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Audition and shit

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Name:(Lyraa Kiss)

Apperance:(medium, black hair, big bright blue eyes, fairly tanned skin... ish, curvy hips, dress size: 8. 1.59m (5"2ish) Pointy teeth, like a weird-assed Vampyre. Nose is just... normalish with a slight bump where I was dropped on my face)

Why I should pick you?: (You shouldn't, I'm WRITTING the god-damned story)

Partner: (Not Gee or Frank)(I'd choose Frank, but because of said Frerard... Mikey... maybe)

If you are a boring, gay cliche emo kid then I will not pick you, or even read until the end of your audition...

If you write me an novel for each question I may kill you

BE ORIGINAL, this doesn't include having blue bits in your hair... this isn't interesting neither is a long black fringe with skinnies and hoodies, hate to break it to you but 100's of others wear that... it's not "breaking the mould"

Stand out or lose out, Love Lyraa Kiss xox
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