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The Wands that chose the Wizard

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Harry gets his wand, shopping and the rest of the summer

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Chapter 2: The Wands that chose the Wizard

an interesting wand, Draco and Ron Brothers? the rest of the summer and arriving at Kings Cross

The professor turned to Harry and said "Well Mr Potter, let’s go and get you your wand". Harry grasped her hand tightly as the boyish enthusiasm that had threatened the entire day finally spilled over. That enthusiasm dropped a little as she dragged him towards a small shabby looking shop with dust in the windows, the sign overhead proclaimed this to be Ollivander’s: Makers of Fine Wands since 382BC . Harry thought to himself that the shop had probably not been cleaned since 382BC, that notion was not dismissed when they went inside. The shop looked deserted and filthy, what was odd though was that Harry could feel 2 distinct pulls coming from deep inside the stacks of boxes behind the cluttered counter, it was as if someone had taken away a small part of him and told him to go and find it.

“Ahh Minerva McGonagall” came a dry reedy voice from just behind Harry’s right ear causing him to leap about 4 foot in the air “11 inches, oak with Kneezle hair, and excellent wand for transfiguration and what’s this, young Mr Potter, I have been waiting for you, oh yes, now then which hand is your most prominent, one which you would use over the other” Harry held up his right hand and was shocked to see a tape measure spring to life and slither snakelike across the floor until it coiled and sprung itself onto the outstretched arm where it started to measure everything seemingly at random. Just as Mr Ollivander went to reach for a box Harry spoke “Mr Ollivander, sir, why don’t I just get the ones that are calling to me?” Mr Ollivander looked at Harry with an expression of awe and curiosity “a Wand is calling to you Mr Potter, well then I think you’d best go and fetch it then.”

Harry walked slowly and carefully towards the back of the shop, careful to avoid the piles of boxes that where sticking out from shelves and cluttering the floor until on the very he saw not one, but two boxes that called to him, picking them up he made his way back to where the professor and the strange old wand maker were waiting and watching as he took the 2 boxes and placed them on the counter.

Mr Ollivander, whose eyes had bugged at the fact that Harry had brought not one but two boxes” opened the first box, a dark mahogany box with a deep red velvet inlay and removed the first wand “I remember every wand I have ever sold Mr Potter, every single one, and I cannot tell you how rare it is for a wizard to have two wands calling to them, this first one is an interest all in itself and it is perhaps not surprising that this wand chose you, it is 11 inches long, holly and phoenix feather, an unusual light combination, wave this please”. As soon as Harry touched it great warmth seemed to burst from within him and a rainbow light shot from the end splashing glorious light throughout the darkened room and a single beautiful rich note sounded filling the room with emotions of joy and wonder. “I think we can safely say that this wand wants you Mr Potter, as to why it is curious, it is curious because the Phoenix who gave this feather gave one other, and the other wand that contains it Mr Potter was the one belonging to the boy who became a Dark Lord, the same Dark Lord who gave you that scar Mr Potter, we can expect great things from you Mr Potter, great things.”

He then reached for the second box, and this box was totally different from the first, instead of wood it was made of stone, what appeared to be runes rippled over the surface, on the inside the wand was suspended by a single beam of magic running from tip to top. “This Mr Potter, was a wand made by the first Ollivander, it is invaluable in its worth and in power it is said is truly extraordinary, it is made from the Fang of a Long Toothed Dark Wolf, a species that has been extinct for over 800 years, its core is also unique as it is the only wand that I have heard of it all my years as a wand maker that contains a core of Phoenix fire, please pick this up and wave it Mr Potter”. When Harry picked this wand up a surge of power flashed through him and fire seemed to travel through his body and his mind exploded in pain as beam of red and golden light shot out of the tip, swerved in mid air, and slammed into his forehead causing to collapse.

