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Naruto is angery and gets hurt. Sasuke helps him back.... Sasuke/Naruto (Yaoi)

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Naruto ran aimlessly through the pouring rain. The rain felt like sharp needles against his skin, but he didn't seem to care. He needed so badly to release the confused feeling within his heart. The rain began to beat harder upon the blonde headed boy, and his vision blurred. His eyes were full of sadness, mixed along with anger and hatred. His clothes were soaked and muddy from running through puddles. Naruto closed his stinging eyes to try and keep the rain out. As he closed his eyes for a second; he slightly lost balance, and slipped in a puddle. ~Oh SHIT!~ Naruto thought to himself. Before Naruto knew it, he was on his back staring up at the sky. As he landed on his back, his head roughly hit against a large rock. His eyes shot wide open from the aching pain in his head. Naruto's large blue eyes rolled in the back of his head, and his eye lids closed. He collapsed into the puddle, and lay unconscious. The rain continued to beat upon the motionless boy.
~Next Morning~

Naruto awoke, with streams of light raining down upon his face. His large blue eyes became visible through his blonde bangs. He felt something slightly cold, and wet on his forehead. He touched it and noticed that it was a wash cloth. He pulled it off his forehead, and dropped it to the floor. As he did his head began to ache, and he winced. "Hnnnn...." Naruto muttered, as he ran his fingers to the back of his upper neck. His fingers ran across something wet, and he pulled his hand back to look at it. Bright red blood, shinned with the morning light upon his finger tips. Naruto relaxed back on the feather soft pillow, and his eyes closed. A door opened, and then closed shut. Foot steps were heard making its way closer to Naruto.
"Naruto you loser, are you awake yet?" Sasuke asked as he sat down on the bed side; next to Naruto. Naruto heard Sasuke's voice, and he opened his eyes to look at him.
"What?" Naruto asked blankly. With Naruto's moving his jaw to talk to Sasuke; a spark of pain jolted through his neck. He winced and bit his lower lip as it hurt. Sasuke grabbed a large white bottle on his bed side table, and opened it. He poured two pills into his hand and set the bottle back on the bed side table. Sasuke then grabbed a glass of water, and handed both items to Narrow.
"Here loser, take this." Sasuke said emotionless, as he returned the cap to the pill bottle. Naruto popped the pills into his mouth, and slightly sat up as he swallowed the water. He quickly layed back down on the pillow, and winced.
"Thank you." Naruto said weakly. Sasuke nearly dropped the bottle of pills, and he gapped at Naruto. Sasuke sweat dropped, and his eyes widened.
"What the fuck did you just say?!?!" Sasuke asked in disbelief at what he had just heard. Naruto turned his head to look at Sasuke, as his head remained on the pillow. Naruto repeated himself, and studied the Uchiha heir's face.
"Thank you." Naruto said weakly, and couldn't help but wonder why he felt differently towards the Uchiha. Sasuke set the pill bottle down as he replaced the lid. He grabbed the cup from Naruto's hands, and set it next to the pill bottle. Sasuke looked at Naruto strangely, and he shook his head.
"I think you hit your head too hard loser." Naruto didn't hear Sasuke's comment, and continued to study the raven haired boy. He looked at Sasuke's eyes and seemed almost transfixed by them. Naruto slightly blushed as Sasuke's imperfect sharingan crossed eye contact with Naruto's bright blue.
~Why the hell does Sasuke look...attractive...?~ Naruto thought to himself as he now studied Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke noticed that Naruto was staring at him and he quickly looked away with a hidden blush.
"What is your problem loser?" Sasuke's voice was cool, and monotone. Naruto felt the pain in his neck dissipating, and he relaxed more. He didn't answer Sasuke's question and noticed that he found Sasuke attractive. The sat in silence for several minutes; with Naruto staring at Sasuke, and Sasuke trying to ignore Naruto, by seeming interested in two birds in a tree just outside his bedroom window. A nock on the door broke the silence and it opened. A pink haired girl walked into the room, and her eyes brightened as she saw Sasuke.
