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Dual Reality

by Fuuma 2 reviews

The darkness was a comfort. [Freya/Chii]

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Author's Notes: Oh, CLAMP. This is horribly similar to a drabble a friend wrote for me, which was completely unintentional.

Dual Reality


That was the one thing Chii always felt. Everything was new to her, everything strange. If she had known such words, she would have thought it /surreal/. /Intimidating/.

She tried to take it all in and learn to the best of her ability, but sometimes not even Hideki's gentle encouragement was enough.

Those were the moments when Chii closed her eyes and surrendered to herself.

Everything was black then. Empty and simple. And there was the other her, standing elegantly in ribbons and lace, an unreadable smile on her face.

Chii felt a pair of ghostly arms around her, a hushed murmur in her ear. She didn't understand, but if she had known such words, she would have found it /familiar/. /Comforting/. She relaxed into that phantom embrace, accepting the feelings she could not place names to.

Then she felt the soft brush of lips on her own. A brief kiss goodbye, and the darkness faded into the light of day.
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