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Chapter 3

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I ended up sleeping in the park that night. Thank God it wasn't too chilly, i could have died. I completely forgot about school ontill a little girl started screaming "mommy, mommy the girls dead!" when i sat up i scared her even more, im assuming because she thought i was a "zombie". he mother came over and asked if i needed any help. i said no, except to know what time it was. the woman said it was 9:34, i immediately jumped up and ran home. I had forgotten I was thrown out ontill I saw all of my clothes and back pack on the front lawn, I walked over and scooped every thing up. And made my way to school. To avoid trouble I went to the office telling the woman every thing that happened (except the whole mess with Gerard) she understood and let me go, she told me to got to the bath-room and then to go to the "guidance counselors office" so I can talk about what happened and get help. I really didn't want to but it was the only way I could get off the hook for ditching. So I did as she said, went to the bathroom and then to her office. Luckily she was in a meeting and would be leaving after that. The secretary said she would send me a pass tomorrow. What ever!
When I get to my locker I see Gerard talking to "Soph" ick. I shudder a little, just to be mean. I know it wasn't right but she stole my man, well kind of, in a way, right? Suddenly I felt some one tapping my sholder, it was he the man (boy, thing) who was dating the most whorish girl in the school.
"Jackie, you okay?"
"What sorry I was lost in my thoughts"
"you look like shit"
"thanks, I got thrown out last night and my clothes were on the front lawn when I woke up this morning"
"why didn't you come over and ask to stay with me?"
"I did, well I was going to, but then little miss whore was there and I didnt want to be in a space where she had been for more than 5 minutes, which reminds me, its been four right now, see yah latter"
"What the hell?" he asked as I walked away I payed no attention to his question
"What's her problem?" whore-y mc whore whore asked
"I don't know"
"I think she's jealous of what we have Rardy-kins, and that when she sees us together it reminds her that she could never have something like it"
"yah know what I have to get to class, i'll see you later, k Soph?"
"Okay, tootles"


"hey, guess what" Gerard tried whispering to Jackie
"I don't want to talk to you" I sternly answered back
"you were right" he whispered despite my comment
"what?" I said lightly, excited that he realized that she was a whore and that he was really in love with me
"yeah, you were right, it was a teacher who shot himself, a senior teacher, uhh...I think it was Mr. T our English teacher, well every seniors englishe teacher for that matter" my heart sank for two reasons. 1 because of Gerard's answer and 2 that was my favorite fucking teacher. He was so cool, its not even funny.
"Oh" was the week reply I gave him. We didn't talk for the rest of class, thank god it was lunch next. 40 minutes of freedom, peace and quiet. Though I had no money for lunch I didn't care, I wasn't even hungry. Gerard "exited" the class room before I, so when I got out of there he was waiting. I tried to ignore him nut he grabbed my arm, hard, holy crap he was strong.
"Jackie I need to talk to you" he sounded soo sincere
"You have ten minutes" why did I have to be such a bitch I thought
"well can we go somewhere more secluded?"
"Fine" we walk out side to the back entrance, no one ever went there, surprisingly. It had a nice view of the road and the fence that kept us in this hell. Okay maybe it's not that nice, but I liked it.
"Okay can what happened yesterday?"
"What do you mean?" I asked playing dumb
"why did you get kicked out?"
"Oh, because when I went home my step dad was there. He didn't believe that school was ended early for seniors. So he hit me and kicked me out. I went to the park and started thinking about how my life sucks ass. I wanted to jump but the only thing I could think about was you..." oh shit, did I just say that. Oh fuck now he's going to know, well maybe its not that bad. I looked at him and he just looked back waiting for me to finish "uhh...umm and uh when I say all I could think of was you I mean being my best friend. So I went to your house, and I saw 'Soph'" I paused to make a face "and the fact that you didnt tell me you were going out neigh that you were her boyfriend pissed me off. I felt like the only thing thats keeping me alive wont even tell me he has a girl friend and a skanky one at that..." Gerard stopped me
"oh im sorry"
"No your not, and its been ten minutes, I have to go." I said getting up whipping off my butt and left. I didnt know where I was heading I just knew it was some where away from Gerard.
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