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The Prince Diaries

by RachelxFrankie 4 reviews

I changed it so Frankie Ro could be the prince, cuz in the story, Mia likes Michael, her best friend Lilly's older brother. Makes more sense.

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Sunday, Feburary 1st, 5 p.m., my bedroom

Dear diary,
Umm...Hi. I'm Frank Iero. Weird last name, I know. mother, Linda, told me to start writing in a journal/diary, which I just started to. Well, let me tell you some things about me. I have one best friend, named Mikey Way. He's a little weird, but I love him...not in that way. He has an older brother, named Gerard. I have a liiittle crush on him. Mikey doesn't know, so don't tell him. Oh wait, you can't. Your just a diary. Ha. Beep. Oh, I gotta IM from Mikey.

GlassezRule: Hey Frank, are you still coming to help me with my show tonight?

I forgot to tell you, every Sunday night, Mikey does a show talking about issues.

Mama'sBoy: Well, DUH!

GlassezRule: Good. We're starting in an hour, so hurry up.

Mama'sBoy: Okay.

GlassezRule: terminated

Well, gotta get ready. See ya.
So, that was the first chapter! R&R.

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