"Sasuke!" Sakura said as she walked over to Sasuke, and smiled.
"Hnn." Sasuke muttered wishing that the annoying bitch would leave. Though he was glad that she was here, because Naruto seemed off today. Sakura looked at Naruto and smiled slightly.
"Hey, Naruto. Are you feeling any better?" Her voice was cheery, and happy. Though not for the fact that Naruto was injured. Naruto looked at Sakura and he nodded slowly, not wanting to make a big movement of his neck.
"Yeah.... a little." Naruto said weakly as he inhaled slowly. Sakura nodded, and smiled faintly, trying to comfort her team mate. She turned to look at Sasuke who was still sitting on the edge of his bed, staring out the window, and she smiled.
"Take care of Naruto, Sasuke. I only stopped by to make sure everything is ok. Kakashi-sensei doesn't have any new missions for us. He said that Naruto needed about a weeks rest before getting out an about."
"What ever." Sasuke folded his fingers together, and rested his head on his hands. He continued to stare out the window, trying to ignore Naruto. Sakura felt that Sasuke didn't want her around, and she understood. She left the room, and closed the door behind her.
"Sasuke...." Naruto asked as he studied the Uchiha heir. Sasuke didn't look at Naruto, and seemed slightly annoyed
"What is it, loser?" Sasuke closed his eyes and inhaled slowly, as he waited for a stupid remark from the blonde.
"I.... I love you." Naruto muttered as he felt himself blush. He bit his lower lip, and looked away. Sasuke's eyes widen, as he turns his upper body to look at Naruto.
blush crept onto his face. He quickly looked away to hide the fact that he had blushed. Naruto sat up and winced slightly, as he winced Sasuke had turned back around to lay Naruto on the pillow. "Lay down you...." Sasuke was cut off as Naruto's lips met his. He blushed and stared wide eyed into the bright blue eyes in front of him. Naruto wrapped his arm around Sasuke and he began to run his fingers through the Uchiha's hair. Sasuke relaxed, and ran his tongue over Naruto's bottom lip. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the taste of the blonde's lips. Naruto opened his mouth slightly, and Sasuke slipped his tongue into Naruto's mouth. Their tongues twisted around one another, and moved back and forth between one's mouth to the others. Sasuke unzipped Naruto's jacket, and slid it off the younger ninja's shoulders. The jacket fell to the floor, and Sasuke slid Naruto's shirt off next. He ran his fingers over Naruto's flawless chest, and smirked. Naruto took Sasuke's shirt off and his under shirt as well. Sasuke leaned down on top of Naruto, as he continued to run his fingers over Naruto's smooth chest. Naruto closed his eyes and kissed Sasuke passionately. His tongue caressed Sasuke's and his hands moved down the elder boy's sides until they reached his hips. He unfastened Sasuke's pants and slid them off, as his hands start on the Uchiha's boxers. Sasuke smiled as he felt his clothes come off and he began to take Naruto's off; not breaking the deep kiss. Not before long both boys were completely naked and in each others arms. Sasuke smirked as he ran his fingers tauntingly over Naruto's lower stomach. The blonde's eyes closed as chill bumps formed over his arms and legs. Naruto kissed Sasuke and placed a hand on the back of Sasuke's head. The other he ran over his lover's back and down his thighs. His fingers ran lovingly through the black locks of hair and kept the kiss interesting. Sasuke pressed the heated bodies close together, where there lengths touched. Naruto moaned into Sasuke's mouth as a feeling of desire over struck him. He ran his hand over Sasuke's ass and slipped a finger inside. Red eyes opened from the new feeling of this and Sasuke became hard. He broke the kiss slightly and began moving down Naruto's neck; kissing him along the way. The light kisses moved across Naruto's chest, as they wrapped around a nipple. He playfully bit the other boy's chest as to try and arouse him. Naruto moan with pleasure and closed his eyes. His mouth missed the taste of Sasuke's tongue on his, but this was a new feeling that he wanted. Sasuke made his way with his continuous kisses down to Naruto's hips. He looked up at Naruto with a grin, and wrapped his mouth around the hard member. The taste of Naruto in his mouth was different. Naruto moan loudly and tried to hold back from moving his hips into Sasuke. As Sasuke's tongue rolled expertly over Naruto, the blonde rubbed his feet slowly against the bed sheets, enjoying every moment of it.
