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The World Has It's Shine, But I Would Drop It On A Dime For You

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Brendon's/Ryn's POV.

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Brendon's Point Of View.


"Um...haha, very funny..." Ryn laughed nervously.
I bit my lip. "I wasn't joking Ryn," I said softly.
"Wh-what do you mean, of course you were joking," she looked at me desperately. "You're joking, tell me you're joking."
I paused before letting a nervous smile slip on to my face. "Heh, gotcha. Joking."

She visibly relaxed, seeming to accept it. I could tell she really didn't want to believe that I had killed someone, let alone my girlfriend, which Ryn had a very real chance of becoming. One part of me wished that she would believe it, that she would believe that I killed Allie and stay away from me for her own safety. She could make friends with one of the preppy bitches here, and be well on her way to popularity. I can guarentee she'd be a lot happier. Then there was a part of me that didn't want her to go, ever. I wanted her to think it was a joke, to just laugh it off and look at me in admiration like she did when she thought I wasn't looking. It would be perfect, we'd date and everything would go amazingly. She'd be my girlfriend and best friend, I'd be able to tell her anything and she'd still love me. And then, there was the small part of me that didn't care about any of that. The part that wanted to lure her, maybe to my house, maybe to a dark alley, and rip her throat out, to drink her sweet blood.

I shook that thought away before it could get a hold on me. I would never hurt Ryn, I'd die before I did.

Luckily, my thoughts were cut off as Jon and Spencer bounced up and sat next to me.
"Hello peoples," Jon greeted us.
"Hey," everyone said collectively again.

I tapped Ryn on the shoulder, then pointed to Jon and Spence. "This is Jon and Spencer," I introduced them. "Guys, this is Ryn."
"Hi," they said together.
"hey," Ryn said back shyly.

"Oh, so, we were out in front of the school, after we had gotten out of the car, and we were late for homeroom, right? So Spencer and I were pretty much running through the hallways so we wouldn't get yelled at by evil Mrs. Cheung for being late, and we saw Shellie and Derek sucking face by the bathrooms, and you know I can't pass up an oppurtunity to make fun of those two horndogs, so we stopped and I totally broke them up, and I started yelling at them, and I was all, 'don't you know that some of us want to have a good clean school experience here? we don't need whores like you in each others pants all the time.' even though Spencer and I fuck almost every morning, so that was pretty contradictory, and then we ran away again, and you should have seen the look on their faces, ohmigod, it was about the most hilarious thing you've ever seen ever," Jon said without taking a breath.

I swear, Jon was almost as bad as some of the kids here, what with the way he talked and his passion for a good gossip. He was so obviously gay, it was funny.

I rolled my eyes, not reallly that amused with his little story. I picked up Caro's apple, which was still sitting on the table while she looked disgustedly at the crap that already accumulated on the fruit, and threw it at Jon's head. He yelped, turning and glaring at me. "What's your problem, Urie?"

"You," I said, glaring right back.
"Hmph," he squeaked, crossing his arms and looking away.

Like I said, obviously gay.

A few minutes later, the annoying loud bell rang, announcing that our pitiful excuse for a lunch was over, and that we needed to get our asses to fifth period. Everyone reluctantly got up, walking off with their respective partners with mumbles of goodbyes. Except Spencer and Jon, where Jon screamed goodbye, and ran off with Spencer in tow. I was about to walk off, when I realized Ryn was still standing there. I turned to face her.

"Well, I'll see you tonight?" I asked.
"Yeah, Brendon, I just realized that Dad asked me to help him unpack tonight, and if I don't, he's gonna be pissed. But maybe we can go see a movie some other night?"
"Oh, yeah. Okay." I smiled.
"Cool," she responded with a smile. "I'll see you later then."

She picked up her papers and such and turned, walking out of the now-empty cafeteria.


Ryn's Point Of View.

A few days later, I walked out of the Girl's locker rooms and onto the blacktop for P.E, trailing behind with Caro, who was the only person I knew in this class. She was pretty nice, and I found in the few days that I'd been there, that she was pretty trustable. The girls in our PE class stood in a huge mob on the blacktop, waiting for the teacher to come out. Everyone had pretty much done the same thing with the horrid PE uniform: cut it down the sides and then tie it back together, then write in huge preppyish pink letters and sparkles, their name. Caro and I were the only ones who just wore a hoodie over our uniform, not bothering to really do anything to it. Across the blacktop and to the basketball courts, I could see the boys PE class. I easily spotted Brendon, he was standing over with Ryan, seeming to apply sunscreen. That was smart-there was no cloud coverage today, the sun huge and bright and hot. I remembered how easily I burnt.

