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Chapter 3

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Present: September 2012

When Gerard pulled up outside his home his daughter was already fast asleep in the back seat. He sighed heavily staring at the house. Coming home always made him a little sad. Once upon a time he had found him and Cheyenne the perfect home, it was the perfect size for them a great house to raise a family in and he had ruined it. When Cheyenne left and he was in his stupor, he was forced to sell his dream home and Cheyenne no longer wanted it, she no longer wanted him and although he agonised over it for nearly a year reality set in and he was forced to sell it. Letting go of the Bryar- Way home was extremely hard for him and in true alcoholic style he numbed the pain with a drink or two. Or two bottles depending on how the rest of his day had been. But he missed his old home, and although he did like the house that Cheyenne had chosen to live in after they spilt it wasn’t the same, it was smaller then the first house, cosy but no where near as beautiful but he didn’t have a say where they lived now he had to fall in line behind Cheyenne when she agreed to take him back, she was the leader, the alpha, and he felt grateful just to be able to follow behind her.

‘We’re home’ Gerard said in a loud whisper as he kicked off his shoes. Cheyenne quickly appeared at the living room door a smile spread on her face at the sight of her daughter asleep on Gerard’s shoulder.
‘I’ll take her straight up’ he said quietly. Cheyenne nodded and retreated back into the living room.

Once Jasmine was tucked up in bed, Gerard stroked back her hair and watched her small lips twitch into a smile. He thanked God everyday for his daughter, she was his everything and he wished that he had been there from the beginning, he regretted nothing more then not being there from the start. They were years he was never going to get back but would spend the rest of his life making up for. He would give her everything she wanted and he would always be there for her now nothing in the world would keep him away from her.
‘Goodnight Mini’ he whispered lightly brushing his lips against her baby soft cheek ‘you saved my life.’


March 2007

‘Did you see it?’ Cheyenne giggled over the phone to Frank
‘I’m looking at it right now’ he sighed ‘it’s amazing’
‘I know’ she said ‘I can’t believe I’ve seen my baby and it’s not even out of the womb yet.’
‘She’s gorgeous’
‘She?’ Cheyenne said ‘no way it’s a boy’
‘Nah you’re wrong’ Frank said with certainty ‘It’s a baby girl.’
‘Hmm I’m not sure we’ll have to see’ Cheyenne said with a smile ‘how’s it going out there?’
‘Its awful’ Frank said drawing the bunk curtain closed to give him the extra privacy he needed, he shifted the laptop off his lap and stretched out on his bunk ‘no ones really talking to each other, Gerard’s still drinking, less then before but he’s still drinking. The atmosphere is so sour it’s affecting us all really badly.’
‘What about the shows?’
‘The shows are ok, I don’t think the fans really notice anything going on at the moment, we’re all pretty good actors when we’re out there.’ He confessed.
‘I’m sorry Frank’
‘What for, you didn’t do anything wrong?’
‘I know but this is supposed to be an exciting time for you and its not’
‘It is exciting I’m going to be a God Father’ he told her.
‘You can’t name yourself God Father’ Cheyenne laughed
‘Sure I can’ he smirked ‘and I ain’t asking Chey. The more I think about it the more it hurts that I’m not the kids father, but I want to be the closet thing to it. If anything happened to you God Forbid, I’d want the baby to be with me.’
‘That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me’ Cheyenne said
‘What? More nicer then when I said you had amazing tits’ he joked making them both laugh.
‘Thank you Frank’
‘Just being you, I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.’
‘I wouldn’t let you do it without me’ he said staring at the sonogram photo of the tiny foetus in Cheyenne’s womb, nestled safely protected from the world ‘I can’t wait to meet her.’
‘Him’ Cheyenne huffed ‘it’s a boy.’
‘We’ll see’ Frank said yawning loudly ‘I’ve got to go I’m exhausted.’
‘Sure, goodnight Frank’
‘Night Chey and baby.’

Frank hung up and closed down the laptop placing it on the floor, he must’ve dozed off for a minute before he was being shaken awake, he knew it was Gerard before he opened his eyes he could smell the potent alcohol on his breath.

