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A talk, a shower and a visit.

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As the cab pulled away Gerard turned towards the house and was relieved to see that the others still hadn’t returned from the party. He used the key Bob had given him, opened the door then stood back to allow Willow to walk in. He wondered what she was thinking. She’d been silent during the cab ride. He was taking off his jacket when she turned to face him.
“I want to talk to you.” She said softly. “And I promise I’m not gonna try to hear your thoughts so please turn down the volume of that song in your head.”
He nodded feeling a bit guilty that he’d made sure to sing the song loudly in his head but damn it there was no way he wanted her to hear his thoughts. At the moment they were too confused. He gestured for her to take a seat and once they were on the sofa he lit a cigarette and asked her what she wanted to talk about.
Willow forced herself to ask the question that was tormenting her. She’s wanted to ask him when he’d come out of the bathroom but his actions had made it clear he didn’t want to talk. He’d gotten dressed quickly without a word. Willow had done the same. But now she had to know. “Do you regret what we did?”
“Do you?” He shot back.
“I asked you first.” Willow retorted. She nervously clasped her hands in her lap waiting for his answer.
“I wish I’d know you were a virgin. I wouldn’t have been so fuckin’ rough.”
“But you still would have done it?”
He sighed, “Yeah, Willow. I don’t think anything could have stopped me. I don’t understand what the fuck happens when we touch but I do know it’s fuckin’ amazing. Now, are you regretting it?’ He unconsciously held his breath waiting for her answer.
“No, not at all.” Willow said softly.
Relief flooded him. There was however something he needed to know. “Did your mind really go silent?”
The question brought a smile to her face. “Yeah, it did. When we simply touch I feel the electricity but when things get intense and you kiss me my mind goes silent. It’s such a weird thing I can’t even begin to explain. It’s like for the first time I’m alone in my head with only my own thoughts. It’s kinda scary.”
Gerard didn’t know what to think. Had his grandma really brought this woman into his and Mikey’s lives for a reason? Yeah, she’d saved Mikey but what the hell was she supposed to do for him? Give him great sex? Well she certainly had done that.
Willow sat staring down at her hands lost in thought. She was lost in the memory of what had happened in the hotel room. He may not realize something that had happened but she did. When he’d made love to her without a condom he’d shown he trusted her. He never questioned if she was lying about birth control. A man who insisted he’d never trust another woman had done just that. He’d trusted her. But not only that he had wanted to take the pain away and give her pleasure. She smiled remembering how he had tried to be so gentle.
“What are you smiling about?” He asked breaking into her thoughts.
She looked up and gave him an honest answer. “I was just thinking about what we did and how it felt.”
He gave a small laugh. “Pretty fuckin’ mind blowing. And Sugar, next time there will be no pain, just pleasure.”
Willow felt a weight lift from her soul. He’d said “next time”.

