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How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

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SO! I'm coming up on my third anniversary on FicWad and I want to do something special. SO! To all of you who have been around for as long (or longer!) as I have, I want to write you your own story!

FicWad is frustrating. I know a lot of people left and for those who have stuck with it I want to do something special. So basically, review this with a description and if your profile says you've been here as long as you say, you're in! It might take me until my anniversary to get all of them done, so I'm starting early.

Don't worry Harper: you're still my girl! Second chapter will hopefully be out tonight or tomorrow (as long as my internet doesn't crap out on me. again).

Here's what I need from you if you're auditioning:

Name of character (or self):
Physical description (as much detail as possible. Links encouraged):
Personality (again, lots of detail. I want to get the essence of your character):
What do you want your story to be about? (For example: Romance with Caleb Turman at Warped Tour. As specific as you want):

Anything else you can give me is welcome!

I'm really excited for this project. I'm hoping to hear from a lot of people!

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