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Chapter 1

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Forbidden continued cue babies, marriages, heartbreak and of course more shocking drama

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Hey all. So here it is, part two of Forbidden. Like a div I posted and then accidently deleted the story so I’ve had to do this all again. How lame? Whilst I’m here I’ll just thank you all again for the reviews of Forbidden I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to glance over my work and that you enjoyed what you read. I hope this story is to your liking also. Shall we begin?

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don’t own MCR, but I do own this story and its super awesome contents : ). The characters are partly based on the members of MCR but mostly they’re awesomeness has been created by me.


Present: September 2012

‘I’m coming to get you’ Frank warned as he sprinted to the back garden, her squeals and giggles always made him laugh as he caught up with her and scooped her up into his arms.
‘You got me’ she laughed her tiny body vibrating in his arms as he carried her back towards the house, she was so small and light in his arms that sometimes he just wanted to squeeze her tight and crush her little body to his.
‘I always get you Mini’ he reminded her smoothing down her brown curly hair that was pulled back into ponytail. He moved the constant stray hairs that always fell into her eyes just like her mother’s and kissed her forehead.
‘But next time you won’t’ Jasmine told him her face suddenly turning serious
You always say that too’ he replied as he pulled back the screen door and carried her over the threshold.
‘There you two are’ Cheyenne said taking Jasmine from Frank ‘It’s time for dinner young Lady’
‘I’m not hungry’ Jasmine told her as Frank pulled out a dining chair and Cheyenne placed her in it ‘I want to play some more.’
‘When you’ve eaten we’ll play some more’ Frank assured her handing her, her small children’s fork that displayed a picture of Winnie the Pooh
‘Promise’ Jasmine said as she shunned the utensil picking up a fish finger and dipping it in ketchup instead, her innocent blue eyes staring back at him.
‘Super promise’ Frank said with a smile. He sat and watched her eat as he too tucked into the food that Cheyenne had prepared for him. He watched Jasmine as she fed herself getting bits of mash potato and crumbs around her mouth, it fascinated him how fast she had grown, it was nearly five years ago that her whole being could fit in one of his arms. Watching her grow from a tiny new born, to a confident little girl was something that Frank would forever find mind-blowing. He continued to watch her whilst he ate, she found it difficult to get her sweet corn on to her fork so instead she picked up the pieces of corn individually and dipped them in the ketchup getting the sauce all over her hands. Frank knew he should stop her but he thought it was amusing to let he continue.

‘I was thinking that for her b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y on Saturday’ Cheyenne said spelling out the word to Frank ‘We could maybe have a barbeque and a c-a-k-e, invite some of her s-c-h-o-o-l f-r-i-e-n-d-s’
‘You’re assuming I can spell’ Frank laughed pushing his chair back and walking his empty plate over to this sink where Cheyenne was standing.
‘Be serious, I want it to be a good day but I don’t want a repeat of last year, so I’m reluctant to go out in public.’ She admitted.
‘Understandable’ Frank agreed ‘I don’t see why we can’t do something at home, it’ll be easier.’ He said pushing back the strands of hair that fell into her eyes which she had passed down to Jasmine. He watched as she blushed, her cheeks flaming red. After all this time it was nice to know that she was still effected by his touch and it wasn’t a one way thing, she could still make his heart race.
‘Cheyenne’ they all heard his voice calling from the hallway Cheyenne jumped back making Frank laugh at her, she laughed too and pushed him away. ‘I’m home’
‘DADDY!’ Jasmine screamed pushing back and climbing off her chair, running into the hallway where Gerard scooped her up in his arms and kissed her face.
‘Hello sugar’
‘Daddy, guess what?’ Jasmine screeched clapping her messy ketchup hands excitedly. She was always elated when her father walked through the door.
‘Erm aliens have landed in the back garden’ Gerard joked holding her tight and kicking off his converses.
‘No silly’ she giggled ‘Uncle Frank is here’
‘He is’ Gerard gasped as he carried her into the kitchen ‘oh my gosh Uncle Frank you are here.’
‘Hey daddy’ Frank said sending a smile in Gerard’s direction. ‘How’s it going?’
‘Not too bad, not too bad. Hello honey’ he said placing a kiss on Cheyenne’s cheek. ‘How did it go?’ Cheyenne asked regarding his relaxed posture and happy expression.
‘It was ok, I felt good when I left but even better now I’m home’ he admitted
‘Are you sick daddy?’ Jasmine asked placing her hand on his forehead an action she had seen her mother do many times before, unaware that she was leaving red fingerprints on his forhead. She looked at his amused face and pressed harder as though the answer would pop out of his head. For a four year old going on five she was extremely perceptive, she pretty much picked up on everything.
‘No, daddy’s not sick’ Cheyenne assured her daughter rubbing her back.
‘Then why did he say he’s feeling better now?’ Jasmine persisted, her small face scrunched up in confusion.
‘Because I’m home with my little princess’ he said setting her on her feet only for her to take off in Frankl’s direction.
‘Uncle Frank, can we play now?’ she asked. The way she looked at him, her eyes full of wonder and her adoring smile she had the ability to make him melt.
‘Of course but only for a little while Aunt Jamia is waiting for me’ he told her.
‘And you have to have your bath’ Gerard reminded her before Cheyenne had a chance to.
‘Ok I’ll be right back with my toys’ Jasmine said running off towards the staircase.

