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Drinking the Pain Away

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Gerard has a drinking problem, and Frankie keeps hurting Frerard....

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"Gee, Come to bed" I whisper, its 2:00am and He is drinking again. I feel like crying. "If I wanted to I would have Frank" he yells, taking another shot. "Maybe we'll have sex later" He mumbles. "Its not the same when your drunk..Your not the Gerard I fell in love with when your drunk". I look down at the floor. Then at my arms, the self inflicted burns and cuts. If he drinks, then I need something for a release too. He turns to me, showing concern.
"Baby..I love you.." He says with a forced smile. "love you" I mumble. He lifts up my chin, and for a second, I swear, he was the real Gee.

"I tried to stop..Im still trying..I love you, Frankie I never mean to hurt you"
I pull down the sleeves on my shirt, he doesnt know I hurt myself. "okay" I have nothing else to say. I love this man, and damn Im pretty sure he loves me. Its just the Jack Daniels talking sometimes.

He kisses me lightly, I smile. "Babe, ever since my Grandma died..I couldnt...I-" I cut him off.
"I know. The band hasnt been the same since" I run my hands through his long black hair. He frowns. "Really?".

"Not in a completely bad way" I say looking up to meet his eyes. He sighs.

"Well Im just..I dont know what Im doing..." He looks at me and caresses my face.

"Yeah I know, honey" I look at him then his necklace, the one I made him. Then I look at mine, the 3 pretty keys hanging from my neck. Each was something. I remember when he gave it to me.

Flash Back
"Here Frankie, I love you" and he handed me the necklace. "Its perfect" I sigh and hug him.

"Wait" He takes the first key "Key to my house" he whispers. I look in his eyes. He picks up the second key "Key to my car" I nearly gasp he is protective of his car.

He picks up the last one, and this key doesnt look like one that actually opens something like the other two. "And the Key to my Heart". I feel tears well in my eyes. I kiss him deeply and then he places it around my neck.
I havent taken it off since. That was my Gerard. 2 years ago.
End Flash Back

"Goodnight, come to bed when you feel like it" I say sadly the Gerard I knew was gone and he wasnt coming to bed. The memories haunt me.

"Okay.." He senses the sadness in my voice "Soon I promise"

I sigh and walk away "Just Drinking the pain away, Gerard. Just Drink it all away" I whisper to where he cant hear me.
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