"Hey, I'll be right back, I'm going to go ask Brendon if I can borrow some sunscreen."

Without waiting for a reply, I jogged over to the guy's side, where almost every head seemed to turn towards me. I rolled my eyes and went up to Brendon.
"Hey Bren," I greeted him. "Hi Ryan."
"Hey," they said in tandem.
"What's up?" Brendon asked me.

"I was wondering if I could borrow your sunscreen? I burn easily."
"Sure." Brendon said, handing me the bottle. "I can personally guarentee that you will never get burnt with this stuff on." He smiled.
"Thanks," I replied, looking down at the bottle. Something caught my eye, and my mouth fell open. The sunscreen was SPF 10,500. I looked up in confusion to question him about it, but Brendon was already jogging away towards the mob of guys, which had started their conditioning already. I sighed, rubbed some of the ultra-sunblock into my skin, and set the bottle down on the bench. I walked back over to where the girls where, approaching Caro again. She could apparently see the confusion on my face, because she spoke first.

"That's some sunscreen, huh?" She asked.
"Yeah..." I replied, thoroughly confused.
"He has this condition, he's deathly allergic to the sun. His family had a bunch of scientists develop the sunscreen, it keeps the sun from penetrating his skin at all."
"Wow, that's cool." I didn't know he was allergic to the sun. That sucks.

"Yeah..." Caro trailed off, and I got the impression she was hiding something from me. Just then, though, the PE coach, Mrs Cristopherson, came out and yelled at us to do 100 jumping jacks. Bleh, of course I had to get the stupid athletic woman instead of the lazy coach who let us hang around and talk the whole time. Sigh. Reluctantly, I began my conditioning.

That night, since we had gotten all our crap unpacked and put away in our new house, I was free for the evening. Brendon was picking me up as seven to go see some horror movie. Not that I really cared what we were seeing, I just wanted to be around him. Just as I finished applying my thin eyeliner, I heard the doorbell. I knew that everyone else in my familiy would be too lazy to go answer it, so I set my eyeliner stick down and walked down the stairs to the door. I opened it, smiling when I saw Brendon.

"Hey Bren,"I greeted him.
"Hey," he smiled. "Ready to go?"
"Yep. BYE, I'LL BE BACK LATER," I yelled into the house before stepping out and locking the door behind me. He walked me out to his car, where he opened the passenger door for me. I smiled and thanked him, then sat inside. He closed the door and climbed into the driver's seat, turning it on and driving down the road. The car ride was pretty silent, and I hoped he didn't notice how I kept glancing over at him. After a bit we arrived at the movie theaters. In a very gentemanly manner, he opened the door for me again and closed it after me. Once again, I thanked him and walked with him up to the theater. He bought the tickets, then led me inside to the theater. We sat in the middle ish of the heavily air conditioned room, and waited for it to start.

Turns out the movie was some horrible murderous blood and gore flick, which had me cringing the whole time. At one point, when some girl's head got chopped off, I shrieked and buried my face into Brendon's chest, clutching his arm tightly. He put his arms around me, comfortingly rubbing my back. I stayed like that for the remainder of the movie, not neccesarily because I was scared, but just because I liked being so close to him. He must have been really calm though, considering I couldn't hear his heartbeat at all. I found that odd, but didn't question it, because that would mean I'd have to move to ask him.

A few hours later, we pulled back up to my house. I was sad, we had a really great time and now it was over. Plus it was Friday, and I wouldn't see him over the weekend unless it was by chance. He walked me up to the door, but I didn't go inside. Instead I looked up at him.

"I had a lot of fun tonight Bren," I said with a smile.
"Me too," he smiled back.
"Maybe...we can do this again sometime?"

I bit my lip, looking up at him. I hesitantly leaned up, as he leaned down slighty. Our lips met, and he kissed me gently, not roughly or fast, like most guys that just wanted to get into your pants. It was soft and slow, and I smiled as he pulled away.

"Night Ryn," he smiled.
"Night," I said, smiling, then unlocked my door and went inside.

It wasn't until I was upstairs, washing the itchy makeup out of my eyes that I smiled and realized something. It was obvious, simple, but it made me the happiest I'd been in a while.

Brendon liked me back.


hmmm. this chapter is generally longer than i write...
I don't know how i feel about his chapter. I had another written, but i hated it and trashed it. so this is the new chapter. i like it more, but....still. idk. :/
And, I know everythings pretty much revolving around Ryn and Bren right now, but there will be more with the other characters, don't you worry. Although Ryn and Bren are the main ones. Js. ^^

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