‘So Frank how’s it going with you and Jamia?’ Gerard asked regarding Frank ‘Any luck yet? ‘
‘No not yet’ Frank said sadly but hopefully ‘we’re still trying’
‘It’ll happen for you’ Cheyenne said reassuringly ‘you and Jamia will have a baby.’
‘Will we?’ Frank said ‘we’ve been trying for six months now and nothing’
‘Sometimes these things take a while’ Gerard said washing his forehead under the tap ‘but it’ll happen for you, you were meant to be a father’
‘Says who?’ Frank asked them with a shrug of his shoulders.
‘The actions speak for themselves’ Gerard said placing his dry hand on his friends shoulder ‘I mean look how you are with Mini, you’re a natural and she adores you.’
‘But she’s not mine’ Frank said hiding his bitterness well ‘Maybe I’m forever supposed to be an Uncle or a God Father’
‘Bull’ Cheyenne said ‘you and Jamia will get pregnant, just have some patience I know it’s hard, it’s hard for all of us, I want nothing more than for you to be a father that’s why I made you Mini’s God father so if anything, God forbid happens to either me or Gerard, you and Jamia will be her Mom and Dad. This will happen for you I…’
‘I’m back’ Jasmine announced brandishing her toys ‘let’s play’
‘Can I play?’ Gerard asked hopefully even though he knew the answer, his daughter and Frank had a very special connection and he was very rarely allowed to join in their games. He didn’t resent it. It was his fault that she bonded with Frank better than she did with him, it hurt in the beginning but not so much now.
‘No Daddy.’ Jasmine said apologetically taking Frank’s hand ‘this is mine and Uncle Frank’s game only.’


‘She asleep?’ Gerard asked his arm winding around Cheyenne’s waist he felt her tense and then relax as she usually did, it was a reflex that he knew but wasn’t used to.
‘Yeah she’s out for the count’ Cheyenne told him ‘she was running around all afternoon with Frank, he tired her out.’
‘Did he tire you out?’ Gerard asked
‘What is that supposed to mean?’ Cheyenne snapped removing his hands from her waist
‘Shh’ Gerard said holding a finger to his lips ‘I didn’t mean anything by it, I just meant that maybe we could, you know...’ he trailed off ‘I didn’t mean to upset you.’
‘I’m sorry’ she apologised ‘I-I’m just a little tense that’s all.’
‘You’ve been that way ever since we got back together’ he replied ‘I know I’m the cause of it, I know I am but I’m trying.’
‘I know you are’ she said ‘you just going to have to bear with me Gee’
‘I am but it’s been five years since it happened...and two years since we got back together and you still flinch when I touch you what do I have to do to get you to trust me again.’
I don’t know Gerard’ she sighed ‘I...’
‘Shh!’ he said again his hand gently stroking her cheek ‘lets forget it, I don’t want to upset you, I just want things to go back to how they were.’
‘Me too’ she said
‘Good, come to bed’ he said offering her a smile which she returned.
‘I’ll be there in a sec just let me tuck Mini in’ she said turning back towards her sleeping daughter. Pulling the covers up and over Jasmine, Cheyenne smiled and looked down on her daughter. No matter what had happened between her and Gerard the one thing she was thankful for was her daughter.


