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So Many Kids, But I Only See You

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Passing notes is risky, but oh so very awesome in this situtation.

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Trying to catch up on chapters this one’s a little awkward because I didn’t know what to do haha. Next one’s going to be even more awkward to write because, well you’ll see soon enough ;) This chapter was actually a little hard to write since MS Word wants to capitalize every first letter of a sentence, which was a pain because you don't worry about grammer when passing notes right?

Xnataliex – Thank you, lol I try to make fillers a little interesting but I thought I had failed on that last one.

MyChemicalFanGirl – Thank you, & don’t be too worried about the changes I made; they’re very, very minor. I assure you no cuddles or cuteness was taken away! You probably wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t say anything =)

I now present Chapter 9...

Art went by quickly, and so did English class. Biology, unfortunately, was taking forever to go end. There was a really boring science film on, something about atoms. I wasn’t really sure since I was only half paying attention, actually less than half. The rest of my attention was on my notebook where I was drawing little crappy pictures and writing lyrics to songs stuck in my head.

That’s what I was doing until a piece of paper was slid into view. I looked to my right and Patrick was watching the movie. Curious, I slid the paper closer and read what it said.

boring movie huh?

yeah super boring
I scribbled on the next line and passed it back to him.

at least its better than actually working

you could say that again

but I didn’t say anything
I snickered at the sarcasm that was intended.

haha you know what I meant

yeah I know. what are you thinking about?

about how boring this movie is and the stray song lyrics floating in my head. why?

just wondering. any songs in particular?

nope you don’t know any of them anyways

oh really? name one

falling in love at a coffee shop


told ya

name another

I told you you don’t know any of them. say this sooner

do you have any stuck in your head that I might know?

hmm… dig up her bones? now that one?

sure by the misfits told ya I'd know at least one

yeah okay patrick
When I passed the note back he took awhile to write something, and when he did he paused like he wasn’t sure, but he passed it back anyways.

would you want to go to a movie with me? I stared at the paper, I tried to keep quiet as to not attract any other attention, but that doesn’t mean I held back the smile my lips were holding. It’s a good thing that no one else could hear my heart either, because it felt about ready to jump out of my chest.

as a date?

yeah but I understand if you don’t want to it’s fine

patrick I'd love to



so this friday sound good?

yeah sounds great
I wrote and passed it back to Patrick, a huge smile on my face.

“Elizabeth, would you mind telling the class what's going on?” Mrs. Allen, the Biology teacher, said. She was probably the only teacher who had learned my name but still called me Elizabeth rather than Elly. She was also a bit strict, okay that was definitely the understatement of the year. After just two days I already knew that, and apparently she doesn’t like happy students either.

“No reason, just happy to be in your class.” I lied.

“And the note you and Mr. Stump were passing around?”

“Math notes.” I lied again, woo second one in a row.

“I'll let it slide this time, but when you’re in my classroom you do my work not math homework.”

“Okay.” I agreed, I knew I didn’t want to get on her bad side and I wasn’t doing a very good job of that, obviously.

“Good.” She said and then started writing notes on the board for everyone to copy.

The rest of Biology was boring, this was already beginning to be my most hated class. I looked at the clock on the wall, the bell was going to ring in a few minutes. My next class was History, I didn’t have that class with Patrick, but afterwards was lunch so it was okay.
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