Harry opened his eyes to find himself in his mindscape outside the library door, one of the panels had come out from the window and dark purple pulsing light was flickering ominously, Bursting through the door he found streaks of dark purple and black light bursting from the mysterious door in the “past” section of his mind, which was pulsating with a violence that he had never seen before. His head was pounding and he felt like he was being drained from the inside out he was fighting off collapsing when a warmth filled him a presence appeared in his mind and a voice echoed throughout his mindscape spoke “I am Flamefire, Harrison James Potter, I am the first Phoenix, it is my fire that is held in your wand and I have decided to keep you safe from harm, now young one, evil has its grips on your mind and it is time to drive it out, draw your wand, point it at the dark portal and repeat after me “Exuro is malum , iacio is absentis”(1)” Harry turned and spoke the words the voice had commanded and stood in amazement as a stream of golden fire laced with music burst from his wand and tore through the dark spreading puddle, forcing back the pulsating evil and continue to force it back until there was none left in the library of his mind, the fire then swarmed over the door until it covered it completely. “This will hold the darkness at bay Harry Potter, until such time as you can destroy it completely, I will be watching you closely Mr Potter, when you need me I will come, also as a small present I have made it so that your mind is protected from others!” as the presence lifted Harry felt himself returning slowly to reality.

To say Professor McGonagall was flustered would be an understatement; today had not been turning out as she had planned. First Harry Potter had to be taken away from his ‘relatives’ because of the appalling abuse he had suffered under their care, then the poor child was mobbed in the street before collapsing receiving his second, here she shook her head, wand, he had gasped when he touched and then screamed when the light had struck his scar. Looking down at the child it had appeared that an intense battle was being fought as his eyes flickered under closed lids before he eventually calmed and a green puff of smoke had seeped from his scar. She was greatly relieved when he stirred and opened his eyes. “Mr Potter, are you alright? What on Merlin’s name happened to you?” Harry though for a moment before he said “I’m not sure, when I touched the wand my scar burned and then the light hit it and then my mind was filled with song and light and a voice told me that darkness had been purged” he knew that this wasn’t the truth but didn’t want to let the professor know about the library in his mind, it was his and it was private. “Eat this Mr Potter” she said handing him a piece of chocolate “this will make you feel better.”

Ollivander spoke then “A voice you say, amazing, and I thought that I knew all there was to learn about wand lore, but Mr Potter we have an issue, the Ministry of Magic in its (a grimace shot across his brow) wisdom has banned an individual from having to wands” as Harry began to speak Mr Ollivander interrupted him “However I may have a solution, there is an ancient roman spell that may help us, it was used to combine wand cores and may work here, Mr Potter please pick up both your wands and put them on your right hand.” As Harry did so Ollivander started chanting “Per vox veneficus redimio illa duos una sic es unus” (2)” over and over He chanted as light poured from his hands onto the wands enveloping them, they rose and drifted apart before slamming together with a blast of light so powerful that everyone was temporarily blinded, when they could see again they all stared in awe at the vision of beauty resting in the palm of Mr Harry Potter.

The Wand, for there was little doubt that it needed to be referred to with a capital letter, was 11 ¼ inches long, It had a holly wood grip with runes flickering over the surface, about 4 inches up from the bottom the holly was curled round the fang which had become engraved which the stylised shape of a Pheonix twisting around until its beak was around the tip of the wand, it looked majestic and when Harry picked it up and waved it the same rainbow light came again but this time it was tinged with gold and the single note became a joyful that picked up everyone’s spirit and left Harry feeling like he would burst with the energy that filled him.
“This is a Wand that I cannot charge for Mr Potter” Mr Ollivander stated “It is unique and to price it would be unfair to yourself as you could surely not afford it, so I shall cost it at the standard 7 Sickles” “Thank you Mr Ollivander” Harry said as he rummaged in the bag and counted out 7 of the shiny silver Sickles and placed them on the counter.

After leaving Ollivander’s they headed back up the street, sneaking past the crowd that was still waiting outside Gringotts albeit it was a smaller less excited crowd, and stopped outside Madame Malkins Robes for all occasions . The shop was similar to Ollivander’s except that instead of shelves of wands there were robes and rolls of all different colours adorned the windows. “It will take all day Mr Potter, if we both go to one shop at a time, I shall go and purchase your potions ingredients and other such items and meet you back here in a minute, remember to get a few pairs of casual robes as well as some school robes, and you need some clothes of your own which we will have to get another time” with that the Professor turned and strode down the street. Harry stepped inside, Standing on a box was a boy around his age, he had blonde straight hair that was short and slicked back, it made him look aloof and a little effeminate, he had cold blue eyes, fussing around him was a small dumpy woman with curly brown hair that seemed to be held together by clothes pins. “Ahh, good day young sir, come and stand on this stool here I will be with you in a moment.” As Harry did he noticed that the blonde boy was watching him, he obviously had taken in Harry’s small frame and poor clothes, as instead of speaking he turned up his nose and muttered “Another filthy Muggleblood” under his breath.