Gerard had come into the bedroom to say goodnight but was surprised to hear her singing in the shower. He smiled as he listened to her sweet, slightly off key voice. He stood a minute trying to force himself to turn and leave.
Willow had just applied shampoo to her hair when she heard movement in the bathroom. A moment later the shower door slid open. Her body reacted to him before her mind even had time to engage.
“I just talked to Mikey and everyone is still at the party.” Gerard said stepping into the shower.
Willow leaned back and quickly washed the shampoo from her hair. Once it was done she opened her eyes and looked at him. The sight of his nude body made her catch her breath but she saw the uncertainty in his eyes.
“So we have time.” She said softly.
He too had held his breath afraid she’d send him away. “Yeah, but I know you gotta still be sore.” He looked closely at her face waiting for her to answer.
“Just a little.” She couldn’t stop herself; she reached out and ran her hands over his chest. The sensation, the energy that flowed through her fingertips caused her to become aggressive. She moved closer and pressed her lips to his.
Gerard pulled her to him and molded his body to hers. Shit, this is insane, he told himself. He didn’t understand what caused this feeling between them but he didn’t care. All he knew was he wanted to take her again and again. He tore his lips from hers and gently nuzzled her wet neck. He was trying to go slow for her.
Willow moved back slightly having made a decision. She wanted to do something for him. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees and heard Gerard’s breathing quicken. Fighting back the feeling of nervousness she opened her mouth and took in his stiffing cock.
“Oh fuck” Gerard moaned.
Willow moved back quickly and looked up. “Did I do something wrong?”
He realized she truly meant it. She was doing something for him she’d never done before and she was scared she’d done something wrong. His fingertip caressed her cheek. “No, Sugar. You didn’t do anything wrong. That just feels so fuckin’ good.”
Willow relaxed, “Oh.” She reached up and cradled his balls preparing to take him in her mouth again. “I uh…if I do something wrong you’ll tell me, right?”
Gerard hated the tender feelings that were running through his head. He wanted to tell her that there was noting she could do that would be wrong. He shut his eyes and forced those feeling away. “Yeah, I’ll tell you.” He said roughly.
Willow nodded then leaned forward again but this time instead of taking him in her mouth, her tongue slowly licked his entire length. She felt him put his hands on her shoulders, his fingers gently caressing her skin. Again she licked from the base to the velvety tip. Then she opened her mouth and slowly began to suck. Gerard moaned softly.
“Oh, Sugar.” He whispered.
Willow continued to swirl her tongue around his dick while she sucked. What she was doing for him felt so good. The feel of his throbbing member in her mouth was sending waves of pleasure through her body.
“Reach down and touch yourself.”
His request surprised her. She released him and looked up.
“Do it, Willow. Make yourself feel good while you’re sucking me off.”
The look on her face confused him.
“Why won’t you?”
It embarrassed her to answer the question. She didn’t want to know she’d never touched herself that way fearing he’d laugh at her. Gerard was watching her closely when he suddenly realized why she was reluctant to do as he asked. He lowered himself to his knees and looked into her eyes. “How about this…touch me while I touch you.”
Willow nodded still feeling embarrassed. When his fingers touched her, stroked her, she felt herself begin to respond. “Oh” she moaned in pleasure.
“That’s right,” Gerard coaxed as his fingers rubbed her hard nub. “Let yourself enjoy the feeling.”
Willow took his throbbing dick into her hands and began stroking him. While she did so he continued to tease her by sliding one finger down her wet slit.
“That feels so good.” She said breathlessly.
Gerard smiled, “What you’re doin’ to my dick feels pretty fuckin’ good too.”
Willow stroked down his length but this time when she reached the base she splayed her fingers and curved them around his balls gently stroking them.
“Nice” He said looking deeply into her eyes. “Now it’s your turn.” He ran this finger down her slit again but this time instead of running it back up he pushed it slowly inside her. He stopped when he felt her body tense. “Sorry.” He said thinking he’d hurt her.
“No, it felt good.” Willow whispered. “But….” She looked away.
“But what?”
“I want you.” She whispered hoping he would understand she wanted to feel his throbbing dick inside her.
Gerard understood all too well what she meant because he wanted the same thing. He leaned back against the wall and pulled her on to his lap. “Straddle me.” He commanded. Willow put one leg on each side of his and held her breath as he lowered her body over his. She felt his rock hard tip at her opening and tried to push herself down to bury him inside her.
Gerard grabbed her ass to steady her. “Slowly Sugar. It won’t hurt as bad.”
Willow nodded and he very slowly pushed her down onto his cock. This time when he entered her there was just slight pain. He slightly lifted her up then gently pushed her back down. She felt her muscles begin to tighten around him. Soon the feeling began to build. She threw back her head mindless of the water hitting her face, mindless of everything but the feeling of him throbbing inside her. Now she began to move up and down on him quickening the pace.
“That’s right. Ride me.” Gerard ground out.
Willow leaned forward and began moving her body each time burying his dick as deep inside her as she could. She was almost there and when he captured her lips and thrust his tongue in her mouth. The passion passed through her body in waves.
“Yeah, that’s it.” Gerard whispered against her lips. He thrust into her once more and let go. Both of their bodies shook as they clung together. Finally he spoke softly. “We should get out now. I’m not sure how long it will be before someone gets home.”
Willow nodded and slowly stood. She watched Gerard stand but turn away from her. He grabbed the washcloth, quickly ran it over his body then left the shower without another word.

Once out of the shower Willow crawled into bed leaving on the small light on the nightstand. She leaned back on the pillows and replayed the events of the night in her mind. What thoughts had run through Gerard’s mind? What had he really thought when he’d realized she had still been a virgin? Did he think it was funny she’d been unsure and slightly afraid to give a blowjob? What had he thought of her body? Did he think her breasts were too small? Willow sighed wondering if it was normal to have all these questions running through her brain. But another thought bothered her even more. What if she had been able to hear what he was thinking? Maybe the truth would have been devastating.
She rolled over and prepared to turn off the light when the sensation hit. “Elena” she whispered already knowing what she would see before she turned. Indeed standing in the corner was Elena but this time she wasn’t alone. Willow sat up and tried to understand. Never before had she seen anything like this. Taking a deep breath, she cleared her mind and waited but she saw no images. “I don’t understand.” She said softly almost pleading.
Gerard stood at the bedroom door trying to convince himself he’d made the only logical decision. After what had happened in the shower he knew this couldn’t go on. It would be too easy to care for Willow and he couldn’t allow that to happen. There was no denying she was different than the other women he’d been with but that still changed nothing. He would just have to use every once of willpower he possessed to stay the hell away from her. Then she would go back home and things would get back to normal.
“Please, I want to understand.”
Gerard frowned. It sounded like she was talking to someone. He quickly opened the door and saw Willow sitting up in bed.
“We need to talk.” He said reminding himself why he’d come to her room. “This was wrong.” He walked over to the bed. “I’m sorry but….” He stopped speaking when Willow reached up and pulled him down on the bed.
“Willow listen.” He tried to ignore the sensation coursing through his body from her touch.
Willow reached up, put her hands on his cheeks and gently moved his head. “Look.” She whispered.
Gerard stared into the darkness. Suddenly he gasped, “Grandma.”
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