"Ohhhh... Goddd! Sa-suke!" Naruto called as sweat began to roll down his face. The blonde tried to relax but he wanted more, his heart beat loudly as his lust for Sasuke grew. Sasuke sucked on Naruto's length, and ran his hands over the back of the blonde's thighs, pulling the blonde deeper into his mouth. Naruto jerked slightly at the embrace farther, and he could feel himself about to. "Sasuke! I.... I'm..gunna..." Naruto moaned as he tried to hold back his pleasure. Sasuke knew what was going to happen but he continued. Naruto couldn't hold back any longer and his seed went into Sasuke's mouth, and onto his own stomach. Naruto on his back breathing heavily, and moaned. The warm essence of Naruto rushed into his mouth, and Sasuke swallowed it all. Sasuke smiled, and wiped the cum off the back of his hand. He slowly licked it off, and leaned down to kiss Naruto's lips. Naruto tasted himself on Sasuke, and blushed slightly. An aching pain had overcome Sasuke from within his lower area that needed attention. Naruto knew what Sasuke wanted and he too wanted it. He rolled over onto his stomach, still trying to regain his normal breathing. Sasuke grabbed a bottle of Lub by a nearby table, and he opened it. He poured some cold lotion onto his hand, and rub them together. He coated Naruto's opening with the lotion, and slid a finger into him.
"Nnnhh." Naruto moan as he felt pressure in his ass. His eyes shot open as he felt both pleasure and pain. Sasuke smiled as he felt the blonde tense beneath him. Sasuke began to move the index finger, and have Naruto become used to the feeling before he slid in another. The blonde winced, and moan at another intense feeling over came him. Once Sasuke slid in three fingers and waited for Naruto to adjust to the feeling. Sasuke hovered against Naruto's entrance, and he leaned in to where he was whispering into his ear.
"Are you sure you want this?" Sasuke asked as his warm breath blew against Naruto's inner ear. Naruto nodded slowly, and he felt Sasuke's fingers leave his ass. Sasuke entered Naruto slowly so not to hurt the tender blonde. Naruto was tight, and warm. His virgin hole was better than he had thought it would be, and he moans. He then began to thrust into Naruto until he was to the hilt. Naruto's eyes closed and tears streamed down his face.
"Ahhhhhh! Sa-suke!" Naruto moaned loudly as Sasuke continued to thrust into him. Sasuke stopped, and he placed his hands on Naruto's length.
"I'm sorry, do..." Sasuke asked but Naruto interrupted him with a whine.
"No... please don't." He pleaded. Sasuke nodded, and he wrapped his hand around Naruto's length. He began to jack Naruto off as he thrusted into his ass. This feeling was wonderful to his senses. Naruto moaned and his bright blue eyes remained shut as the intensity of the moment over came him once more.
"Godddd! Sasuke!!!" Naruto almost screammed as he felt himself reaching his climax. Sasuke continued to thrust into Naruto as he moan with pleasure, and he felt himself about to cum. He tried to hold it back so that the two would cum at the same time. Sasuke could feel Naruto about to cum, and before he knew it, a warm, wet substance poured into his hand. He relaxed himself on holding back, and his seed went into Naruto. His seed went all over the bed, and onto himself. Naruto collapsed with Sasuke following after. The two lay, tired, and out of breath in the warmth of each other. Soon they drifted off into a slumber, to await the next day.

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