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Playtime for Tseng

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Oh yeah, let the Turk work

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Ada and Tifa were told they were all coming home, all of the Turks were ordered into the office with Rufus and Tseng sat patiently on top of the desk. Rufus's legs swung back and forth as he waited, he'd has a real good lecture off the head Turk and was waiting for Reeve to find out and let loose too. Reeve wandered in, Cait Sith behind him, Tseng's lip curled, he hated that damned machine.

“Quite the crowd we have here.” He put the robotic cat on the desk. “What's going on?”

Ada looked at Reeve and had to look away as her cheeks flushed, everyone around here just looked so damned hot. She was wishing they could stay just for the eyeful of fun each day. Slowly Reno, Rude, Elena, everyone that had been involved managed to get in, Leon still had the iron grip on Hojo, the scientist was slowly coming around.

“Wait...” Elena said softly as Tseng leapt to his feet. “There's more and I think you should sit down to hear it.”

“Not much bothers me and you know it.” Tseng looked at her his expression still unchanged, though inwardly he was very curious.

“You never were one to listen to others.” Genesis said sweating and stumbling into the room helped by Cloud. He looked at Tseng who for the first time in years looked surprised by something. “She warned you.”

“I...” Tseng was beyond surprised. “Ho... when...”

Cloud helped him to sit on the chair. The virus continued to try and work through his system and Genesis doubled over again. He had thought that Hojo had found a way to control him but compared to the current problems that would have been a blissful answer. Cloud leant down to help him but Rufus levelled the gun and motioned him away.

“He's defected from my company in the past.” The young President kept the gun fixed on Genesis.

“Oh nothing changes.” Cloud grumbled his hand ready for his sword.

“Rufus...” Tifa put her hand to his arm. “You told us yourself... things never should have gone that far. Don't set your company and you back years, okay?”

“It's okay...” Genesis wheezed and sat on the floor, he couldn't sit on the chair it just made it impossible to concentrate on the talk and staying upright. “Rufus is correct we did a lot of damage.” Rufus however put the gun back and prepared himself to listen.

“You need the antidote. Let's cut the history lesson short.” Leon prompted them.

“I don't have to make it. I should be able to name my price.” Hojo grimaced.

“Tseng you know my rules.” Rufus slid to his feet. “And make sure you patch Genesis up too.”

“What... what rules?” Hojo looked at the Turks who suddenly seemed quite eager to get off their seats like hounds at feeding times.

“By any means necessary.” Tseng's expression darkened. “I'll take this one.” He dragged Hojo by the handcuffs out of the room.

Leon looked at them, and then to Ada, he walked over and checked she was okay. Tifa sighed, Cloud was more interested in the SOLDIER than he would ever be in her. Cloud spotted her look and put Genesis against the wall, moved over and kissed her lips softly. Tifa's moan was almost sexual when he finally let go of her. She had just wanted to be noticed by him so much.

Tseng didn't care and dragged Hojo down into a back room where he locked the door and threw him into a chair. If Hojo wanted to test his patience he would find that when it came to Shinra's name being kept in one piece there was none. Tseng's fist connected under the jaw, a crack came into Hojo's head like a firework going off, he yelled in pain.

“You don't need to talk to write down a formula.” Tseng said his voice cold, he removed his jacket and hung it on the back of the door. “Come to think of it you only really need one eye and one hand don't you?”

“I won't be forced.” Hojo managed to stumble out of the already painful mouth.

“Then it will be a long night for both of us, but only one of us is going to come out alive if that is the case.” Tseng sat at the table opposite and regarded the scientist with complete disdain, this was a man who had caused ripples in the security and name of Shinra. He hated him.

“This is it, you're waiting it to death are you?” Hojo taunted him. “You can't kill me and I'm not going to help your president. There's simply nothing in it for me.”

“I had an inkling you would say that.” Tseng smirked, he pulled the pen from Hojo's shirt and with lightning reflexes pulled the bastard's hands to the table and stabbed through the scientist's hand with the metallic bound object.

Hojo screamed, the pen slid through muscle and bone and landed in the table fixing him there. Tseng's eyes lit up, he was enjoying it and Hojo knew that this was just the start. He'd been caught and unless by some miracle he escaped it would never end, Vincent and so many people had been involved in his experiments, such a shame not one of them turned out to be what he had required. All of them were useless rejects and now his latest subject had been placed in their hands, after he'd gone to all that trouble to resurrect him.

“I won't tell you!” He yelled back at Tseng who simply leant over and took the remaining pen and looked down towards his gut, seemingly working out where he could hit next without taking the old guy down. “What... what are....”

“Shut up, unless it's the antidote I am the only one talking here.” Tseng stood up and pushed the chair around so that his hands were pinned at an awkward angle, his foot rested again Hojo's hip and he took another cursory glance at the pen. “It's going to make an awful popping noise and I'm guessing it will be deafening in that head of yours...”
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