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Chapter Two - We all have to work hard to make a living or just live.

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Frank's job at the club.

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WARNINGS: Sexual Situation, drug and alcohol usage and prostitution - only lightly though :)

Chapter Two - We all have to work hard to make a living or just live.

It's not like Frank doesn't have a job, before he got fired from the office, he already had another two. Since he was a kid he had loved the guitar. Since he was a teenager, he just had to be in a band.

And that was how he met Bob and Ray.

The three of them formed a band together long ago with a singer called Bert McCracken and till that very day they were all still rocking out together at whatever club would have them for the evening.

The band earns Frank and the guys enough money to pay for food and they all have second jobs to pay for all their other needs.

Frank's second job had him working late nights at a local bar. Frank's a naturally social person and so the job comes easy for him, not to mention that he's guaranteed a baby sitter because Bob and Ray's second jobs are only during the day.

Plus, the best part about working where he does, if he ever needs some extra money he only has to work his way around the club and pick up some desperate sucker who will pay him anything from fifty to a hundred bucks for a rushed hand or blowjob in the dirty alley way that the club backs out onto.

It's not ideal work and he doesn't do it all that often but if he needs the cash then it's there and it's easy. In fact, the only inconvenience about not having his job at the office anymore is that he may have to do these little 'tricks' of his more often than usual.

Which is why tonight he's abandoned his post at the bar to take a stranger, who has been eye-balling him and making small talk with him all night, outside. He is down a few days pay now because of all the shifts he's missed or been late for recently and since he lost his other job that morning, he won’t be making up the lost money any time soon.

"So? What do you want?" Frank asks the middle-aged man who looks like he should be at home with his wife and kids instead of at some sleazy club getting asked by the bartender what his sexual pleasure is.

"To get you off," the guy states, as he shrugs his shoulders like its simple.

Frank sighs and wonders why he's out in the cold winter air of New Jersey about to let some man who could easily be as old as his father get him off. Then he remembers Billie at home and his two best friends probably struggling to get him into bed. He knows they have no problems paying the extra rent for him but they have been too good to him in the past already, by all rights it should be him paying extra rent for them, but he's not yet had enough money to do that. And probably never will at the rate he's going.

"You don't want me to fix you?" Frank asks, hoping this guy will change his mind. "I give pretty good head."

Straight away he hates himself. After all, it's been over two months since he's had to do this now and he certainly hasn't missed it. Its degrading work, it really is. Yet usually he gets no pleasure out of what he does and he prefers it that way and usually others have no problem with that. Perhaps it was because this guy was older that he wanted to turn things around and get Frank off instead, a part of him no doubt got some sort of sick kick out of it.

"Fine, go for it," Frank finally settles on saying when it's clear the older man isn't going to change his mind.

Smiling, his random find for the night moves in to nibble at Frank's neck whilst his hands wonder downwards.

Frank pays enough attention to what is going on in his pants to at least help the old fellow out and get his dick to rise to the occasion. After that though he simply lets his mind wonder off.

It's slutty behaviour such as this that always manages to get Frank into trouble. Long ago when he was the party King he slept with numerous males and females whenever he was drunk enough to pretend to himself that he was attracted to them.

Till this day Frank still can't decide what he prefers. Ray and Bob constantly ask him, "men or women Frank, hurry up and decide," but he simply can't. He's not picky though. At this moment in his life, he would take anything so long as he had some company for a little longer then one night in an ally way.

Frank tunes back in to the present and lets out a low over-exaggerated groan, just so that the old man now sucking him off gets what he wants. After all, if he doesn't enjoy himself, he won’t pay. Frank has already learnt that the hard way before.

The blowjob he's currently receiving isn't enough to hold his attention and eventually his mind wonders off to Billie back at home. How disappointed he would be at his father if he could only see him now, pressed up against the dirty walls outside of the club he works at, an old man’s mouth wrapped around him.

It is at one of those drunken parties he was remembering earlier that Frank had met Billie's mother. He wishes from time to time that he could tell his son he had loved his mother, but that would be a lie.

Kate was just another random at some guys party and it wasn't until she came up to Frank in tears a few weeks later stating she is pregnant that Frank regrets every single lay he has ever had. She asks him if he wants her to get rid of it. He's a vegan, if he says yes it's basically like being a hypocrite, in its own way.

Like most stories in Frank's life go, Kate has the baby, decides she doesn't want it and leaves the thing on Frank's doorstep with a note. She calls a few days later, "his name is William, Will for short. I'm sorry Frank, I couldn't deal with him."

She has skipped the country, god only knew where. Truthfully though, he didn't really care where she was or what she was doing or what the hell snapped in her head all of a sudden for her to not want the baby she was so eager for to begin with.

Frank's not good with kids and immediately goes on a downward spiral when he realises that he can't take care of his own son properly. At that point in his life he's too busy partying and getting high.

And so he tries and he actually finds himself this nice dude named Luke. But Luke likes drugs more then he likes Frank and so Frank takes drugs as much as Luke in the hope that his fondness for the pills and the powder will somehow convert to him.

Bob and Ray held him together back then, finally snapping him out of his love sick and needy daze enough to realise that Luke is no good for him and that his baby boy needs him.

"We spend more time with your son then you do!" Ray shouts at him one day. Frank cuts back on the drugs to show his friends he can change. He can't lose them, they're all he has.

Luke takes off when Frank gets too clean for him to handle but Frank has lost interest by then anyway. Without the fog in his brain he realises that the guy isn't really all that great.

