."

"You don't care--"

"Yes. We do. Did you think we were lying when we said we were happy she had found us? Well, we weren't. She makes us feel good about ourselves, too, Gerard. She doesn't see us as a scary lot of vampires; No. She sees us as five normal people trying to find something. And, if you ask me, that's a waste if she's spending most of her time with you. You don't deserve an ounce of her time, Gerard. She's too sweet, and young, and caring to have to be subdued to any of your bullshit any more--"

"Enough!" Gerard brought his hand back and could almost feel it snap at the pressure he had put into it. He stumbled back and froze when he saw what he had done. Mikey cradled his chin in his hands; Shock clear in his eyes. "Mikey, I am so sor--"

"Don't." Mikey spit some of the crimson liquid into his hand. "You want her all to yourself? Fine. You want to hurt yourself and bring the end that much closer? Go ahead. But I refuse to sit here with you while you plunge the dagger that much further into your back. I won't watch you do that to yourself."

"Mikey, just let me expla--"

"So you have feelings for the girl. Great. Just don't hurt her anymore than you already have."

"Hurt her?"

Mikey nodded. "You think you haven't? You kidnapped her father and--"

"It wasn't just me, Michael."

"No?" Mikey smirked. "Your orders."


"I wonder what she'd do if she found out."

"She already knows." Gerard mumbled, tousling his dark locks. "She knows everything."

"Everything? Even about the--"

"No." Gerard muttered. "I couldn't tell her that little detail. I refuse to hurt her. I can't."

Mikey sighed at the defeated look on his brother's porcelain face. He was already so broken, it hurt him to see him like that. "Do you plan on telling her? Maybe she could find a way around it."

Gerard shook his head. "I don't think so. I don't want her knowing how I feel."

"Why not?"

"If I told her that, don't you think she'd believe I was only saying that to help our cause? She wouldn't give me another chance."

"We don't know that, Ger--"

"Yes. I do." Gerard walked to the door. "Maybe... maybe we've discussed enough for one night."


"Good night, Michael."

Mikey nodded and shuffled out the door, glancing back at his brother one more time. His mood swings finally getting the better of him. For one second, Mikey could've sworn he saw a glimmering teardrop on the side of his cheek.

But, no.

It couldn't have been. Gerard never cries. He couldn't.

A/N - Sorry for the wait. I didn't mean to take so long. I apologize. I realize that my excuse would probably not cover the reason for my disappearence, so I won't bother with one. But, thank you so much for the reviews! Im glad you're still enjoying the story. For this chapter, I wanted everyone to see what Gerard was going through and --Gasp!-- the secret was finally revealed. He won't tell Rose, of course. Well, not yet. I'm following the book so if I play my cards right -- it would be about twenty or so more updates before they get there. And I won't take this long again! Promise. Well, thank you for reading and, please, don't forget to R&R for me. Thanks! xoxo - Esther Rose.
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