The Boy left a few moments later, Harry managed to learn that they Boys surname was Malfoy when he had gone to pay for his goods, he put it in his mind to avoid the young snob who seemed to judge him on his clothes rather than the fact that he was a person, He also made up his mind to ask the professor what a “Muggleblood” was. It turned out that Madame Malkin was a very nice and jolly lady, who has started fitting him out with Hogwarts robes as soon as the words were out of his mouth, she did however stab him in the arm with a pin when she found out his name “Well bless my heart, the Boy-Who-Lived getting his first Hogwarts school robes from little old me, what a tale...” she said as she continued to walk around him adjusting the large swathes of black cloth “and what house do you suppose you’ll be in at Hogwarts Mr Potter?” she asked “House?” Harry questioned,” I don’t know, do they mean anything or is it chosen at random?”, “There are 4 Houses Mr Potter” Madame Malkin said, tugging at a sleeve that wouldn’t change shape the way she wanted it too. “First there is Gryffindor, home the brave and courageous, however they do tend to be reckless, Ravenclaw is second, they are all fiercely intelligent and love their books, Third is the Hufflepuffs, my old house you know, who want loyal, hardworking people, last but not least there are the Slytherins, some say they are all evil, but mostly they are ambitious and cunning, Many pureblood families end up in Slytherin as they do pride themselves on their blood purity.”

“If that’s true”, thought harry as she finished adjusting his school robes and set to trying out colours on him for his casual robes,” then I’ll probably a Ravenclaw, I’m intelligent and I love to learn, I’m not that reckless, I’ve never had anyone to be loyal too and I’m not that cunning so that rules out everyone else, I guess though that I won’t know until I get to Hogwarts though”. He hadn’t realised his mind had wondered until he heard Madam Malkin cough discretely next to him. “That’s everything deary, 2 sets of school robes and uniform, 3 casual robes in dark green, 2 pairs of black trousers, 2 pairs of blue trousers with matching shirt in a lighter blue, one pair of black wyvern hide boots and one pair of brown shoes, not to mention enough underwear and socks to last for the rest of the yer, all in all that’s 1 Galleon and 7 Sickles please love.” Walking out of the shop with his new clothes he looked around until he spotted the Professor, pacing up and down in front of a shop he noticed before Eyelops Owl Emporium, with a look that said she was thinking about something.

Harry rushed over, a little too quickly however as he tripped over one of the bags and almost took another tumble, he was caught however by a plump woman with flaming red hair. “Be Careful young man you could.....” she started, before her eyes caught sight of the scar, just as she was about to open her mouth Harry interrupted her. “Please don’t shout my name miss, please! I’m just Harry, nothing special.” The woman looked down at him and smiled “I’m Molly Weasley dear, my son Ronald is starting Hogwarts this year to.” A young looking gangly boy with flaming red hair and freckles dragged his head out the bag of sweets he was currently devouring at 100mph. Harry smiled at him “Hi, I’m Harry, Harry Potter” and stuck out his hand, the boy looked at him and then at his hand and grudgingly shook it, “Ron Weasley, look are you really Harry Potter?, where’s your scar? You don’t look like a hero! Do you remember what happened? ”. At the questions Harry’s face fell, would no-one at Hogwarts like him for him?

“Yes I am really Harry Potter, Yes I have the scar and no I don’t remember what happened, thank you for catching me Mrs Weasley, I must be going.” He turned and walked over to the professor who had noticed his approach, behind him he could hear Ron Weasley getting lambasted by his mother for being ‘Rude and Obnoxious to the poor boy’. The professor looked at him and answered the question that had been bouncing around in his head for the past minute. “Not everyone will be like that Harry” she said with uncharacteristic kindness “there will be many people who will like you for you”, “Thanks” sniffed Harry. “Now Mr Potter, as it is your birthday and as I am a teacher and therefore one of your guardians, I will get you a present, now I’m not sure you will need it but how about an owl! They make excellent pets and familiars”, “an owl sounds wonderful thank you professor, and I had forgotten it was my birthday, the Dursley’s never bothered with it” Harry said, not seeing the professor fight back tears as she processed his statement.

Entering the shop the first thing that struck you was the noise, there was such a number of hooting and squawking that it took a moment for your ears to adjust. The seconds was the smell, a dry musty smell that reminded harry of Mrs Figg’s house. Eager to choose an owl Harry wandered past the cages, however each one felt wrong, some were too uptight, some looked at him with hatred and quite a few took a swipe at his fingers when he went close. He was starting to despair when out from the ceiling came a white blur that swooped down and landed on his shoulder hooting happily and burying its feathery face in his neck.