February 2007

‘Ok Miss Bryar I’ve got your results back’ Dr Phillips announced as she came into a room clutching a clip board and a smile, which was friendly but did little to ease Cheyenne’s anxiety.
‘I’m pregnant aren’t I?’ Cheyenne said combing her hair back with her fingers.
‘Eight weeks to be exact’ Dr Phillips told her ‘I assume you hadn’t planned this.’
‘You assume correctly’ Cheyenne sighed buttoning up her jacket.
‘Well you wouldn’t be the first and I doubt you’ll be the last.’ The Dr smiled kindly ‘There are options you know.’
‘I know’ Cheyenne said her hands rubbing her tense head ‘I know that.’
‘Are you with the baby’s father?’ the Dr asked scanning through the notes she was given.
‘No’ Cheyenne said not sure of who to think about, she wasn’t with Gerard or Frank.
‘The hospital has an excellent support group here for single mothers they...’
‘That’s erm, not necessary’ Cheyenne said getting off the examination bed ‘I’ll deal with it.’ she said ‘But I’ll need a paternity test.’
‘I see’ The Dr said ‘well I can do that for you.’
‘How soon?’ Cheyenne asked wondering how she was supposed to go about this.
‘We have a range of tests available and the earliest one we can do is at ten weeks, so that’ll be in two weeks for you.’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said ‘I’ll make an appointment.’


‘I’m coming I’m coming’ Frank called out as he raced to the front door clutching his towel around his waist, his wet feet slipping on the hardwood floor. ‘I’m here’ he said throwing the door open.
‘Cheyenne!?’ he exclaimed and then did a double take to be sure.
‘In the flesh’ she smiled. He stared at her not quite able to believe his eyes, his heart picking up pace, his vocal cords suddenly deciding not to work.
‘May I come in.’ she asked ignoring the frantic butterflies in her stomach, she had never seen him fresh from the shower before but she liked it.
‘Of course’ Frank said snapping out of his daze ‘sure, sure come on in.’

