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Showers and Spiders and Gerard, OH MY!

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Yoyoyoyo(: Sooo… hmmm… sorry this update took so long, and sorry it's not much.. I’ve been on a Christian retreat in Ohio for the past three days, and haven’t been able to write. But that’s still no excuse. So yeah, before I let you read… I want to take the time to thank all of my reviewers… You all know who you are. You all rock my effing socks off, I’d be nowhere without you. Lol, okay, soooo… with that said… OFF TO STORYLAND. =P

The first few days of Gerard’s stay, things had been going pretty good. The guys had gotten almost all the walls of Frank’s room done; they left one lone wall for Jamia and Mikey when they came the following Saturday.
It was Wednesday when they had finally finished everything. Mr. Iero looked about the room, satisfied.
Frank looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and groaned at all the paint that was all over his hair, skin and clothing. “And this is my favorite Maiden t-shirt!”
Gerard and Mr. Iero followed him into the bathroom, looking at their own pain covered clothes. Mr. Iero chuckled, staring at Frank’s permanently stained Iron Maiden band tee.
“S’NOT FUNNY!” Frank wailed. A cheeky smile snaked its way onto Gerard’s face too, and Frank pouted.
“I’m taking a shower first,” he said matter-of-factly. Mr. Iero held his hands up in mock surrender. “Fine.” He said. “Have fun, Frank.” With that, Mr. Iero turned his back and went back into Frank’s bedroom. Gerard smirked, and Frank looked at him with a confused expression. “What?”
“You’re scared of spiders, right?” Gerard asked, crossing his arms across his chest. Frank nodded and looked at Gerard with wild eyes. “Why…?” Frank asked suspiciously.
Gerard’s smirk grew wider, and he shook his head. “No reason,” he said mysteriously, turning to follow Mr. Iero. “Be quick, I need to shower too.” With that, one last smirk played on Gee’s lips, and he closed the shower door behind him.
Frank shook hands through his hair before stripping off his clothes and turning on the shower faucet. He stepped into the shower, closing his eyes as the warm water trickled down his skin. He squeezed some shampoo into his hands and ran them through his hair, massaging his scalp. He breathed a sigh of relief as he opened his eyes and saw the white paint falling from his head, mixing with the water and swirling down the drain.
He looked up towards the wall in front of him, and his throat suddenly closed up, and his eyes went big.
For there on the wall, just inches away from his face, was a big, black, spider.
He cried out and jumped out of the shower, still completely naked.
He crossed his arms over his chest and turned to grab a towel, only to find Gerard in the bathroom with him, laughing his tight little ass off.
Frank’s eyes widened again, and searched frantically for a towel to cover his… lower half, up. Gerard smiled and handed him one.
“What the fuck, Gee?!” Frank cried, throwing the towel over his waist. “How did you even get in here?!”
“You didn’t lock the door, and I saw the perfect chance for a prank.” Gerard said cheekily. “And you have a nice bod.”
“Umm… thank you?” Frank asked, breathing hard. Gerard stuck out his lower lip. “Aww you madd at mee?” he asked Frank. Frank shuffled on his heels, looking at the floor. He smiled as he looked up into Gerard’s eyes. “Well… you’re my boyfriend, and I trust you.”
Gerard smiled as he inched closer to Frank, wrapping his arms around Frank’s toweled waist, kissing his forehead softly. “There’s nothing about you that I won’t see, in time, anyways…” he muttered. Frank laughed, then pushed Gerard away, as there was a sudden knock on the bathroom door.
“Frank?” Mr. Iero called. “Frank, are you okay?”
“Uh…” Frank mumbled. “Yeah, dad, I’m fine.”
“Oh… well, I heard you scream, and…”
“Dad, I’m fine. Really.”
Frank and Gerard heard a sigh from the other side of the door, then felt two pairs of feet walk back down the hallway to Frank’s room.
Frank smirked. “Rubber spider,” he said, still cringing a bit. “That’s clever, Way.” Gerard smiled as Frank opened the bathroom door and threw Gerard a towel before walking out. “Have fun.” Frank said jokingly, closing the door behind him.
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