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Chapter 11

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It was nearing 9 pm and I had decided to leave the comfort of Gerard's side to go get something to drink. I walked down the stairs and stopped to look at one of their baby pictures, to think they (meaning Gerard and Mikey) were actually that small. Then I heard Mikey's voice coming from the kitchen.
"so..." he said, I decided not to go in and just listen "no...yeah she did...I know isn't it" he continued talking, If only I could hear who and what the other person was saying, I ran into the office, type thing and picked up a corded phone. All of a sudden I heard "I still cant belive she asked you out" it sounded like frank...
"yeah, it was kinda weird, yah know?" Mikey said
"weird how?"
"well girls usually don't ask guys out"
"well Jackie asked you out didn't she?" frank asked
"don't you still like her, I mean it was kind of sudden, like the one second you like her, more like adore her and the next your leaving her for some pretty little girl who can kinda speak Spanish"
"of coarse I still like her, but I know she doesn't like me like that, you should see the way she looks at Gerard, that's love and me, I just have a stupid crush"
"yeah, I don't think I'd ever do that, but then again I havent seen the way she looks at him" Frank sounded so serious, it couldn't really be him
"hey can we talk about something else" asked Mikey
"yeah, guess what, today during study hall Jackie put her hand over my mouth so I licked her"...then again, it could be frank
"Frank that's gross" Mikey laughed
"she thought so too, she had to get up and go wash her hands what a baby" He continued laughing
"HEY" I screamed, I don't know why, I knew right then and there I would never make a good spy
"Jackie" Mikey questioned, and Frank burst out laughing
"yes Mikey" I replied as sweetly as I could
"what the hell are you doing" I had to think of an excuse
"uhh...I was going to make a call"
"to whom"
"why are you in the office, when you know the main phone is in here?" he continued asking
"because" I hung up the phone and went into the kitchen
"I gotta go frank" he said hanging up "JACKIE, come on cant a person have some freaking privacy?"
"noo?" I smiled at him
"whats going on?" Gerard asked walking into the kitchen
"nothing" I kissed him on the cheek
"NOTHING? Your girlfriend was listening to one of my conversations on the phone"
"and...?" Gerard wanted him to go on
"and what?"
"I don't know you tell me?"
"fine, and I would like some freaking privacy"
"why were you talking on the phone anyway, you know only girls talk on the phone, and get THIS upset when someone was listening to a conversation" he laughed
"Frank called me OKAY" Mikey shouted "and Jackie how much did you hear?"
"I heard frank call me a baby" I lied
"frank called you a baby?" Gerard giggled
"yeah, because I put my hand over his mouth and he licked me, so I went and washed my hands"
"oh frank" he laughed and shook his head "now Jackie apologize to Mikey"
"im sooo sorry Mikey"
"Its fine just don't do it again"
"hey Gerard can I talk to Mikey alone for a couple minutes?" I asked
"yeah sure" he left the room and Mikey and I went over to the table and sat down
"uh, Mikey, I lied"
"about what?" he looked worried
"about how much I heard"
"so how much did you really hear?"
"uh I heard you say that you still like me and all that shit"
"well I wanted to say thank you, I mean it was really, uhh what's the word, hmm. Oh really mature of you"
"your welcome"
"so, tell me about this girl"
"uhh, her name is Tara"
"that's a nice name, what color hair?"
"a light brown, and she has really nice blue eyes"
"well that's cool, is she a girly girl?"
"not really"
"so what are you guys going to do on your date?"
"well I figured go to the dance" he said plainly, with a DUH look on his face
"there's a dance?!"
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