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Auron: Black Surrender

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Auron discovers that Lulu is interested in more than kissing. Pushes the boundaries, but I think it stays PG-13.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Erotica,Romance - Characters: Auron,Lulu - Warnings: [!!!] [X] - Published: 2009-06-23 - Updated: 2009-06-24 - 1870 words

Black Surrender

She made him feel like he was dying all over again, like he was once more dangling by a thread in death’s grip.

Auron had seen her in the doorway of his tent, framed by a burst of lightening in the violet sky behind her. She had stepped towards him in silence and laid a fingertip on the candle at his bedside. Shadows sprang up across the curves of her face as the flame leapt to life beneath her touch. At first, the shadows seemed to widen and envelop her braids, but then he realized that her hair fell in loose, wraithlike waves to her knees. In the orange glow that was cast across her skin, her pale shoulders looked softer than the fur that lined them.

What are you doing here?

I wanted you.

Her bold tone startled him. Lulu leaned forward provocatively, her eyes glittering, and let the curtain of hair drape itself across his knees. He brushed it aside and glanced up at her briefly before pulling her down within reach of his lips. Almost instantly, he felt himself melt into the curiously combined sensation of apprehension and desire. Lulu’s kiss was searching, fiercely inquisitive with a hint of fury. Auron forced himself to pull away.

You want to remember me? Or you want to forget something else?

She locked burning scarlet eyes onto the single orb that gleamed like a beacon in his war torn face.

I want to remember you for the rest of my life.

He kissed her again, and she slipped onto the bed beside him, her hip pressing into his knee.


Her teeth sank into his lip, haltingly at first, then stronger when they encountered no protest. He leaned back and she pushed her body against his. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth as he struggled vainly for dominance. His apprehension was overpowered by the sheer force of wanting her, wanting to feel the devilish way that she controlled him. Auron was not accustomed to submission, but as she bit her way towards the tender skin at the base of his neck, he knew he was at her mercy.

Her fingers were warm against his skin as she worked through his belts, but he shivered at the rough scrape of her teeth against barely existing flesh. He took hold of her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. She held his gaze as slowly, finger by finger, she removed his gloves. He searched her eyes for something he could not name, and the sheer audacity of what they were doing suddenly pierced his consciousness.

Lulu... we must—

She tugged his face away from hers by the thin grey trail of hair that brushed the top of his spine, and the sharp pain caused his words to die in his throat. Her other hand slid up his ruined cheek to rest questioningly on his glasses, and for a moment, he wants nothing more than to lay bare his tarnished eye and twisted soul.

But something stalled him, and he gave her a warning, halved glare. Lulu let them stay on and fell to him, twisting her legs around his waist. The hint of anger had spread like wildfire from her kiss to her hands. She released his hair only to wrap tendrils around his throat, tendrils that Auron somehow did not immediately register as fingers. She pressed into his shoulder, her nails gouging at forgotten scars until they bled afresh.

Since his return from the precipice of death, he had not bruised as easily as he had in life. But one glance at his skin, now red and deepening to purple, and he breathed the words he had already uttered once before.

You’re a dangerous woman.

Lulu was silent, but there was a new glint of success in her eyes as her tongue traced across his bare chest. He had never seen her with such a hunger for power. She slid his coat from his shoulders and lifted the black shirt over his head. Her lips delved into the vulnerable hollow at the center of his chest. She planted teasing kisses down his stomach, giving him a sharp bite at his waistline. His hand found a piece of her hair and followed it to grasp at the back of her skull.

Instantly her fingers were back at his neck, dancing intricately where his pulse should have been. The threat of suffocation was almost welcome distraction from her serpentine ministrations. When her lips were forging a path down untouched skin, Auron was far beyond rational thought.

He twisted her on the bed so that she faced away from him and pulled his hands behind her, placing them on the tight knot at the bottom edge of her corset. False breath caught in his throat as his fingers strummed across the laces binding her body. She leaned back, ruby eyes half-closed, porcelain chest rising and falling like the deceptive swells of the ocean tide.

What are you doing?

He had almost expected her to be all coyness and gentle sarcasm, but he should have known that she was no blushing, giggling girl. Her voice was husky; the dark purple of the sky outside poured from her lips. She spoke wordlessly of nighttime and darkness, and a flash of too-human lust coursed through his body. He bent his head to hers from behind and nipped softly at her ear. His teeth seemed to move free of his control, frenzied and uncharacteristically playful.

You’re wearing too much, Lulu.

