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I really just asking to leave

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Frankie sees Gee

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Next thing I know Frankie is busting through the door...I run with my stuff to the guest room...locking the door. No no no..goaway give up on me Frankie Baby..just let me die
"Gee, Baby let me in" He is crying I can hear it. I sigh. I ignore him. He crys louder
"I love you..Im dead without you"
"Your dead with me"
"Open this goddammn door and look in my eyes and tell me you dont love me, then I'll leave"
"I doors." I play stupid. Frankie is strong..he could knock it down easy peasy.
He bang on the door hard and it unlocks he runs to me and hugs me tightly and I feel the tears, finally comeout of my eyes.
I miss him so much...Mikey is right I notice self-inflicted burns on his arms, he is wearing my ring as well as his own. Does he still have hope? Why didnt this break him?
"I love you baby" and he kisses me, I pull away even though I love it
"Is this about me?" He asks I look over and see him holding my song. "GIVE IT!" I yell and tackle him. There is nothing more pathatic then the person who broke up with you having a love song about you. "It is" He gasps. "I'll want to fly home with you, Gee"
"I cant. Look at me! Im everything thats wrong is this relationship..I hurt you..I hurt everything"
"I want you..and Im not taking no for an anwser"
He kisses me, sitting in my lap..It feels amazing. I mumble yes. and he smiles.
"You will come back and I will marry you and you will talk about this...because I need to be more understanding"
I nod. I tear up. "I love you..I miss you..My angel..teach me how to fly"
He smiles and picks me up..I didnt think he could Im so much taller and Im sure I weigh more.
Mikey ask Frankie something I cant understand. I start to fall asleep.

We'll Fly and I....
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