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My Beautiful Rescue

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Ryn's/Brendon's POV.

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Ryn’s Point Of View.

I cried out as I felt a sudden stinging in my neck. What the hell was that? I tried to pull back from Brendon’s hug, but his embrace had turned into a vice grip, holding me there. I reached up, and I could tell that Brendon’s face was pressed to my throat. The pain intensified as I could feel blood being drawn out, all the blood in my body directed to the small punctures that I assumed where there. I tried again to pull back, but Brendon’s grip only tightened further.

“B-Brendon…” I whimpered weakly. I felt dizzy and weak, my vision fading in and out.

Above the pain, and the dizziness, a thought came to me. What was Brendon? The answer was instant. It all made sense; his “allergy” to the sun, his dazzlingly good looks, his ultra pale skin…and now this.

Brendon was a vampire.

My mind blacked out, and I fainted.

Brendon’s Point Of View.

As Ryn went limp in my arms I caught her on instinct. I tore my lips away from her throat, my eyes dulling down to brown as I realized, in horror, what I had done. I leaned down and ran my tongue across the punctures to stop the bleeding. I couldn’t believe that I bit her, my girlfriend, my love. Ryn. Tears came to my eyes as I realized what had to happen now. I looked around desperately, hoping that no one had seen. But there, only a few feet away, were Ryan and Maddi, looking at me with a mixture of sympathy, horror, and fear.

“I…” I began, trying to explain myself, only to realize that there was nothing I could say to condone what I had done.

Ryan dropped Maddi’s trembling hand and walked over. He wiped away a tear that was running down my cheek. He sighed, looking at me sympathetically.

“Take her home. Do what you can for her. I’ll cover for you, say you got sick.”

I smiled a little. Thank God for Ryan. “Thank you,” I said quickly, leaned over and kissed his cheek, then flitted off through the cafeteria and out of the school. Within seconds I was at my house, using my superhuman speed to get Ryn to safety. I didn’t think the humans along the street would appreciate seeing her change into a vampire. I brought her down into my room, the basement, and set her on my bed. I sighed and sat on the floor. What had I done? I was a horrible boyfriend! Especially since I was forbidden to change anyone, if the Organization found out about Ryn, not only would they kill me, but her as well. They couldn’t find out then. But they had to find out, otherwise how would Ryn get blood? That’s where you got the bottled blood, see, instead of having to bite humans.

I sat, pondering my un-life for a couple hours, before I heard a slight groan. I turned to look at Ryn, and saw that her eyes were fluttering. They opened completely, her blue eyes now a fiery crimson. Her skin was pale and unblemished, and if it was possible, she was even more gorgeous now. She sat up with a yawn, and I saw her new long fangs.

I winced.

She looked over at me and smiled. “Morning Brendon. Did I spend the night here? I don’t remember.”

She got down from the bed and sat next to me, wrapping her arms around my waist. I hesitated before hugging her back. She had no heartbeat. I missed it.

I sighed, “No, you didn’t spend the night here.”
“Then why…” she trailed off, confused.

I stood and helped her to her feet. I pulled her over to a full body mirror and stood her in front of it.

No reflection.

“Wh-what’s going on here?” She asked me, confused.
“You really don’t remember?”

I paused, then sighed. “I bit you, Ryn,” I told her ashamedly.
“So what, Maddi bites me all the time.”
“No, Ryn, you don’t get it. I bit you, like, with my fangs. I Turned you!”

I looked at her and smiled a toothy smile, letting my fangs extend. She whimpered.

“But that would mean…” She opened her mouth and hooked one finger on her tooth. It instinctually lengthened from the contact with flesh and it cut her finger.

“Ow,” she gasped, taking her finger from her mouth, which, may I add, wasn’t bleeding. Just cut.

“I’m sorry,” I whimpered, stepping back away from her. “You must hate me.”
I know I would hate me.

“I don’t hate you Brendon, why would I?”
“I changed you into a vampire, Kathryn! A blood sucking mon—“
“I don’t care, I’ve always kind of wanted to be a vampire.”
“It’s not just that though, its…something else.”
“Well, what is it?”

“I…I wasn’t supposed to bite you. I’ll be in so much trouble. You too.”
“Trouble from who?” Ryn asked, confused.

“Just…them. The Organization. They, like, help vampires, but they also punish them and dispose of them when they have to. We’re not supposed to create more vampires, Ryn! We’re immortal, there’s no need to have more vampires, since we’ll live forever. They’re going to kill us both, Ryn, if they find out. And they will find out.”

“Can’t we leave? Keep on the move so they can’t find us?”
“I think that’s what we’ll have to end up doing.” I sighed. “We should go now. I’m gonna pack my stuff, then we can stop at your house and get your stuff.”

