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This Strange Place

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Sometimes death isn't the end even when you want it to be. Drabble. Might be viewed as poetry.

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Notes: I've had some remarks that it is not clear what this story is about. Hopefully this note will help clarify what is going on a little. The keywords here are 'Time War' and 'regeneration'. We see in the new series that the Doctor holds himself responsible for wiping out the Time Lords along with the Daleks. This is an impression of those crucial moments.

This Strange Place

Sensation: hate
Movement: The depression of a button.
Sound: There is no sound in space.
Light: A bright flash.

Light: So bright it burns.
Sound: A scream.
Movement: a fall.
Sensation: relief

A complete absence of light, sound, movement, sensation.

Sensation: pain
Movement: an appendage is placed near what is most likely the head. Or at least the repository of the organ that processes the pain signals.
Sound: a groan.
Light: soft and greenish.

Sight: a metal grating. Two hands.
Sound: A sob
Movement: The head -yes, it is a head- is raised.
Sensation: emptiness
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