‘Hey Frank wake up’
‘What Gerard?’
‘I have something to tell you’ Gerard giggled ‘It’s a secret.’
‘I’m pregnant’ he said then laughed loudly ‘Cheyenne’s having a baby I’m going to be dad.’
‘Seriously’ Frank said not bothering to use the normal amount of enthusiasm that was required for such an announcement.
‘Yeah, she’s pregnant how great is that?’
‘It’s not great Gerard’ Frank replied too tired to sugar coat this conversation.
‘Yes it is’ Gerard said looking confused
‘Look at you’ Frank said raising himself up on his elbows ‘you think you’re fit to be a father.’
‘Well not right now no but I’ve got time, the baby’s not coming for ages’ Gerard said rubbing his tired eyes ‘I’ll be better by then.’
‘No you won’t’ Frank said
‘Yes I will’ Gerard said angrily ‘and Cheyenne will take me back and we’ll be one big happy family.’
‘Ha! you think Cheyenne’s going to take you back just like that, as far as she’s concern you’re an alcoholic, you’re not fit to be around her or the baby, you think you can just fuck off and act a fool for nine months and then swan back into her life when the baby’s born. I don’t fucking think so. If you want a shot at being a father to this kid then you need to fix up now, you need to show her that you’ll be there for her now, not when it suits you.’
‘I don’t need this shit from you, you’re not a father who are you to preach to me.’ Gerard slurred angrily.
‘You’re right I’m not a father and the way things are going neither will you be.’
‘Cheyenne will take me back and you know why because she’ll need somebody to help her and I’ll be that person’ he said ‘I’ll be the daddy.’
‘If you don’t show Cheyenne that you’re trying now, you won’t get anywhere near her let alone be apart of that family.’
‘Well see’ Gerard said struggling to stand up ‘We’ll see in nine months time, when my baby is born and I get to carry it home with Cheyenne by my side you’ll eat your own fucking words.’
‘Sure’ Frank said closing the curtains on his bunk before quietly adding ‘I’ll be the one carrying that baby home.’


Present: September 2012

‘Gerard get off’ Cheyenne laughed pushing him away as he tried to embrace her in the garden ‘you’re supposed to be helping me put up these decorations not molesting me.’
‘I can’t help it, you look very sexy today and we’re home alone for once we should take advantage.’
‘We are taking advantage by getting the back yard ready for Mini’s surprise party, now here’ she said handing him one end of a banner ‘help me put this up’
‘No chance’ Gerard said dropping his side of the banner and grabbing Cheyenne he scooped her up in his arms, loving the squeals and half hearted protests as he carried her into the kitchen and laid her on the table.
‘Don’t you dare’ she giggled as he pinned her down his hand reaching under her summer dress ‘people have to eat on here.’
‘I know and I’m starving’ he said spreading her legs. ‘No underwear? You’re just making this all the more easy.’
‘Gerard seriously now, we have to…’ she broke off mid sentence to moan as his tongue flicked gently across her slit.
‘You were saying’ he said making sure his lips mumbled against hers.
‘Nothing’ Cheyenne breathed as his tongue pushed between her folds, finding her swollen nub, she felt his teeth lightly graze against it and she shuddered. He continued to work on her, his tongue expertly rolling over her skin and nerves making her moan with pleasure, lapping up the juices that fell from her woman hood, it didn’t take her long to cum and Gerard lapped up those juices too.
‘There, are you happy’ Cheyenne breathed as her orgasm started to subside ‘you got what you wanted’ she said sitting up and letting her dress fall over her knees.
‘That’s not what I wanted’ he said lifting her skirt back up ‘that’s what you needed, you’ve been quite tense lately, what I want comes next.’
‘Make it quick’ she grinned ‘we really do need to get on.’
‘Just for that I’m going to take it nice and slow’ he said pulling her by her arms off the table ‘help me get ready.’
Grinning Cheyenne fell to her knees as Gerard pulled down his jeans and boxers exposing his hard length. She licked the tip of his swollen cock, winking at him naughtily before taking it in her mouth. She filled herself with his cock, taking it as deep as she could, she heard him moan in appreciation as her tongue swirled against his shaft, his tip inching closer to the back of her throat he grabbed her head, guiding her onto his manhood, his hands tangled in her hair.
‘Nice and wet’ she murmured as she pulled back, kissing the end of his cock as she stood up ‘now how do you want me. You can take me from behind’ she said lifting her dress and bending over the table’ Gerard stroked his cock as he watched her lean over the table her arse on show, her legs spread.
‘Or you could take me from the front ‘she said lifting herself onto the table, her legs high in the air, she exposed her wet woman hood to him, her lips glistening from his participation just minutes before.
‘I want you to ride me’ he said walking over to the table ‘I wanna lay back and watch you squeeze the cum right outta my cock.’
‘Umm my pleasure’ Cheyenne said pushing him onto his back.

