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Billie Joe and Adie meet for the first time... set in the early 90s.

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“ADRIENNE!!! Wake up!” A voice awoke me from a pleasant sleep. Jesus, can’t a girl sleep in on her birthday?

“Go away, Juliette,” I grumbled. Juliette, my ever-enthusiastic best friend in the whole entire world simply would not relent.

“Come ON! It’s four o’ clock. In the AFTERNOON!” She pulled all the blankets off my bed. “How the hell can you sleep so late? Jeez,” Bright California sunshine streamed into the room as she opened the shades.

“It’s the time zone change,” I said sleepily, squinting at the bright light. Juliette and I had recently moved all the way from New Jersey to a small apartment in Berkley. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to move, and I loved California, but my body still was all grumpy about having to change its internal clock. At least Juliette had frequently visited her aunt and uncle who lived out here; she was used to the different time zone.

“Well, you’re going to have to get used to the time zone eventually, and sleeping in isn’t going to help. Besides, I told Megan we’d meet her at 5:30. You’ve got a 19th birthday to celebrate!” Juliette proceeded to climb on the foot of my bed and jump up and down like a little kid. “Get up, get up, get up!” she sang.

“Right. We’re meeting you’re cousin Megan today… urgh,” I rolled over and got up.

I looked around the small bedroom that Juliette and I shared. It was at least half the size of the one I had in Jersey… I sighed. As much as I loved New Jersey, things were getting pretty fucked up. My dad died when I was young, and my mom never wanted to remarry until recently when she met Ted, a drunken fool who absolutely hated me. I spent most of my time at Juliette’s house, and finally moved in there when I turned 18. Her parents, aging hippies, really liked me and welcomed me there like a daughter. I didn’t feel comfortable sponging off of them however, and when Juliette’s aunt Sarah and uncle Tony offered us jobs at their restaurant in the East Bay, Juliette convinced me a change of scenery would do me some good. We pooled our money, and traveled westward a month before my 19th birthday.

And here we were now. Happy birthday to me.

As I groggily got myself ready for the day—well, evening now, Juliette went on and on about how Megan’s boyfriend was in this band, and they were playing a show tonight, and of course that was where we were going.

“They’re playing at this cool little club called ‘The Hole in the Wall’. Megan and I saw a couple shows there a while back. It was so cool!” She bounced around me as I pulled on a faded white Iron Maiden tee, black leggings, and red Doc Martens.

“You don’t say,” I replied, pulling my hair back into a messy ponytail. She ignored my snide remark.

“Are you ready yet? Let’s go!” She yanked me out the door to the apartment and into her green Geo Metro before I could protest.

_Billie Joe_

I was so completely stoked to play the HITW. It’s only the best fucking concert venue in the East Bay, and everyone between the ages of 16 and 25 hung out there. Mucho publicity. Me like-y.

Mike and I were hangin’ out in the back alley behind the club sharing a blunt with the new drummer guy, Tre Cool (His real name was way to damn long for a stoner to remember, so we renamed him Mr. Cool Guy. He shortened it to Tre Cool.), when Mike’s girlfriend, Megan, came over and ambushed him with a hug.

“Good luck with the show, Mikey!” she said, “Oh yeah, and my hot cousin Juliette is gonna be here with her best friend,”

“Billie, Tre, you guys may get lucky tonight!” Mike remarked. He was the only one of the band who’d actually managed to have a steady girl, and he never failed to rub it in.

“Shove it,” I said, heading towards the back entrance of the club. “Come on, guys. Lets play the shit out of this gig,”

“Alright, you guys have been great!” I shouted to the crowd, “Here’s our last song of the night, Going to Pasalaqua,”

Here we go again infatuation touches me just when I thought that it would end…” I sang. The crowd roared. Apparently they all were familiar with our first and only album. I finished up the song and played a little extra riff at the end.

“You guys are awesome! Thanks for comin’ out!” and with that, the guys and I left the stage, applause ringing in our ears.

Megan was already waiting for us backstage with two other girls. One was a cute blonde with deep blue eyes and freckles. The other was a sexy brunette with greenish gray eyes and a shy smile.

“Great show, guys!” Megan said. Then she introduced the girls.

“This is Juliette Farriday,” She said, gesturing to the blonde, “And this is Adrienne Nesser,” She pointed to the brunette.

“Jules, Adie, this is Billie Joe Armstrong,” she pointed to me, “Tre Cool,” gesturing to Tre, “and my Mikey,” she gave Mike’s hand a squeeze.

“Pleasure to meet you, girls,” I said with a British accent, tipping an imaginary hat. Mike rolled his eyes at me.

“Well, hey guys,” Tre said, “What do ya say we get some drinks?”

“Sounds good to me,” said Megan.

“Yeah,” Juliette (the blonde one) agreed, “Birthday Girl over here needs to celebrate!” she gave Adrienne a little nudge.

“Oh, cool, its your birthday?” I asked. She nodded.

“Well, happy birthday then! Let’s fuckin party!” She gave me a wild smile when I said this, and we held each other’s glances for a few seconds. Damn, she was one extraordinary girl, I thought. This could be very interesting.
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