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Bad Dream

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poetry... who summarizes poetry? my computer screen is fucking retarded.. it keeps shaking.. that doesnt matter just read the poem and review it okay? cool. later!

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror - Published: 2006-04-05 - Updated: 2006-04-06 - 247 words - Complete

Bad Dream

There is a place...
That makes me weak.
A place inside...
My mind that scares me.
Its the source of my fantasies,
Its the place of my dreams.
There are shots fired...
They can't be taken back.
I need to know....
what this is
why i cant..
seem to escape this.
It's frightening...
Truely frightening.
that you never see...
the changes that happen
they come so fast.
with a blow incredible...
the echos of decades past..
of needs that dont last.
that wont be met or fed.

These sins...
are deadly,
how many nights...
will i lie awake...
How many hours..
will I long for life.
Dreams without demons
Hopes without flaws.
Love without regret.
It cuts so deep...
Like the razor's blade.
It burns within..
With every slash made.

There is a voice...
threatening my sanity...
threatening my strength.
I cant do it anymore..
I've tried...
I want to give up..
But It wont give up on me.
The horrors of my dreams...
Burn my soul.
Leaving scars...
From years gone by.
With one breathe..
I'll take this in.
I cannot let..
This bad dream win.

Authors note// Sup readers! okay so heres the deal... I am just flowing here, nothing substantial.. nothing really, solid or pre written... I am AGAIN at school and FAUKING bored out of my mind. I hope you enjoy this... but if not i dont care.. just reveiw nicely anyways...

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