Frank raced up the drive, he didn’t have long and he wasn’t ready for the party yet, he was about to knock on the door when he saw the sign attached to three pink balloons that said please use side entrance. He rolled his eyes and made his way round the back admiring the work done in the garden. He liked the picnic tables with helium balloons fastened to them and the streamers wrapped around Mini’s swing set, it wasn’t until his hand was on the screen door that he saw them on the table. Cheyenne was on top of Gerard her naked breasts and her left thigh clearly visible from where he stood. He watched as Gerard’s hand shot out of nowhere and cupped her breasts, he watched her face contort in pleasure as his hands caressed her bouncing tits. Frank swallowed hard, he couldn’t bear to watch but unable to turn away either, he could feel his erection growing with every second that he stood there, he watched Cheyenne change rhythm as she sat on Gerard’s cock, she sped up now and Frank knew what was coming. He tried to turn away but he couldn’t, his hand found its way to his growing member and he held it over his crotch as he watched with fierce jealously as Cheyenne pleasured Gerard, riding his cock the way she had once rode his. He could feel his anger boiling inside him as his dick strained against his tight jeans, he watched her chest rise and fall quickly as her heart rate increased, each thrust of her hips brining them both to orgasm, she threw her head back and Frank knew it was coming, she was seconds away from climaxing, he pressed himself against the glass and watched as she came, her eyes suddenly locking with his as her body convulsed with pleasure, he watched her bite her lips as she came watching him watching her. Snapping out of the trance Frank turned his face and quickly moved out of sight.

‘We really have to get on now Gerard’ Cheyenne panted as soon as she was sure he had finished emptying inside her. Her body felt good after her orgasm but the rest of her felt guilty, she was upset that Frank had seen them but horrified that he hadn’t turned away. How long had he been watching them? Her stomach churned as the seconds ticked by, she needed to speak to him.
‘Sure thing’ Gerard said in a dream like state ‘what do you want me to do?’
‘Go have a quick shower and then come straight down’ she said sliding her arms into the straps of her dress ‘I’ll continue with the garden ‘til you get back.’
‘’K’ he said pulling his jeans back up and making his way upstairs.

‘Frank’ Cheyenne called in a low voice as she walked round the side entrance. ‘Hey’
‘Hey’ he said not looking at her
‘What are you doing here?’ she asked folding her arms over her chest she suddenly felt very self conscious.
‘Jamia asked me to drop these candles off for Mini’s cake’ he replied handing her the packet of pink and white candles ‘you know since we’re not coming ‘til much later
‘Oh thanks’ she said ‘you want to come in?’
‘I can’t I have stuff to do I’ll see ya later’ he said walking out of the side gate before Cheyenne could say another word. Sighing heavily she walked the candles into the house and carried on preparing the garden for her daughters’ fifth birthday.