The shop keeper ran over, “Hedwig, I’ve told you not to keep attacking customers, oh.....” “How much is it for this one?” Harry asked, reaching up and stroking the owl Hedwig’s soft feathers, “You can take her for free, haven’t been able to shift her for over a year, keeps attacking people, she nearly had that young Malfoy’s finger when he was in ere earlier” the shop keeper said quickly, eager to be rid of the troublesome bird, after the professor paid 4 Sickles for a stand, cage and some owl food and treats as a 'Birthday gift' they left Harry staggering out of the shop. The professor stopped him took some of his many bags from him and with a tap of her wand shrunk them down. Hedwig had refused to go into a cage and was perched on Harry’s shoulder eying the passers bye with what Harry thought looked like great mistrust.

The rest of the shopping took up most of the afternoon, in the book shop Harry went a bit mad and bought over 15 books (not including his school list) on topics such as Wizarding Customs, Pure or Not (The importance of blood), Famous Wizarding Families, And on a quick glance inside and seeing the name Potter, The book of behaviours befitting a young lord. He also got a gigantic book called Hogwarts: a History (43rd Edition circa 1530) and a small pamphlet with the title of Wandless Magic: the fact behind the legend. All in all he was pleased with his purchases and was bemused by the fact that such obviously valuable purchases only came to 4 galleons. He had never had money before and it was nice to be able to get some things for him, rather than wearing Dudley’s old and worn out clothes and shoes.

As night was drawing to a close the professor and Harry walked back up towards the Leaky Cauldron. “Where will I go professor? I won’t go back to the Dursley’s, I can’t professor, Please!” Harry was begging “For the rest of the summer Mr Potter we shall get you a room at the leaky cauldron, I will tell Tom the barkeep to keep a firm eye on you, please stick to the alley, do NOT go wandering off, we shall arrange something more permanent once you come to school with the Headmasters permission, if it’s the last thing I do you will never have to go back to those horrible relatives of yours. Inside the letter you were given Mr Potter is your train ticket to Hogwarts. Be at Platform 9 ¾’s on September 1st at 12:00, do not be late, I will meet you there.”. Harry couldn’t believe his luck, no Dursley’s ever again, no starving or name calling, no working from dawn till dusk. He followed the Professor into the pub, eager to see where he would be staying for the rest of the summer. It was only after the professor had left that he remembered that he had forgotten to ask her what a “Muggleblood” was.

At Hogwart’s school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor Albus Dumbledore,Headmaster and widely acknowledged greatest wizrd of his generation, was not amused. Firstly, without his permission, his headmistress had gone and delivered the potter boy’s letter herself and taken him shopping. Then she somehow managed to break all of the monitoring charms he had on the boy by removing him from the Dursley’s 'care' and had made him a ward of the school. Worst of all the school had accepted and he could feel its sentient magic eagerly awaiting the arrival of its ‘child’. He was not amused, oh no he wasn’t. Now his carefully laid plans had gone up in smoke, so he resorted to doing something he was good at, he sat, and he thought.

The rest of the summer was bliss for Harry, he read all the books he bought including Hogwarts: a History and started to implement their advice into his actions. You would never know that the charming young boy was an abused wreak only a month before, he was still a bit skinny but Tom’s excellent food had filled him out and he had grown from the 4ft 9 he was when he arrived to a healthier 5ft2. Tom had also told him that because the alley was a magic centre the Ministry of Magic, run by a Mr Fudge he had found out, couldn’t not detect magic he had practiced and practiced the spells in his Transfiguration and Charms books, he had found to his delight that in his mindscape several of the scrolls had gained more detail every time he learnt a spell or read a text book. Some of the scrolls that had only been scraps of paper with headings were now lists of spells and information that he could draw to the front of his mind with only the smallest amount of concentration.

He had also made a key purchase several days into his stay, towards the top end of the alley he had come across a small but interesting looking shop. Galistro's Shop of Trunks: Everything for the Modern Wizard It proclaimed in Large Yellow lettering. Now over the past few days Harry had discovered that, whilst wizards could do many wonderful things, very few were tidy and this shop was no exception. Trunks of all shapes and sizes lined the floor and walls, some were stacked on-top of other trunks.