He felt her shudder in his arms as he began to twist nimble fingers through the tangle of laces on her corset. He searched through the web and found the knot at the very core, working the strings like wisps of wind. His breath spilled over the back of her neck, suddenly exposed like a pristine morning snowfall without her curtain of hair, and he wondered if she knew the lie behind its illusory warm currents. Auron closed his one good eye and traced the rough pads of his fingers over her bodice, finally freeing the knot. He hooked his thumb at the bottom and gently loosened the laces. She let out a gasping breath as the rigid restraints slipped from her body and hung, dangling on a precipice that mirrored Auron’s agony, a mere centimeter from her trembling skin.

I will always be glad, sir, that you are my fellow Guardian, and not my enemy.

And why is that?

Because you are the only one that I can admit has robbed me of my control.

Auron pressed a chiding hand on her shoulder in amusement. In a moment, however, he let his palm slide down the softly glowing arm to push the corset from her body. He inhaled sharply at the sight of her breasts, pale and smooth and unprotected, shockingly pink buds standing at lewd attention.

You… put all of Spira to shame.

Lulu laughed in surprise, bright lips full and open. Auron offered a rare half-smile in return and put a finger to her mouth. She pursed her lips in a kiss and darted her tongue out to lick shamelessly at the digit, teasing him back into her sphere of control. He bit her shoulder in reply.

This role reversal is not to my taste. You should know that I prefer to be in control.

You should know that I prefer to defy you.

You play a dangerous game, Lulu.

Every game takes two to play.

She gasped as his hand suddenly plunged into the warm valley between her breasts. He forged new paths along the tenderly thin skin just below her chest, playing silent melodies with his waltzing fingertips across her taut stomach. She lay in his lap, surrounded by warmth and candlelight and the essence that he knew secretly carried the scent of the Farplane. The shadows of the candle danced across the ceiling of the tent like impish stars.

Lulu suddenly sat straight up and twisted to face him.

Enough, Auron. You tease.

As did you, a few minutes ago.

That was when I had restraint.

She kissed him fiercely, teeth bared, an animal ready to strike. Auron met her ferocity with equal abandon, pushing his tongue into the warm cave of her mouth. His hands slid up her smooth legs and found the top of her fishnets, trapped under a web of interlocking belts. Smiling against her lips, he pulled away and gently slipped from the bed onto the floor. Lulu frowned and turned to face him, swinging her legs gracefully over the side of the bed. Auron knelt before her, gazing up at her with one salacious eye over the top of his glasses.

Beautiful lady mage, allow me the honour of undressing you.

Lulu licked her lips and ran a finger down the side of his face. Cruel magic flowed from her fingertip, leaving an invisible trail of ice on his cheek. He shivered and pulled her hand to his lips, then kissed it before letting it fall.

Auron began at her ankles, undoing each buckle and lock with inhuman patience. He unfastened each bond slowly, a practiced hunter pursuing his elusive prey. Each belt gave a gentle death rattle as it clicked open. Lulu sighed appreciatively as his fingers moved up her legs to her knees, gripping the bed sheet with white knuckles as his tongue followed suit. He glanced up, and with a single enticing look dared her to stop him. Lulu gave no protest, but merely leaned back and gasped for breath, her chest rising and falling as she writhed wantonly on the bed. Auron pressed a kiss to the inside of her knee and continued on his seductive path. As his hands roved across her moonlight thighs, breaking barriers and freeing chains, he felt her skin burn with a warmth that came from no magic. He brought his teeth to the last belt buckle and slid it free, the bitter salt of leather staining his tongue. He closed his good eye and breathed deeply as Lulu’s unique, heady scent invaded his mind.

With the belts out of the way, Auron pushed her skirt carefully down her legs. She slithered up to the pillow, a swan skimming a dark pond, and beckoned him towards her. He climbed back onto the bed, effortlessly sliding off his trousers, and lay above her, supporting himself with hands firmly planted on either side of her chest. Her darkened eyes raked up and down his body, finally settling on his glasses. Auron gave a tiny, almost imperceptible nod; Lulu moved a slow, dreamlike hand to his glasses and slipped them off.

Like a wave crashing, relieved and explosive, on a long-forgotten shore, they met and fused in one volatile, fiery collision.


~My fiercely beating heart~
~Is cradled in your hands~
~I’m hanging onto every word you say~
~I’m hanging onto every move you make~

~It’s dark scarlet torture when you touch me~
~I’m drinking sin by looking in your eyes~
~It’s useless to elude this black surrender~

~These chains can never break before the sunrise~
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