‘Can I get you something to drink?’ Frank asked appearing in the living room ten minutes later fully dressed, his hair still damp from the shower.
‘No I’m fine’ she said ‘you look well.’
‘You too’ he replied eying her ‘I like your hair’ he said noting the reddish brown colour she had dyed it.
‘Thanks’ she said instinctively grabbing a few strands ‘I thought a change would be nice.’
‘Suits you’ he said wondering if it was rude to cut the small talk short. ‘So erm what are you doing here?’
‘Can’t friends visit each other?’ she questioned
‘Yeah they can’ Frank said sitting back in his seat ‘when the one visiting doesn’t disappear off the face of the planet, not telling anyone where she is and changing her God damn phone number’
‘I had to Frank’ Cheyenne said ‘Gerard wouldn’t leave me alone, I had to leave.’
‘But you didn’t have to leave me’ Frank told her ‘I’ve been going out of my mind wondering what’s happened to you, Bob refuses to say a word, it’s been nearly three months Cheyenne’
‘I know I’m sorry Frank’ she said crossing the room to sit beside him ‘but it’s been difficult for me.’
‘It’s been difficult for all of us’ he said ‘especially me, I woke up that morning and you were gone you never said a word you never left a note I-.’
‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne repeated ‘I never meant to hurt you.’
‘Didn’t you?’ he asked ‘it seemed to me that you got what you wanted and split’
‘No’ she exclaimed ‘I would never do that Frank, that night was amazing but, God I felt so guilty when my eyes opened and the more I held you, I could feel myself clinging to you and I knew that if I didn’t leave then, then watching you go back to Jamia the next day would’ve been a fresh kick when I was already down.’
‘So you chose to do the kicking.’ Frank accused
‘I did-I wouldn’t have been able to let you go’ she said and then sighed wearily ‘I did what I thought was best. Gosh Frankie I didn’t come here to fight.’
‘Then what did you come here for?’ Frank asked ‘you disappear for two months no one see or hears from you and then you suddenly show up on my door step wanting to have a chat. Well excuse me if I’m not rolling out the welcome wagon’
‘I came here to tell you I’m pregnant’ Cheyenne said more confidently then she felt, she had been dreading this meeting ever since she found out she was expecting. She watched Frank’s mouth open and close, his lips form the beginning of sentences but stopping them before a word could be heard.
‘I’m sorry’ Frank said his head snapping round to face her ‘I think I had a deaf moment just then what did you say?’
‘I said I’m pregnant’ Cheyenne repeated and the added ‘I’m-having-a-baby’
‘I see’ Frank said the colour draining from his face. ‘And I am...’
‘Could be’ Cheyenne said ‘you could be the father.’
‘Right’ Frank said pursing his lips ‘I could be the baby’s father’ he said getting out of the chair ‘Wow! I mean wow. Of course I could be’ he reasoned as he paced his living room floor ‘I mean we slept together right, we didn’t use protection, which we should’ve but we didn’t and we had a lot of sex that night, so yeah it does seem possible I mean this kind of thing happens all the time.’
‘When...How...I didn’t...I thought...explain’ he said still pacing the news slowly sinking in.
‘I went to the Dr’s office two weeks ago, I’ve been feeling rough for a little while I thought it was all the stress from New Year so I was checked out and low and behold I’m carrying. I’m two and a half months pregnant’
‘And it’s either Gerard’s or mine?’
‘Yes.’ Cheyenne answered
‘Does Gerard know?’
‘No I haven’t told him, I guessed it was easier to tell you first in case it wasn’t Gerard’s and then he’d know we slept together and he might tell Jamia and then it’ll be all messy.’
‘It is messy’ Frank sighed sinking down in to his favourite arm char ‘I mean what the fuck Cheyenne; you said you were on the pill.’
‘I am...was but nothing is 100% safe Frank’ she snapped ‘this isn’t my fault ok, do you think I want this, do you think I want to be a single mother with two potential baby father’s one of whom is the husband of one of my friends?’
‘No’ Frank whispered
‘Then stop making me feel bad about this, for God’s sake we could be in this together’
‘Or I might be out of it completely’ he said not looking at her trying to hide the disappointment that he felt it that were to be the case.
‘Look if it turns out to be yours and you don’t want to have anything to do with it then that’s fine I can go it alone, I plan to if the baby’s Gerard’s anyway.’ She said misconstruing Frank’s last sentence.
‘No that’s not what I meant’ Frank said jumping out his seat ‘I do want to be a part of the baby’s life if its mine I mean I won’t abandon you.’
‘Thank you’ Cheyenne said ‘but you do realise what that will mean.’
‘I do’ he said running his hand through his hair ‘but...’
‘Look we don’t have to discuss this now’ Cheyenne said rising from her seat ‘I have to go I just wanted you to know. I was hoping you would do a DNA test.’
‘Of course’ Frank said ‘I want to know but don’t we have to wait ‘til the baby is born.’
‘No we can do a CVS’ She said explaining the procedure which would get them their results. ‘And the sooner the better, if I can get an appointment for tomorrow will you be able to be there.’
‘Of course’ Frank said as he walked her out, his legs weak from the news ‘ but you do know we’re going on tour soon right so if tomorrow’s no good pick any other day before the 22nd I mean we’ll have a few days in-between that but the more available I am the easier this will be. The only thing is, depending on when we get the results you’ll have to give them to me over the phone.’
‘That’s not a problem’ she said.
‘Chey’ Frank said catching her arm, his eyes searching hers. ‘Promise to call me, even if the baby’s not mine’
‘I swear’ she said giving him a small smile before opening the front door.
‘One last thing are you really not going to tell Gerard about the baby if it’s his?’ he asked he couldn’t imagine having a child that he didn’t know about.
‘I will.’ she said ‘but I plan to this by myself.’
‘He’s in a really bad way Chey’ Frank said ‘He’s drinking again and…’
‘And that’s exactly why I have to go it alone. I don’t want an alcoholic around me let alone my baby.’ Cheyenne said ‘I’ll get an appointment at the Dr’s for us.’
‘Right’ Frank said with a nod ‘Bye’
‘Good bye Frank’ Cheyenne said closing the door behind her.