"Can i elp you young sir, i am Galistro and these are my trunks, now is it just a standard school trunk for you today sir? or does sir want extra's?" he smiled the smarmy smile known only to salesmen, "Well i do need a trunk" said Harry thoughtfully, "I can't be carrying bags around all the time, what school trunks do you have, and do any have some extra space for books?". Glaistro smiled "Future 'claw then ey! Not a problem sir, not a problem, if you step over here sir we have my finest school/library trunk, i call it the libromax 1000 sir, a 2 by 2 trunk, good old british oak with a mahogancy inlay, 3 compartments, one for casual, one for school and one for the books, it could be yours sire, yours for just 10 Galleon's. Trunks like this dont come along sir oh no". "I'll take it" said Harry, counting out the 10 heavy gold coins onto the desk. "I'll tell you what sir, because its you sir, i'll thrown in this featherlight charm as well sir, no extra cost" he winked at Harry "Pleasure doing buisness Mr Potter".

But, despite all the wonder the best of all though for Harry was that he had made a few friends, the first was another boy he met on his third day, a small, foppish, blonde haired boy called Justin Finch-Fletchly who had shook his hand vigorously when they met inside the book shop and had talked non-stop for several hours before his obviously well-off parents had come. He had also run into a pair of Indian twins also starting first years, and although they looked identical they couldn’t be more different. Parvati was always in and out of Madame Malkins looking at clothes and Harry thought she was a little bit vapid, whereas Padma was more of a tom-boy, who hid a fierce intelligence behind her shy personality.

The other one was someone who Harry was fast considering a best friend; they had met on the fourth day of Harry’s stay in the Leaky Cauldron. Harry had come charging out of his room only to run into a fierce old dame with a green dress and an evil looking hat with a stuffed vulture on. She had rounded on him quicker than he though possible "Young man what is the meaning of this, didn't your parents..." Her she stopped and took in the boys face and he eyes had taken in his famous scar "Scion Potter, I am sorry about that remark, it was careless of me". "Think nothing of it ma'am, I should not have been running, but if you will excuse me, I am puzzled by your address of me." "You are scion of the ancient and noble house of Potter, you are able to take the mantle of lord-in-waiting at 13, your full lordship at 15, you should have been informed of this, Scion Potter" she said, looking down at him with an air of expectation. "I will explain more if you walk with me, come you must meet my grandson Neville, I am Augusta Longbottom, Dame of the House of Longbottom, Neville is my son's son and a scion in his own right." Neville Longbottom was a shy young man; he had a small amount of puppy fat that gave him an unhealthy complexion. He had brown hair cut in a style rather similar to a bowl cut and had light brown eyes. When they were first introduced Neville had jumped about a foot in the air, and had blushed and looked at the floor when his grandmother had told a rather embarrassing tale of how they had discovered that he was not a squib.

Once Harry had recovered from the seemingly barbaric story and had been explained what a squib was, he had asked Neville if he wanted to go for a walk round the alley. Away from the domineering presence of his grandmother Neville was a different person, he was funny and was actually very insightful. Whilst eating a Florean Fortescue ice cream they had decided to be friends and Neville had told Harry to write to him with any questions. Harry agreed, not only because he was curious but because Hedwig would have something to do.

They exchanged a letter every couple of days, the letters ranged from talking about their childhoods (each thought the other was worse off) to their dreams as well as the mundane stuff like what they had to eat or what each of them did that day. They agreed to meet on the platform 9 3/4’s once the summer ended.

Soon though the greatest summer of Harry’s young life came to end and as the temperature dropped and cold autumn winds started to whistle throughout the land Harry found himself in the middle of Kings Cross station staring at a wall between platforms 9 and 10. “Where is professor McGonagall?” thought Harry looking around nervously “she said she would be here” he said out loud, and as if by magic the stern professor appeared through the wall separating platforms 9 and 10. “Professor!” Harry shouted, drawing her attention, she smiled slightly when she saw him, “Follow me then Mr Potter, let us get t you off the Hogwarts.”

Meanwhile at Hogwart’s
Professor Dumbledore was not a happy man, his deputy headmistress had disappeared and he had just herd from Mrs Weasley that she had not seen the potter boy trying to get onto the platform, he sat at his desk and wondered, not for the first time if fate was laughing at him

The Latin is:

(1) Burn this evil, cast it out
(2) By the power of magic bind these two together so they are one

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