Ryn fell silent and sat on Brendon’s bed, watching him pack up clothing and money and cd’s and various other things. She wondered why she hadn’t put this together sooner. Why hadn’t she noticed how deathly pale he was? How he never ate at lunch, or, any time for that matter. Why had she never seen his fangs or the red of his eyes? And his sun “allergy”, why didn’t she question that? It was all too obvious, now that she thought about it, that he wasn’t human. It made her feel totally incompetent.

“Well, that’s it, I think,” I sighed. “Let’s go.” I slung my two backpacks over one shoulder.

Ryn stood and took my hand, and I led her out of my room. I’d miss that room, in all the places I’ve lived, that was easily my favorite. I don’t know if I just liked it, or if I felt a special tie to it because it was the place I’d been bitten, but I’d miss it. And Mom, I’d definitely miss her. Unlike most that got bitten at my age, I lived with my real mother. Most of them had been sixteen, seventeen for a very long time and their moms were dead. So they could live a semi normal life, they picked out another woman to pose as their mother and tricked them into thinking that they were her actual son or daughter. I knew I’d have to do that at some point, but didn’t think I’d have to do it so soon. Meh.

I walked into the kitchen and picked up a piece of paper and a pencil. I scrawled out some sob story about how everything was going horribly and I couldn’t deal with it anymore and how I was going to kill myself. Better for her to think that I’m dead, she won’t come looking for me. I signed the note and set it on the counter, then took Ryn’s hand again. I led her out the front door and onto the porch. We walked in silence down the street and around the corner, neither of us looking forwards to leaving behind our families, our friends. When we arrived at her house she unlocked the front door and we went inside. I realized that I’d never really been in her house before. It looked pretty much like mine, but it was a bit more modest. I followed her up to her room. It was pretty cool—the walls were purple, the carpet dark grey shag. Her furniture was all glossy black, and there was a cd collection in the corner even bigger than mine. Posters lined the walls, and pictures of her and family, and what I assumed were old friends were on her desk. I liked her room. Not that it really mattered, we’d never be here again.

I watched her stuff clothing and shoes and other various things into a small suitcase, then some cds, pictures, electronics and a mass of chargers into a backpack. She zipped it up, then stood, picking up both of the overstuffed bags.

“Let’s go,” she said quietly.

I didn’t respond, only hugged her briefly, then walked out of the house behind her.

“We should go back to the school first,” I told her. “So we can pick up my car. I also wanna say bye to Ryan.”

He was my best friend after all. He was my best friend before I was changed, he was there for me when I was changing, and he’s still my best friend now. I at least owed him a goodbye.

“Okay,” she replied.
“Just run,” I instructed, “like you normally would. You go really fast and people can’t see you. Follow me.”

And with that, I flitted off towards the school, Ryn on my heels. Within seconds we were there, in front of my parked car. I opened up the backseat and put our bags there.

“Are you gonna come with me or wait here?” I asked her.
“I’ll wait here.” She said, and climbed into the car.
“Alright. I’ll be right back.” I flitted through the school and to the classroom that Ryan was in. I tapped on the window, and he looked over. I motioned for him to come out, and I waited as he asked the teacher to use the bathroom. After a few minutes he appeared outside.

“Hey Bren, what’s up? Is Ryn okay?”
I shook my head, looking down.
“I’m sorry Bren. You know there was nothing you could do. It was bound to happen sometime.”

I sighed. “I know. But…Ryan, remember what I explained to you about the Organization?”
“Well, we have to leave before they find out that I turned her. I came to say goodbye.”

His skin paled. “You’re leaving?”
“Yeah,” I said softly.

Before I had much time to react he threw his arms around me and hugged me tightly.
“I’ll miss you,” he told me, his voice muffled by my shoulder. I hugged him back.
“I’ll miss you too Ry. I have my cell phone, you can still call me and everything. But I told my mom in a note that I was gonna kill myself, so if she asks, that’s what happened.”

“Okay,” He sighed and pulled back. “Take care of yourself Bren.” He leaned up and kissed my cheek.

“I will. Don’t worry.” I smiled. “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”
“Okay. See ya.”
“Bye Ryro,” I smiled, then flitted off again. I appeared at my car and got into the driver’s seat.

“Well, that’s it,” I said, looking over at Ryn.
“Yeah,” she sighed.

I fell silent and backed out of the driveway, then drove down the street.

This was going to be interesting.


ahhhhhhh. okay. i finally updated. So, yeah. i don't like this chappy much, but ohhh well. comments and ratings are much appreciated.
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