‘This is delicious Mia’ Frank said his spoon halted in mid- air to give her the compliment.
‘Thank you’ she said a small smile forming on her lips which vanished as soon as it surfaced ‘I’m glad you like it’ she choked before bursting into tears
‘My God Jamia what’s wrong?’ Frank asked rushing to the other side of the table.
‘I want it’ she sobbed into her hands ‘I want it so bad. God Frank I want a baby so much it hurts’
‘I know’ he said rubbing her back ‘I want it to’
‘Why is this happening to us?’ Why can’t we get pregnant?’
‘I don’t know’ he told her honestly
‘I mean what more can we do I pray every night for a child, I eat healthily I exercise, you’ve cut back on cigarettes, neither of us drink any more. Why can’t this happen for us.’
‘It will Mia’ Frank said ‘one day it will’
‘Why can’t one day be tomorrow?’ she asked ‘I mean for god sake even people like Gerard who doesn’t deserve a beautiful little girl has got one’
‘That’s not fair Jamia’
‘But I’m not wrong am I? She retorted ‘the things he’s done, the lives he nearly ruined and how does he get rewarded, he get’s blessed with a beautiful baby girl, who worships the ground he walks on.’
‘Listen to me Jamia this will happen for us, we will have our baby, we just have to keep trying, plus we’ve got an appointment with Dr. Schwartz soon, he’ll tell us why this isn’t happening as fast for us.’
‘I know’ she said wiping her eyes ‘It’s just I’m so unhappy’
‘I know you are and I’m sorry Jamia I know that the root of your unhappiness is what I did all those years ago…’
‘Frank’ Jamia interrupted shaking her head ‘we’ve talked about that and I understand everything. My unhappiness doesn’t stem from you, it stems from the lack of life growing in my womb, I want to feel life in here’ she said pointing to her stomach ‘and all I feel is the menstrual pains alerting me that once again we have failed to become parents, that is all the unhappiness I feel it has nothing to do with what happened all those years ago and it has nothing to do with you. If anything you keep me going.’
‘Come on’ Frank said standing up and pulling her to her feet
‘Where are we going?’ Jamia asked placing her napkin on the table.
‘To make a baby’ he said leading her into the bedroom, he closed the door behind them and grabbed his wife kissing her tenderly on her neck
‘But I’m not ovulating’ she moaned as his hands traced her curves settling on the button of her jeans.
‘No matter it’s still fun trying’ he whispered pushing her down on their bed.



So how long before we get the results?’ Frank asked rolling up his sleeve over the small cotton wool bandage attached to his arm.
‘Couple days’ Dr Phillips said ‘I’ll you the results in a letter.’
‘The thing is I won’t be around’ he said looking at Cheyenne who appeared just as nervous as he was ‘is it possible to send it to Cheyenne instead’
‘Of course’ Dr Phillips said ‘I’ll make a note of that and Cheyenne will have the results soon.’
‘Thanks’ Frank said his hands shaking inside his pockets ‘the sooner the better.’

‘Are you ok?’ Frank asked as they sat at a table in a local café, tucked away in the far corner, keeping to themselves, Frank keeping an eye out for anyone that might recognise them.
‘Yes’ Cheyenne breathed tiredly ‘I guess I don’t know this is all such a huge mess.’
‘I know and I’m sorry’ Frank said ‘I hate watching you go through this’
‘I’m not the only one suffering Frank’ she said ‘you’re in it too.’
‘And so is Gerard’ he reminded her
‘How bad is he Frank?’ she asked
‘Pretty bad, we’re not sure if he’s going to make the tour he’s so fucked up’
‘Oh this is so bad’ she said her hand instinciely restign on her non-esxistent tummy. ‘what if it’s his? I couldn’t bear to have him around my baby.’
‘Don’t stress’ he said his hand automatically finding her across the table ‘whatever happens we’ll sort it out together.’
‘But it might not be yours’ Cheyenne cried ‘I can’t ask you to…’
‘I want to’ Frank said ‘I know this baby may not be mine and, I hope you don’t mind me saying but I hope to God it is and I know that it’ll mess things up even more than they already are but it doesn’t stop me hoping. And if it is Gerard’s well I won’t let you do this on your own I’ll be there to help you if and when you need it.’
‘Oh God Frank’ Cheyenne sniffed as tears sprang to her eyes ‘I forgot how incredibly sweet you are.’
‘Like syrup baby’ he laughed handing her his napkin so she could wipe her eyes. ‘Don’t cry it’ll all work out in the end.’
‘Like you and Jamia?’ Cheyenne asked
‘We’re trying’ he said ‘we’re a long way off from where we used to be, but we’re both making the effort required’ he said and choosing not to add that this baby could be a massive iceberg on their horizon.
‘I still think giving you back your ring was a bit of an over-reaction’ Cheyenne said fishing in her bag for her purse. Frank eyed her quizzically and then it dawned on him, Cheyenne still didn’t know the whole story she didn’t know he slept with Lyn.
‘Well you know women’ he laughed nervously avoiding her eyes in case she somehow read his mind.
‘Jerk’ Cheyenne laughed placing a five dollar bill on the table.
‘I’m glad you’re back’ Frank said smiling at her ‘I’ve missed you.’
‘I’ve missed you too and don’t worry’ she assured him as a worried look flashed in his eyes ‘I’ll be around, I’ll keep in touch.’
‘That’s all I ask’ Frank said taking her hand again ‘come on I’ll take you home.’


