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Not What I Wanted

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Mitsuki is forced to marry her rival, Sanada Genichirou, after graduation. To make matters worse, she has to help him out with the graduation preparations.

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'Here, Konohana-san. Take my hand.' A young boy held out his hand towards a crying girl. 'I'll take you to your house.'

'Yada! Leave mealone. I don't want to be near.' The girl yelled. She knelt on the ground and covered her face with the sleeves of her dirty kimono.

The boy withdrew his hand and knelt on the ground before the girl. 'Konohana-san. Get up. We're going home.' He reached over, grabbed the girl's shoulder, and made her stand. 'Staying here and hiding isn't going to make your mom happy.'

The girl looked down and wiped her face. 'S...shut up. I don't want mommy and Onii-chan to be mad.' She continued to look down.

The boy sighed, grabbed her hand, and made her follow him. 'Standing around isn't going to fix your kimono. Konohana-san....'





"Konohana-san!" An older man slammed a heavy dictionary onto the desk.

A girl with light brown eyes and golden hair looked up. "Hai!" She stood up and looked at the textbook she started to drool. Konohana looked at the teacher and laughed a bit. "What was the question?" She scratched the back of her head. The teacher looked at the girl and furrowed his eyebrows. "Just see me after class. Yamada-san please read..." The teacher's voice drained out.

Konohana sighed heavily and then ran her hand through her dyed hair. 'Why am Ithinking about that? That was so long ago. I guess it's because graduation is coming up after exams.' The fair-haired girl sighed heavily and rested on her desk. She sat there and barely paid any attention to the teacher before her.




"I know school is ending Konohana-san. But, this is no excuse to stop paying attention in class." her teacher said sternly. "Now as for punishment, you're helping out with graduation preparation." The light haired teen groaned. "Seriously, sensei.......ugh!" she complained.

"Go help. They're in the gym." He put his hands on her shoulder and pushed the girl out of the teacher's longue."I've already told Sanada-san. So you better hurry." He smiled and patted her back.

"Ge! He's there!? Sensei, I really would like to do something else. Please! Don't make me---"The teacher cut her off by shutting the door. "...damn...." She sighed heavily. 'I don't want to help. Ugh! My life keeps getting worse...' she sighed as she stared blankly at the gym's door. "Better get it over with."

The blondeopened the door and walked into the spacious gym. Her light eyes connected with that of a taller boy's. His dark eyes stared back. She furrowed her eyebrows and turned up her nose. She was about to walk past him, when he grabbed her shoulder."Sensei, told me specifically to make you help me out. Konohana-san."He walked close and leaned to her ear. "Your final grade for English depends on helping me out." He loosened his grip. "You guys are aware of Takaguchi-sensei is allowing Konohana-san work with us. Make sure to let you help. Konohana-san, Tanaka-san is working over there. You can help her for the day." He let go of the blonde'sarm.

Konohana ran over to a taller girl working on signs. "Hey Yuki-chan. The rock is letting me work with you today."

The girl looked up and smiled. "Well, then he's not much of a rock is he Mitsuki?" The girl went back to sign. She sighed. "I know you don't like him much. But, could you at least try and help? And have fun here. Think we're all leaving high school and starting our new lives after that." Yuki laughed.

"...." Mitsuki nodded and knelt down and helped with the sign. 'You have no idea what life I'm about to start.' She sighed and then smiled.




Sanada walked up the blonde, "Konohana-san. Let me take you home." he suggested. Mitsuki turned and looked at taller boy. She almost scoffed but it quickly turned into a sigh. "Fine." She agreed.

"Good. Let's go." He started walking out of the gym in front of her. The girl looked at him and sighed heavily. She soon began to follow. After walking awhile, he stopped and turned to her,"You're walking slower than usual today." The girl looked at him with her blue eyes. She looked down. "Maybe because I don't want to graduate?"

"Hm?" he looked at her with a questioning face. "Is that so? What about becoming adoctor?"

The girl looked up at him and glowered. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't want to get married?"she nearly yelled at him.

Sanada just looked at her. "Aa. I know. But, it's not like we can stop it, Konohana-san?" He continued to look at her.

"You mean neither of us has tried to stop it." She sighed heavily. 'You have no idea how much this sucks! I don't want to get married so young! Andto you! My rival!"

Sanada arched his eyebrow. "You're the only one that thinks of us as rivals. I don'tunderstand why you insist on it. You quit most the martial arts when you entered middle school." He looked away from her finally and let out a small sigh.

"Like I said. You don't know how much this sucks!" She groaned.

Sanada shook his head. "Then stop the wedding. I'm not stopping you from doing it."

"Chyeah.Like Kaa-san will let me. You know how much trouble I'd be in if I even TRIED to hint at it." Mitsuki run her hands through her hair. She sighed heavily. "Genichirou?"

He turned to her. "Hm?"

"Do you remember when we went to the festival by ourselves near my house?"

"What time?"

"When I fell down at the grounds? My new kimono was ripped and dirty."

Sanada ahead, in thought. "You cried the whole night until I finally convinced you it was better to confront them. Then you wouldn't tell your mother what happened." He looked at her. "You made me tell her."

Mitsuki looked at him. "No I didn't!!! I remember telling Nii-chan first!" She puffed her cheeks out in anger. "I never cry. I lack tear ducts."She continued.

Sanada looked away, almost wanting to smile. "Hou? Is that so? I remember you cried the whole night. Even after your mother told you it was okay."

"Well, even if you say I cried. I don't think I did. Besides, it was a very expensive kimono."She stuck her tongue out.

Sanada kept walking ending that conversation. After sometime, the two reached the gates of Mitsuki'shouse. "You better be at the school tomorrow. Don't make me tell your parents you slept in class."

"Ah! Don't!!!UGH! My life sucks because of you!" She walked to the gate, entered, and slammed the door behind her. "That guy is so infuriating sometimes! Jeez!"Mitsuki walked off to the house and entered. While she took her shoes off, her older brother came out of nowhere and hugged her. "Ah! Nii-chan."

He grinned. "You seem to be angry?Something happen? A lover's quarrel with Genichirou-kun?"

Mitsuki gritted her teeth and hit her brother on the arm. "Shut up! I don't want to talk about it!" She stormed off to her room. "Why is everyone so infuriating!?"
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