He seriously doubts that he or Billie would be alive if it wasn't for the help of Bob and Ray though.

"Come on kid, pay attention," the man on his knees says, bringing Frank back to the here and now once again.

He's gone soft whilst his mind has been wondering and the old man looks worn out and impatient. He shuts his eyes and thinks of someone far more attractive than the actual man clumsily jerking him off.

The first person to come to mind is the dark haired man he sees at the local Starbucks every now and again.

Frank has no idea why this man in particular has come to his thoughts whilst he's being pleasured because they've never really locked eyes or talked or anything really but he definitely doesn't object. He pictures his pale skin, his kind eyes peaking out through that long black fringe and then guiltily wonders what it would be like to have him kneeling before him, sucking him off.

Within a few minutes he lets out a much more believable moan, gives the old guy a heads up that he's about to come and shoots his load into the man’s hand.

Next of course comes the bit that Frank hates. He does up his pants, accepts his money and has to stand there listening to how this guy wants to see him again and if next time Frank can go down on him instead.

He simply nods his head weakly and sighs.

"Sure, whatever you want," he states, forcing a smile.

He wishes that he wasn't actually thinking about seeking this guy out the next time he needed money, but he has paid well and Frank really doesn't have a whole lot of options.

When he gets back inside he’s glad that his shift is over, mainly because he's feeling increasingly ashamed of himself. Getting money for giving other people pleasure was one thing, but getting pleasure out of it himself was another. That was the first time he had let someone pleasure him for the money.

He wasn't quite sure what that made him, but he knew that it didn't make him feel any better about himself.


Frank is glad that he told Bob and Ray about his day before he left for work because by the time he gets back home from after his shift at the club he just doesn't have the energy or the motivation.

On the walk home he had more to think about like how low he had sunk and just how shitty his day had turned out.

When he walks in the door looking no doubt as fucked as he feels, Ray and Bob instantly ask him if he's okay. He nods and mutters a reply before tossing the extra money he owes them for rent onto the coffee table.

"How'd you get it so soon?" Ray asks, raising his eyebrows and looking confused. "The club doesn't usually pay you till Thursday."

"I asked for some of it earlier," he states simply, heading to the kitchen to make himself a drink.

One thing about working at the club that Frank hates the most is watching other people get wasted whilst he has to remain sober. It was the bottle of Jack Daniels waiting for him at home that managed to get him through his shift tonight.

He's too busy pouring his drink to notice that Ray and Bob are glancing at each other suspiciously. After all, Frank's never told them about how he earns all of his extra cash at the club, it's too humiliating to recount to his two best friends.

"You know you didn't have to man, we don't mind waiting," Bob throws in for good measure.

They're not stupid people, Frank knows it won’t take them long to figure out his little side-project, but for now he's got his Jack Daniels and coke and he couldn't care a less about the future.

He's only just sat himself down when Billie comes running into the room and jumping up into his lap. Luckily Frank's used to this behaviour and already has his drink well out of the way when his son pounces on him.

It's two in the morning and the five year old is still wide awake and buzzing. He doesn't blame Ray and Bob, they do their best. The kid just refuses to sleep until Frank is home from his shift.

"You smell like wet dog," Frank says, sniffing his son cautiously. "I think its bath time."

Billie usually complains when he is forced to take a bath but it seems he knows better than to annoy his father when he's just returned home from a 'slightly longer than usual' shift at the club.

"I want Bob to have bath time with me," Billie shouts, jumping out of Frank's lap and bounding over to the larger man.

Bob whines and rolls his eyes as Frank just looks at him pleadingly.

"Alright," Bob caves, getting up from the lounge and ruffling Frank's hair up as he passes by. "But you've got to go put your swimmers on."

Frank watches Billie put his tiny hand into Bob's larger one as they walk up the hall.

"Why do you always make me wear my swimmers?" Frank hears Billie ask as they disappear from his line of vision.

"Cause I don't know the whole rule book on me and a kid and bath time and nudity," Bob replies, his deep voice echoing through the house.

"It's just a penis! Dad says you have one to," Billie counters and Frank smiles proudly as Ray just rolls his eyes at him.

Frank remembers when Billie was little and he was too hung-over to get up out of bed and change his nappy when he was crying his lungs out in his crib. If Bob ever had to do it for him he'd divert his eyes or ask Frank and sometimes Billie himself for permission to perhaps, accidently, if he couldn't blindly put on the clean nappy, glance, only briefly, at his son who was only six months old at the time and couldn't give a shit about a grown up changing his nappy and seeing him naked.

It's after Bob has put his son to bed and long after Ray has retired for the night that the big guy reappears by Frank's side scowling slightly.

"Don't talk about my penis Frank," he states in his deep, demanding voice.

Frank can't help but laugh as Bob ruffles up his hair once more before claiming he's going to bed. Before he leaves Frank alone with whatever crap is showing on the T.V. that night, he ducks back into the room and stares very seriously at him.

"Listen Frank," Bob begins. "I don't know where you get the extra money all the time but ... just be careful alright."

Frank nods his head keeping his own serious expression so Bob knows he's not messing around.

Bob seems satisfied and finally goes off to bed leaving Frank to fall asleep in the lounge chair watching repeats of Ren and Stimpy whilst thinking about that dark-haired man that frequented his Starbucks.


AN: I'm being generous tonight hahahaha. Heres a second one,I guess cause its done and it'll give you guys a feel. And one more I think. xx
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