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Chapter 13

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I woke up eager to get the day through with. I was so excited I didn’t even wait for Gerard and Mikey before I left, that’s when I remembered I had no money… I ran back to the house to see what I should do. When I walked through the front door Gerard and Mikey were putting on their jackets.
“uhh Mikey…I think we’ve hit a speed bump in this brilliant plan”
“hmm and what would that be?” he asked looking down at his stuck zipper
“I have no money…”
“here you go babe” Gerard said handing me an envelope. He must have seen the question in my eyes because the next thing he said was “its from my mom, she wanted to give it to you herself but you ran through the door she had no time, so I offered to bring it to you…its $200”
“huh?” I asked completely dumbfounded, I mean its one thing to take me in, but this was…this was…completely amazing, I love that woman to death.
“I said the same thing, I mean how much can one dress and two shoes cost?”
“I have no clue…I just hope it wasn’t too much trouble for your mom” I said as we walked down the street.
“oh don’t worry, she loves you soo much, she’s always said that she thinks of you as a daughter”
“yeah…she also said that if one of us didn’t ask you to marry us she’d have a cow…” Mikey added and we all laughed
“so your not coming home today after school?”
“okay, well just come see me and say good bye before you leave”
“okay” and that was it, we walked the rest of the way in silence. It was quite peaceful, I never wanted to loose what the three of us had. It was something that is so indescribable and mind-blowing that we couldn’t even begin to touch base on how to explain it. Out of no where Mikey started giggling, Gerard and I both looked at him like he was crazy.
“you no what I just realized?” he asked us smiling
“what?” his brother asked
“Gerard’s a man whore”
“Fuck you Mikey, fuck you” I couldn’t contain myself I started laughing…hard.

When we got to school we went our separate ways, well sort of, Gerard and I went to study hall and Mikey went where ever.
We walked in and sat down with Ray and Frank. They looked at us with an “oh boy” look on their face. It was really strange.
Frank finally broke the silence “So you guys are together?” he asked pointing in out general directions
“yep” we both answered
“wait what?” Ray asked confused “last I knew you were going out with Mikey and you weren’t findable”
“well Mikey sacrificed his love for me and now Gerard and I are together”
“oh man this is so fucked up, I seriously cant keep up with this”
“its not that confusing, here let me tell you from the start, okay so I liked Gerard but he was going out with Sophie, then he broke up with Sophie so we could be together but then he broke up with me so Mikey could ask me out, and then Mikey told me he didn’t like me anymore and that I really should go out with Gerard, so here we are, see not confusing at all” I laughed. After that we all started actually doing work. From there the day was pretty boring. When the final bell rang, I ran out side to find Gerard and say good bye, then it hit me I had no idea what Tara even looked like, or where we were gonna meet. I found Gerard standing up by the side walk and I ran over.
“what’s wrong?” he asked
“what do you mean?” I asked
“you look worried”
“well I kinda am, I’ve never even met Tara”
“don’t worry Jackie” he said pulling me closer and kissing me on the forehead
“I cant help it” I said hugging him back “I don’t even know where I’m meeting her” I said looking up into his eyes
“oh Mikey’s bringing her over here, Jack, there’s nothing to worry about” he rubbed my arm reassuringly
I took a deep breath and exhaled a quick okay. We saw Mikey trying to plow through the crowd of eager students who want to go home, he was holding Tara’s hand so they wouldn’t loose each other. Finally with great effort they made it over. We all smiled at each other…there was definitely tension in the air, nobody wanted to call it out though.
“Jackie this is Tara, Tara this is Jackie” Mikey smiled as he introduced us
“sure forget me” Gerard said with a smile
“oh sorry this is my bro Gerard”
“hi” he said and nudges me and I look up from the ground.
“oh sorry, hi” I said to Tara
“hi” she smiled and she laughed a little bit “well are you ready to go?” she asked
We said our good byes and were on our way. We walked for a little while not talking, I had no clue where we were going. Tara looked up and cleared her throat.
“uhh…I have to run back to my house if that’s okay?”
“oh yeah that’s totally fine I don’t mean to be rude or anything…but is this kinda awkward for you?”
“no offense but yeah, kinda”
“no offense taken, soo”
“sooo” she laughed
“can I ask you something personal?” I asked
“yeah sure…” she said with a worried tone
“don’t worry its not that bad”
“okay” she sighed with relief
“what attracted you to Mikey?”
“he’s cute, and funny, and I love how he can be so shy, and his uniqueness …the way he turns pink when he talks to me…the list just goes on”
“yeah, he is a pretty cool little kid” we both laughed
“oh my gosh I totally forgot your older than me”
“oh yeah, well who cares” I said walking up her front side walk, she opened the door, and we took out jackets off. I followed her into the kitchen where there was an envelope of money for her.
“how much did you get?” she asked
“uhh $200, how about you?”
“$100, hey do you mind if I go change and freshen up?”
“no not at all”
“okay cool, I’d offer to do your hair and make up but I was hoping you’d be willing to get a total make over…”
“I’d like that” I said with a small smile” we went upstairs to her room, she went into the bath room, and yelled back “you can look through my closet if you want” and the door slammed shut, I decided to take her advice, I opened the door and out shone a mess of colors, I picked up a pale orange T-shirt, it was so soft and pretty, I put it back and kept looking, there was purple one and a green one and a blue one, and finally I set my eyes on the yellow baby doll long sleeved shirt. I pulled it out. I held it up to myself as I looked in the mirror.
“I like it” Tara said from behind
“It’s very pretty” I said turning around
“try it on” she said
“no, I couldn’t”
“please” she begged
“okay” I caved, though it wasn’t that hard to make me. It fit perfectly, I loved it!
“I love it on you” she said as I opened the door
“yeah” was all I could say
“do you want to wear it?” I nodded my head uncontrollably
“here” she tossed me a skirt “try that on too” I did and I looked amazing I must say. All changed and prettied up we left. I felt so beautiful in her clothes, I couldn’t help but smile.
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