Dr Phillips walked briskly down the dark, near vacant street. It was freezing cold and the prospect of dinner waiting for her at home, prepared by her husband was enough of an incentive to race home. She was walking distance from her home, a perk to accepting the position at the small Belleville practice it meant she was also a stone’s throw away from her kids school. As she walked home, her head down against the cold wind, she thought about her children and the evening she had ahead of her would she have an argument with her teenager, would she have time to do a spelling test with her youngest? Her thoughts were ripped from her mind, when a cold hand gripped her mouth and another around her was dragging her backward. She screamed against the hand as she was pulled into an alley, her heart beating violently against her chest as she uselessly fought against the strength of her attacker.
‘Shh’ the voice said, it was a man voice, his breath laced with cigarettes ‘I’m not going to hurt you.’ She cried as he pushed her up against the wall his body crushing hers, his hand still clamped around her mouth.
‘I’m going to remove my hand and you are not going to scream. Understand?’
She nodded once as tears streamed down her face, he waited a second for her to calm down and then he removed his hand turning her around to face him.
‘Please don’t rape me’ she begged a fresh wave of hysteria hit her and she chocked back a sob.
‘What?’ No!’ he said shaking his head ‘I’m-I’m not going to rape you. What the fuck?’
‘Then my wallet and phone are in my bag, here take it’ she said thrusting out to him.
‘Oh geez’ he said rolling his eyes in the darkness ‘I don’t want that either.’
‘Then what the fuck do you want?‘ she asked confused about what was happening, she’d seen enough police shows and movies to know that if someone drags you down a dark alley there’s usually only two things that they could want.
‘I want information’ he said taking a small step back to ease her worry, she tried to take in his outline but the dark hid him well, she could tell what he was wearing, a hoodie and jeans with a trench coat thrown over the top, the same outfit hundreds of males wore in New Jersey. She tried but couldn’t see his face hidden in the shadow of his hood.
‘Information? On what?’ she asked unable to stop the shake of her voice.
‘A patient of yours, Cheyenne Bryar came in to your office today didn’t she?’ he asked, he already knew because he watched her go there earlier.
‘Yes?’ she said ‘but I can’t tell you anything else it’s confidential.’
‘I said I’m not going to hurt you. Not that I wouldn’t’ he bluffed
‘Sh-she was after a paternity test’ she stammered his threat ringing in her ears.
‘She’s pregnant?’ he asked hiding the surprise in his voice well.
‘Yes nearly three months’
‘I see and the man she was with was a potential father.’ He said the cogs turning in his head this could be exactly what he needed.
‘I assume so’
‘You’re going to do me a favour’ he said not asking, but telling her.
‘What?’ she whispered
‘You’re going to change the results of the paternity test.’
‘What?’ she gasped ‘I can’t do that?’
‘Sure you can’ he said closing the gap between them again, he heard her take a sharp breath and he knew she was putty in his hands
‘No matter what the results of the test are I want you to say that they are negative.’
‘I can’t its unethical’ she pleaded ‘it’s against the law.’
‘I’ll pay’ he said ‘I’ll give you ten thousand dollars’
‘You’re going to give me ten thousand dollars to change the results of the test to negative.’ She asked her face portraying sheer disbelief.
‘Only if they’re positive’ he told her.
‘And what if they’re not?’ she asked trying to see what he could gain from this.
‘Then the ten thousand will buy your silence over this little episode. Do we have a deal?’ he asked his hand reaching out for hers.
‘Do I have a choice?’ she asked knowing full well that she didn’t.
‘No!’ He said and then laughed ‘you don’t’
‘Then I guess we have a deal’ she said her trembling fingers clasping his and shaking.
‘I’ll call you with the details’ he said ‘Goodnight Dr Phillips

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