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Chapter 6 Prt. 1

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My Stupid step dad tossed me into my room and locked the door, after smacking me upside the head a few times. Though i was dizzy all i could think about was Gerard, and our date. Thank God i still had my cell phone, i could call him and ask him to break me out. The phone rang twice and he picked up.
"help me" i sobbed to him
"what happened?" he asked paniced
"I'm back in hell, the school called my step dad and told him i wasnt there today. so when your mom and i got home the bastard was sitting there on your front porch just waiting. he dragged me home and locked me in my room." I cryed into the phone. i didnt want to tell him that i got hit
"it's okay, what can i do?"
"can you come over and unlock my window?"
"my window, can you come over and unlock it?"
"how, locks are usualy on the inside of the window jackie"
"i know, but back in middle school i used to sneak out of my window, ontill finally i got cought, so they switched the window around"
"okay, i'll be right over" and we hung up. i grabbed a bag so i could pack my make up, pillow, blanket, and stuff like that into it, so i would never have to come back. It was almost dark when i heard a knock on my window. it was Gerard. he unlocked it and lifted it up, i stood up on my chair and climbed out holding his hand for "support" so he say's. and we ran, as fast as we could, without making too much noise, we stopped in the park to catch our breathe.
"so, how was school?" i asked walking beside him now
"it was okay, i 'broke up' with sophie, she was upset. i almost felt bad for her, you know loosing a guy like me" he cocked his head to the side arrogantly
"yeah what ever" i said mocking his facial expression and bumping him slightly with my hip
"hey" he laughed
"so what did you say, to her i mean"
"i said that i couldnt be with her because i am in love with some one else"
"what did she say?"
"she wanted to know who"
"you didn't tell her right, you know how girls can be"
"no, dont worry"
"okay" i said with a sigh of releif as we walked up to his house.
"Mom?" gerard said hanging up his coat
"Gerard, did you get jackie?" she asked worried
"Hi Mrs. Way" i said to show her i was okay
"oh thank god your safe, i was afraid he was going to kill you"
"Your clothes are in the guest room, you should hurry up and get changed so you guys can get going"
"okay" i yelled running up the stairs. i quickly changed into a pair of my new jeans, white T-shirt, and a black zip-up hoodie. I threw on my make up, not much some eye linner, eye shadow, and blush not much i didn't want to over do it. i slipped my converses on and ran down the hall way. something cought my eye, Mikey's door was open. it was usualy never open, so i peaked my head in to see if he was there. he wasnt. i walked down stairs, thinking about where he might be, i mean i didn't think he really had that much of a social life, but i guess i underestemated him.
"hey, wheres mikey?" i asked Gerard as i got down stairs
"uh, i dont know, he was here when i left. Hey mom wheres mikey?"
"he went out, i dont know where, he wouldn't tell me"
"oh, okay. we'll se you later"
"okay have a good time" she called back as we shut the door.
we didnt talk much on the way there, just about math class and thati missed a test, stuff like that. suddenly Gerard had a nervous look on his face.
"what?" i asked afraid of the answer
"oh my god" he said, eyes wide
"what!?" i yelled
"Sophies here"
"yeah look that's her car" he said pointing to the red volvo infront of us
"how do you know thats her car?"
"Jackie, Not many people have pink thongs hanging from their reirveiw mirrors"
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