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Uh... i suck at summeries... basically Frank's Girlfriend has an affair with Gerard and he doesn't take it well...

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Hey guyz... after alot of time thinking of another plot line it came to me... coz a friend suggested it XD anyway enjoy!
P.S -Sigh- sadly i dont own any of these characterz... cept one... but she's not even a good character XD

I watched as he slashed his wrists repeatedly in front of, me, causing me to shake.
‘Frankie stop!’ I yelled as he looked at me, a menacing glint in his eyes.
‘Why should I? so I can watch my best friend and my girlfriend live happily ever after… I don’t fucking think so’ he growled as I ran over to him grabbing the knife. He glared at me before shoving me out the way, leaving the house. I broke down in tears before texting my cousin Ray to come over. When he got here he hugged me tightly.
‘I didn’t mean for it to happen… we were drunk and… and… I don’t know Ray! What can I do?!’ I sobbed into his chest as he kissed my head lightly.
‘I don’t know… but… we need to find him… knowing him he’ll do something stupid’ he whispered as I nodded.
‘Okay… you go ring the guys… I’m gonna go and put on a pair of jeans and get a jacket’ I sniffed as he nodded, before leaving me in mine and Frank’s room. I remember Frank’s face when me and Gerard told him, knowing we couldn’t keep it a secret forever.


Me and Gerard pulled up at mine and Frank’s before I turned to him.
‘What if he doesn’t talk to me again Gee… I mean I’ve been his friend just as long as you have… and I’ve been his girlfriend since we left high school… I’m scared’ I whimpered as he cupped my face in his hands.
‘Don’t worry Megz he’ll forgive you… this is Frankie we’re talking about here babe’ he smiled as I nodded, before we got out of the car. I opened the door, only to receive a big hug from Frank.
‘Hey gorgeous’ he smiled as he pecked my lips. I didn’t want to tell him… but knew it was for the best. Me and Gee sat him down before telling him what happened. The vodka, the truth and dare, the bedroom, even the morning after when I cried so hard I hurt my throat… but he refused to listen, screaming at me that he shouldn’t of left Jamia for me. It cut me deep. In high school I was at the bottom of the chain, but I’d known Frank since pre-k and we were pretty close. He even left his high school hottie status girlfriend for me, and now I feel like he shouldn’t of done it. He smashed things around before storming too out room, slamming it behind him.

End flashback

I took a deep breath as I got changed, before running outside into the cold night air, which bite me slightly. I ran through the streets, calling his name as if he was a lost puppy. I didn’t tell Ray I left… but I didn’t want him or anyone with me when I find him. I ran past the park, before I spotted the oak tree, our tree. I walked over, my fingers ghosting over the engravings.
Frankie Iero always Loving Megz Daniels
I choked back a sob, before running towards the old high school. I saw him by the gates, a half empty bottle of vodka in one hand, a bottle of empty pills in the other. He was slumped over the gate, his beautiful hazel eyes closed. I ran to him, not caring Mikey had found me.
‘Frankie!’ I cried as I turned him around, only for him to fall into my arms. I checked his pulse, only to not find one.
‘Frankie don’t die, please, honey I love you! Please!’ I screamed as I bashed his chest, before we both fell to the floor.
‘Please sweetie…’ I whispered, before I was heaved up by a pair of arms.
‘Fucking leave me alone!’ I shrieked, realizing it was Bob.
‘Leave me alone! I wanna save my Frankie!’ I cried, before I felt Gerard’s arms around my waist.
‘Megan think about the baby’ he whispered as he stroked my stomach. The only thing I have left of my Frankie is his baby that I’m carrying… I sobbed into Gerard’s shirt as I tightened my grip on his shoulders… I want my Frankie back…

15 years later

My son, Frankie came up to me and sat by me as I was strumming pansy.
‘Mom you’ve had that guitar and awful long time… where’d you get it? It’s a rare make?’ he asked. Just like his dad, knew everything you needed to know about guitars.
‘It was your fathers’ I replied as he cocked his head to the side.
‘But dad doesn’t play the guitar’ he mumbled as I sighed, just in time for Gerard to walk into the room. He sat next to me before handing me my coffee.
‘Frankie… there’ s something you need to know… Gerard isn’t your father… your father died before you were born… but Gee’s been here for you and you know that… right?’ I asked, praying my only child doesn’t hate me. He nodded, before leaning over hugging me tight.
‘What was his name mom?’ he asked as I sighed.
‘Frankie… you’re junior…’ I replied as he nodded, before his cell went off.
‘That’s Toro and Bryer… later mom, later… dad’ he smiled as he began to walk out the door.
‘Ask their dad’s if they wanna come over for a drink tonight!’ Gerard called out, only receiving a “Sure catch’ ya later!” from Frankie. I sighed as I rested my head on his chest.
‘I wonder Gee… if Frankie was your kid… would things of been any different?’ I asked as he shrugged, leaving me to ponder to my thoughts…

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