July 2007

‘You’re not even trying Gerard’ Cheyenne screamed down the phone her hand cradling her large stomach.
‘I am trying but you wouldn’t see it because you don’t give a shit about me’ Gerard retorted
‘You promised me Gerard you said you’d try hard for the baby, you said you’d stop drinking and get better’ she said.
‘That’s what I’m doing’ he retorted ‘Jesus Christ woman’
‘Liar! So not having a drink before you call me every night but getting pissed as soon as I hang up is trying is it?’
‘Is that what Bob’s been telling you?’ he retorted ‘informant Bob telling you my every move.’
‘It’s not hard to work out your moves Gerard you do the same fucking thing every night.’
‘Yeah but not the same person’ he grinned
‘You’re filth’
‘Oh there we are with the name calling again’ he said twisting the cap off a miniature bottle of whiskey ‘you’re filth, you’re a pig, you’re a loser. How about you start calling me the father of your baby?’
‘You’re not the father, that birth certificate will be blank next to the father’s name.’
‘Over my dead body’ he growled taking a swig from the bottle
‘Keep drinking you’ll make that job easier’
‘Why are you being such a bitch? We both know come September you and I will have our baby and when I get off tour we’ll be happy families.’
‘You don’t get it do you?’ Cheyenne laughed ‘we’re not getting back together, you are NOT coming any where near this child until you have been sober for at least two months, if you think you can swan back into our lives in your current state you are sorely mistaken.’
‘We’ll see sugar’ he said ‘Bob’s on tour with me right now, and you’ll be all alone with a new born baby, you’ll need someone and that someone will be me.’
‘Don’t bet on it and I swear if you keep pushing me I’ll get an injunct…ow!’
‘What? What’s wrong, has the pain of our break up just hit you?’
‘No my stomach hurts’
‘Your stomach hurts’ Gerard said alarm in his voice ‘Cheyenne…hello… Cheyenne’
‘What’s going on?’ Frank asked casually, Gerard had a break down at least once a day now so hearing him freak out now wasn’t alarming.
‘We had an argument and the she said her stomach was hurting then we lost connection.’ Gerard said frantically.
‘What?’ Frank said snatching Gerard’s phone he dialled Cheyenne’s number and on the eighth ring she picked up.
‘Go away I hate you’ she cried
‘It’s me, its Frank’ he said ‘talk to me what’s wrong?’
‘I’m having contractions’ she said
‘Oh shit its early. Ok I know what it is its just Braxton hicks’ Frank said ‘At least I think it is’
‘What happening?’ Gerard demanded he was hovering by Frank’s side anxiously ‘is the baby coming?’
‘Get me a pen and some paper’ Frank ordered. ‘Chey honey just breathe ok, like they teach you in Lamaze class, in and out’
‘It really hurts’ she sobbed
‘I know baby, I know’ he said taking the pen and paper that Gerard handed him ‘just concentrate on breathing ok, but I need you to tell me when the next one comes and when it stops.’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said her breathing returning to normal as the last contraction died down.
‘Good’ Frank soothed ‘have you had a good day?’
‘Yeah I bought some things for the baby, you know a baby grow and some bibs, some really cute booties.’
‘Cool have you thought of any names yet?’
‘Yes a few’ she admitted
‘Care to share them with me.’
‘Nope that’s classified information, I’d have to kill you.’
‘Enough said’
‘Oh no ones coming’ she panicked
Frank glanced at the clock and jotted down the time ‘stay calm Chey.’
‘What can I do to help?’ Gerard asked helplessly
‘Nothing’ Frank snapped ‘you’ve done enough…no not you Chey, just breath hun, you’re doing really well.’ A second later Frank heard the door open and close, he shook his head as he soothed Cheyenne though another contraction fighting the anger that surged through his body he vowed to deal with Gerard later.


Present: September 2012

‘Mummy can I have another can of soda’ Jasmine asked, she was running around in the garden in her party dress, a chocolate bar in one hand and a lollipop in the other
‘How many have you had already?’ Cheyenne asked noting how hyper her daughter was.
‘I don’t know loads’ Jasmine giggled
‘Here’ Gerard said handing her another small can of drink ignoring the look Cheyenne was throwing him. ‘What?’ he asked once Jasmine had ran off ‘it’s her birthday’
‘Well when she’s throwing up all over the place tonight I’ll let you deal with it.’
‘I’m not afraid.’ He said confidently ‘I’m super dad I can handle anything’
‘Oh please’ Cheyenne laughed heading into the garden. She stood by the door and let her gaze wander over the garden. There were children everywhere, girls in pretty dresses and boys in jeans and t-shirts, the garden looked bright and colourful with the mix of decorations and the fall of autumn leaves, she smiled widely glad that she was able to throw her daughter a childhood party like the ones she never had.

