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Bargain 02

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Bargain 02: She Came in the Evening

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Trouble Knocks Twice

Bargain 02: She Came in the Evening

The sun had started to set in the endless ocean horizon. Kai and Popuri were at the Beach Shack still, having a family diner with their son. The boy was the first to look up when he heard a knock on the door and the first to get up when the second knock came.

At first they thought it was a customer and the girl standing there could have been a customer, but she soon revealed she wasn't, after Jan, son of Popuri and Kai, invited her to "come in, the Beach Shack is officially closed, but we can make an exception," with a flirtatious tone that made Popuri shake her head and Kai feel secretly proud.

"Oh thank you," Lei smiled radiantly, "but I'm not here to eat, I'm selling apples. You can eat them or maybe even use them as ingredients!"

"Sure tell me more about your apples," and Jan succeeded in getting Lei to come inside. He glanced at his parents apologetically for leaving their family dinner at one of the tables, instead taking his position behind the counter while Lei sat in front of it.

"These apples are very special and they're... well..." Lei looked a little sad, an expression which puzzled Jan.

"What is it?"

"A bit expensive... very expensive actually. One would have to be a hardworking and brilliant person to be able to easily afford them..." Lei laid out her trap, this was too easy.

Jan grinned sheepishly, walking right into the lioness' cave. "Lucky for you that's exactly how I am! Give me one of those apples... actually, I'll buy them all."

"Are you sure?" Lei innocently inquired.

"Of course!" Jan assured.

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."

"I think men who can keep their promises are quite admirable."

"And I can definitely do that."

Lei ran her slender fingers through her dark hair, tugging a strand behind her ear. "That would be nineteen thousand gold please."

The tension could be cut with a knife and a thick silence hung in the air until Popuri made it shatter with her laughter. "Smart girl, huh? You'll take as big a payment as anyone is willing to give you."

"Yeah," Jan laughed as well, but Kai was alerted to the cunning nature of the young girl, thus he remained absolutely silent.

"Actually, it's the truth, there are nineteen apples here and you said you would buy them all. They each cost one thousand gold so if my calculations are correct, and I do believe they are, that means the total price to buy all nineteen apples comes up to nineteen thousand gold," Lei nonchalantly informed.

"But that's... it's... Completely ridiculous!" Jan was frank and direct.

Which caused Lei to respond with a hurt look, "you're mean, yelling at a lady and breaking your promise. You lied to me before you even knew my name!" She dramatized.

"That's not... I didn't... You can't expect me to pay that much!" Jan pouted and crossed his arms.

Popuri opened her mouth to speak and promptly closed it again, unable to think of what to say. Kai shook his head and sighed, a rare action coming from him. He would leave this up to Jan. The boy either walked out with a great debt and a big ego or hurt pride and his earnings for the next few months intact. As much as Kai wanted to advice him, he decided to give his son the freedom Kai himself came so far to seek and allow Jan to establish his own priorities and decide what he wanted.

"I see I misjudged you," Lei's voice was a mixture of hurt and venom. "A real man would have kept his promise no matter what." Lei picked up her basket full of apples and headed for the door, intentionally walking slowly.

Three, two, one, "wait!" right on time, as Lei's hand rested on the unturned doorknob, Jan called after her.

"What is it?" Lei turned suddenly, long silky hair flowing as she did.

"I'll buy those apples," thus Jan sealed his fate for a long time. "I will keep my promise but you have to make it important, make it a promise to my girlfriend."

Popuri's jaw nearly hit the floor. "What just happened?" She asked Kai.

Kai could only blink in confusion, "Jan likes a challenge? A girl who can keep him on his toes? I think that's it. I don't know..." He really didn't know what to think of this, but he had decided long ago not to drive his son away by tying him down the way he had been. "I think we should let him decide."

Pupuri's head moved from side to side as she observed the expressions of all those present and noticed that far from looking like a couple in love, the two teenagers looked like they were two deadly soldiers about to battle each other. "This isn't how I pictured love at first sight."

"It takes a while," Kai tried to fill in the silence, "it just takes a while..."

Popuri sighed, "I don't really get it but I'll trust you," and if anything went wrong she would throw the heavy blame at her husband.

Thus it happened again, with more complications than before. Finally, while the staring contest still held strong, Jan asked, "What's your name?"

"Lei," the girl replied, and thus their fate was sealed...

To be Continued

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