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Rain Rain, Go Away.

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Izzy hears a noise.

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Izzy woke to the sudden crack of lighting, the bolt of bright light filling the darkness of his room he rubbed his weary eyes and twisted beneath the sheets to get comfortable again. He groaned as thunder rumbled through the walls and slightly vibrated the floor underneath and rain heavily fell he knew at that point he wasn’t going to get much sleep, so after much thoughtless thinking he heaved his body into a up right position and reached over for his half filled packet of smokes that Axl had gave him early.

Izzy wasn’t to sure why some people were frightened by what he considered a peaceful sight he simply shrugged carelessly to himself before lighting the stick placed between his lips and watched as the paper lit a bright red then burnt away.

A flash of lighting once again lit Izzy’s bedroom alight the almost piercing bright shade made Izzy squint a little.

Just as he butted the lasts of his remaining cigarette out into the over filled ash tray a noise had caught his attention.

Cautiously his eyes followed were the sound had came from only moments ago, pushing the ash tray aside he unwrapped the blanket from around his barely covered body and made small steps towards his door. Wrapping his fingers around the door handle the cold feeling sent a shiver down his spine, he twisted his wrist slowly the door making a creak as it opened not giving it much thought Izzy peeked into the silent room only to be met by darkness, stepping into the hall another roar of thunder made Izzy jump causing him to lean back the door slamming behind as he did.

“Fuck.” He mumbled, but soon drew quiet as the noise was heard again. It sounded like someone was in the lounge room, and by the obviously loud banging wasn’t too careful on were he was going.

He wasn’t sure if it was one of the guys or someone had actually broken in and if that was the case the fucker had better be gone before Axl got to him, drawing closer to the lounge room Izzy made sure to keep his movements quiet and slow.

Izzy gasped as a dark figure moved from behind the lounge and quickly ran into the kitchen.

“Gotcha.” Izzy smirked to himself making his way into the kitchen, the tiles were cold against his bare feet he gritted his teeth slightly before closing the door behind him to make sure whoever it was, wasn’t going anywhere to soon.

As Izzy inched closer the figure shot passed him and hurled itself into a corner knocking a chair as it did which landed with a thud, Izzy was sure that was bound to wake someone up but was shocked when the house grew with silent.

He squinted into the darkness making shape of whoever it was but with fail even as the lighting lit the room he ran his hand along the wall in attempts to find the switch.

“Don’t!” A frantic voice shot from the darkness of the corner in the room.

Izzy stood surprised for a second trying to figure out why the voice sounded so scared.

“Who are you?” He asked, not sure if he’d get a reply or not.

The room was silent a roar of thunder once again filled the room causing a shriek from the corner.

“If that’s one of you guys fucking with me, I swear to god I’m going to ram your head up your ass.” Izzy shot feeling a little annoyed at the thought of Axl or Slash teasingly watch him wonder through the house thinking someone had broken in.

“Go back to sleep.” The voice cried.

And why the hell would he even think of going back to sleep when someone was standing in the kitchen not even stating the fact it could possibly be a burglar, Izzy thought to himself.

He had enough of the stupid games and slid his hands carelessly over the wall, ignoring the whimpers emerging from the corner. Finally he found the switch and let out a sigh of relief as he flicked it on.

Once the kitchen came into view Izzy searched the room finding the corner where the ‘mystery man’ stood.

His mouth dropped and his eyes softened.

“Steven?” He whispered.

As Izzy gazed upon the shaking frame curled up in the corner, his bouncy blonde hair covered his face and his body shook from lack of clothes.

“What are you doing?” He couldn’t help but be concerned for the smaller blonde as he walked towards him taking him into his arms.

Steven let out a whimper as Izzy’s body made contact with his, his breath was hot and rapid against his chest. Izzy let his hands roam through Steven’s hair.

Things were silent for a while; Izzy did nothing but held the smaller man within his arms watching the lighting light the room every now and then.

A shot of thunder shook the floor beneath them a lot harder than before.

Steven let out a loud whimper and pressed himself harder against Izzy’s chest his breathing once again becoming faster and shorter.

“Steven, are you scared?” Izzy asked feeling sympathetic towards him, wrapping his arms tighter around his now uncontrollably shaking frame.

Steven didn’t reply and Izzy took it as a ‘Yes’. Locking hands with Steven he led the shaken blonde to his bedroom laying him down on his bed. Izzy made his way around the other side hoping into bed as well Izzy slid himself behind Steven and wrapped an arm around Stevens’s waist and rested his head in the side of his neck.

After a few more cracks of thunder and lighting and all that was left was the soft drops of rain falling on the roof Izzy felt Steven relax against him.

As Steven’s soft snores emerged from his sleeping body Izzy placed a kiss upon Stevens face.

“Goodnight Steven.” Izzy whispered.
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