‘Mummy’ Jasmine said interrupting her day dreaming.
‘Yes mini’
‘Where’s Uncle Frank?’
‘He’s here’ Frank said suddenly appearing through the gate, Jasmine squealed and ran to him jumping into his out stretched arms. Cheyenne smiled and left them to it, she felt awkward after what had happened earlier she needed to speak to Frank about it and wouldn’t feel comfortable being around him until then.

‘Hey mama’ Alicia said as Cheyenne walked back into the kitchen ‘is Frank here yet?’
‘Yeah why?’ she questioned Why was he so bloody popular today?
‘Coz now we can finally cut the cake’ Alicia replied ‘Jasmine said we weren’t allowed to until uncle Frank got here.’
‘Typical’ Cheyenne said rolling her eyes ‘I’ll get it ready.’

Ten minutes later they were all singing Happy Birthday to a Jasmine who grinned widely as she waited to blow out her candles.
‘Make a wish’ Jamia told her ‘and then blow’
Cheers erupted as the candles extinguished on the second try and Gerard carried the cake inside reappearing minutes later with a piñata much to the children and adults delight.
‘Watch me burst that on the first swing’ Mikey boasted
‘You?’ Bob laughed ‘please don’t make me laugh’
‘These arms may look scrawny compared to yours but they’ve got strength behind them.’ Mikey posted flexing his small muscles
‘Mikey no offense I’ve seen an 80 year old woman with more strength in her arms then you’ Ray laughed
‘We’ll see.’ Mikey told them ‘I’ll have the last laugh gentleman.’
‘The piñata is for the children’ Christa reminded them shaking her head at their macho and in her opinion immature behaviour.
‘Yeah and we’re the biggest kids here’ Gerard laughed ‘batter up’

