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Vincent's leaving Yuffie. A sad one...

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Theme at 30_nights LJ community: #12 Your love is suffocating me

Disclaimer/claimer: Squarenix owns these great characters. I own only my depressed mind that is coming up with such scenarios as this one.


The pen is slowly tracing inky lines across the paper. There is a certain heaviness to its movement. It can't stem from the hand that leads it. The hand is elegant, with long and graceful fingers which hold the writing instrument lightly, leading it with a skill. The hand is at ease. Mind of the writer is not. He pauses often to glance at a bed with now only a single occupant lying in it. Young woman is sleeping soundly, not knowing of the pain the man at the table is feling.

Dearest Yuffie,
How hypocritical to start a letter such as this with an endearment but I cannot think of any fitting way to convey, that inspite of content of this message, my feelings haven't changed. I still love you and it makes this much harder, though for the sake of us both it has to be this way.

He pauses when she turns in her sleep, afraid she will wake up. She doesn't. He should know she got used to sleeping more soundly than before ever since they started to live together.

You gave me more than anyone else I have ever met. First it was your smile and ever cheerful, if at times annoying, attitude. Even in the days before Meteor, with the fate of world being put into hands of eight mismatched beings you kept that spark of hope in you. I think that was what picked my interest.

She sighs as she dreams and his gaze is once again drawn to her. He studies her soft face, relaxed and with a small smile playing around her lips. He averts his eyes lest he is tempted to stay.

You were so different from every woman I have met. So brazen, carefree and at times immature. Yet, soon I realized it was just one facet of a complicated and beautiful person. You risked your life for the Planet, not caring that your whole life was just beginning and could easily be severed in the darkness of the Northern Crater. And when we parted ways, it was you I was going to miss the most. I should have known better.

He rubs his eyes and is surprised when his hand comes away wet. Tears. He hasn't cried in years. He has never had anything worth crying for, until now. It has to be done, he reminds himself as he picks up the pen again.

You found me two years later, literally hunting me down, insisting I came to your coming-of-age ceremony. You said something then which shook me to my core and caused this strange warmth to appear in my heart. You said: "It wouldn't be right without you there." So I complied, both your request and my heart. And you were truly beautiful that night, in your ceremonial kimono and a smile which appeared everytime you looked at me. I had an epiphany that night as I watched you dancing in front of pagoda. I was in love with you. It came unexpectedly, I didn't mean it to happen and yet, the surge of happiness I felt at the thought was undeniable. I told you the very same night and you repeated those words, claiming to have those feelings ever since we met and you asked me to stay with you. That was a year ago.

The woman rolls on the bed, her hand reaching for him unconsciously. A frown passes her face as she searches for her companion but then the dream claims her and she curls into a little ball of warmth and the man desperately yearns to tear the paper to shreds, take her into his arms and hold her until the world ends. But he catches a sight of his left arm and his resolve strengthen.

In that year you have given me more of your smiles and in addition your heart and your innocence. I do not doubt you love me, so please, do not doubt that I love you, too. Sadly, it isn't enough and that's why I must do this. I am a monster. I hoped that being with you would change the fact, that if I was capable of feeling such a powerful emotion, than I could leave the past behind. I've been lying to myself and subsequently to you. Love isn't almighty power, miraculously changing monsters into humans. There is a gap between us that will never disappear. We crossed it but the bridge we used is getting weaker with each tresspassing and once it falls down it will destroy you. I can't allow that so I have to leave cowardly under the cover of night because I lack the courage to face you. I'm afraid that my traitorous heart will make me stay if I look into your eyes one more time.

His hand is moving quicker now as he approaches the end of the letter. There isn't much left to say.

You have always seen in me more than I could ever dream to be. Your love came without conditions and maybe that was the problem. You never asked me to change. You loved me as I was. You loved this monster and though the monster loved you back, it wasn't enough to save it. I am beyond salvation, Yuffie and I won't drag you down with me. So this is goodbye. Thank you for this last year, for a dream I could live for a short time. I love you and I am sorry.

He signs the letter, folds it and puts into an envelope. He leaves it at his pillow so she sees it in the morning when she wakes up. Then he picks up his weapons and pack, slides shoji door aside and leaves. He doesn't look back.

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