‘Shoot’ Cheyenne said mid-cut through the cake ‘Party bags’ ‘Honey’ she called out into the garden where she watched Gerard spin a little boy under the brightly coloured piñata
‘Yeah’ he said letting the boy go and moving quickly as the kid flailed his arms in an attempt to smash open the papier-mâché castle
‘P-a-r-t-y b-a-g-s?’ she shouted
‘Hallway’ he replied
‘Right’ she muttered to herself, sprinting to the hallway she noted the time the kids parents would be here soon and then the adult party would start. She rounded the corner to find Frank standing in the hallway.
‘Hey’ she said shocked to see him ‘what are you doing in here you’re missing all the fun?’
‘I was just on my way back out there, I want my shot at that thing too’ he said moving past her.
‘Listen Frank about earlier when you saw…’
‘It is none of my business’ he said holding up his hand ‘you and Gerard are a couple, couples have sex you don’t have to justify it to me.’
‘But I feel like I do’
‘What goes on between you and him has nothing to do with me and to be honest I don’t really want to hear about your sex life.’ He snapped
‘But you can watch it though right?’ she retorted ‘How long were you watching us before I saw you?’
‘Not long’ he admitted his cheeks burning.
‘Why didn’t you turn away?’
‘I don’t know I couldn’t. I’m a man we like watching sex, we like having sex that’s why porn was made so we can watch women take a cock’
‘But it wasn’t porn, you were watching me’ she said
‘Precisely why I couldn’t turn away’ he said locating the party bags on the bureau and pushing them into her hands he knew she was looking for then, he had heard her call out to Gerard.
‘Did it make you jealous?’ she asked
‘Why does it fucking matter’ he hissed ‘is that what you want to know that watching you fuck Gerard turned me on and also made me crazy with jealousy that I wasn’t the one underneath you.’
‘No!’ she cried ‘That’s not what I want to hear. I just meant that now I know how you feel I’ll curb the affection so it doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing it in your face all the time.’
‘You don’t have to do that’ he sighed his hand massaging his aching head ‘and you’re not rubbing it in my face, I just saw you guys and all these emotions came rushing at once that’s all, it caught me off guard.’
‘I’m sorry Frank’ she said leaving against the wall suddenly tired from the days events ‘I’m sorry you saw us.’
‘Do you err… do you get jealous?’ Frank asked standing in front of her a hand either said of her head blocking an escape.
‘No’ Cheyenne whispered
‘Liar’ Frank chuckled ‘I know you do, I’ve seen it.’
‘Then why ask?’
‘What makes you jealous?’ he asked closing the gap between them, his hips gently resting on hers.
‘All sorts of things.’
‘Be specific’ he said looking into her blue eyes. ‘Do you get jealous when you see me with Jamia?’
‘Sometimes if it catches me off guard, there are times when you look at her as though she’s the only person in the whole room.’
‘Why would that make you jealous?’
‘Because sometimes I wish that someone would look at me like that’ she admitted
‘By someone do you mean Gerard…or me’ he teased
‘I mean someone’ she said pushing his chest, but he remained resting his weight on his arms that were either side of her.
‘Hmm! this has been fun’ he said
‘For who’
‘Me’ he said
‘Well it hasn’t been fun for me.’
‘Just think of it like this, watching you ride Gerard was as fun for me as this little episode was for you.’
‘It’s not my fault you walked in on me and Gerard, Frank we were in our home having sex it’s allowed.’
‘And so is finding out what makes your past lovers jealous’ he said letting his arms fall to his side.
‘You’re being an asshole’ she said
‘I know.’ He sighed ‘shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you’ he said ‘look in all honesty when I saw you it made me jealous and I just wanted to know if you got jealous when you saw Jamia and me together because I thought it’d make me feel better knowing you were in the same boat as me.’
‘And does it? Do you feel better now you know I get jealous sometimes?’
‘A little bit.’
‘Well I’m glad we’re all happy’ she said sarcastically ‘now if you’ll excuse me.’
‘Don’t be mad’ he said grabbing her arm and pushing her gently back against the wall ‘it wasn’t my intention to upset you.’
‘Yes it was’
‘Ok it was but now you’re upset I don’t like it.’ He told her.
‘You need to make up your mind’ Cheyenne smirked despite herself he had a knack for making her laugh. ‘You’re confusing.’
‘No, I am confused’ he said leaning his forehead against hers ‘I don’t know what I want.’
‘You don’t have a choice’ Cheyenne said her smile vanishing.
‘Why not?’ he snapped his eyes finding hers ‘why don’t I have a choice?’
‘Because when I gave you the choice five years ago you didn’t want it.’ She said harshly.
‘Because it wasn’t right then, I couldn’t do that?’ he retorted.
‘So what’s changed?’ she asked ‘why can you do it now?’
‘I don’t know’ he lied stepping back ‘I don’t know why.’
‘I do’ Cheyenne said standing up straight ‘you suddenly want me because you’ve seen me doing it again you watched me fuck Gerard this afternoon and you’ve suddenly remembered what its like to be with me intimately and now you’re confused because your thinking with your little head instead of your big head. You don’t want to be with me Frank you just want to fuck me.’
‘That’s not true’ he said
‘Isn’t it? So where was this yesterday then, where were these feeling three, four years ago.’
‘I don’t know’ he said quietly
‘Exactly they weren’t there because you'd forgotton what sex was like between us, you didn't need to remember and now you have and that’s the only reason you suddenly want me now.’
‘No that’s not it, that’s not it at all I…’ he started to explain but she was already gone making her way back into the kitchen, her heels clicking against the hard wood floors ‘…I want you now because I’ve fallen in love with you.’ He sighed heavily letting his head hit the wall, this was going so wrong, it was all so wrong, he lashed out his clenched fist hitting the wall, this wasn't how it was supposed to bem he was so conflicted insidem his emotions, his wants and needs were tearing him apart and it wasn't a recent thing, he had felt like this for nearyl a year now, he had fallen madly in love with her a year ago and he'd tried to hard to keep it under wraps but it was becoming more and more difficult not to blurt it out everytime he saw her.
'Uncle Frank' Jasmine called out 'there you are, i've been looking for you all over.'
'I'm here baby' he said not needing to force a smile, looking at her bought one instanly to his lips. 'What can I do for you?
'Come with me' she said out streching her hand and he took it letting her lead.
'Where we going?' Frank asked as he followed her into the kicthen.
'To the pinata' she said
'You mean the piñata' he corrected her
‘That’s what I said’ she huffed ‘it’s your turn to get the prize’
‘You’re right Mini’ he said with a smile catching Cheyenne’s eyes as he walked though the kitchen to the garden. ‘It is my turn.’

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