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To Find a Man and Return What is His

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Someone wants to return something important to Seto. YGO x Millennium Actress crossover.

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To Find a Man and Return What is His

The skies slowly turned dark and the Earth began to shake. Her life was tied to earthquakes, they say.

She looked at the tunnel ahead and started running, hoping to reach the house before it started raining. Finally, she reached the house, just as it started to rain. She pressed her back against the door, away from the water that fell from the skies and she watched the rain. It hasn't rained like this for a long time.

Suddenly the door behind her opened, making her almost fall back, but she quickly regained her balance. A woman, about fifty-something years old, stood at the door. "Come in, you should not be out in this weather."

The girl went inside, "thank you."

The woman led her to a living room and told her to sit down; then she left and returned with some tea, two cups of tea. She gave one to the girl and set the other on a small table in the middle of the living room then left.

After the woman was gone another older woman with white hair and an elegant kimono came. She sat down and drank some tea. "I made this tea myself, it's lotus tea."

"It's very good; this is your house isn't it?" The girl tried to make polite conversation with her host, who so kindly sheltered her from the massive rain outside.

"Yes, I was in my garden when I saw you outside, then it began to rain so I said you should be invited in if you came by. My name is Chiyoko," the old woman smiled.

The girl smiled back, thanked her and introduced herself.

"You're not from around here are you?" Chiyoko didn't get many visitors and it seamed that the Earth had to move before she did.

"No, I came all the way here looking for someone, but I got lost. There's something I need to return to him," the girl explained.

Chiyoko was silent for a moment. "You are traveling in search for a man to return something that is his." Memories started to return to her and there was sadness in her eyes.

"Yes, are you okay?" The young girl asked.

"I'm fine, I just remembered something that I put behind me a long time ago; I was once on a quest too. It was a quest to find a man and return a certain item to him, an item I lost." Chiyoko thought about the key and wondered what happened to it. She probably dropped it during that accident when she was playing an astronaut in a movie, but she was in too much of a hurry to get out of there and didn't bother to return to look for it. Maybe it was best this way; if she still had the key, she probably wouldn't be able to put this in her past. But even without the key, was she truly letting go of her past?

The girl was not sure what she could say to Chiyoko to help lift her spirits.

"It's alright, it happened a long time ago," Chiyoko read the girl's expression and smiled once more.

The girl noticed the magazines on the small table. They all had pictures of the same woman, first a young girl, then a grown up, but she could tell it was the same person in different stages of her life.

The subject of movies came up and as they drank lotus tea and Chiyoko told the girl about her days as an actress, a story that she would retell the next day after another earthquake happened and she went to look for that man again. At the time, she did not know that her key would be returned the day after she met this girl and her quest to find that man would begin once again, in another place.

Time passed and the rain stopped. The girl said goodbye to Chiyoko and continued her quest to find a man and return what is his.

As the girl started to walk away, Chiyoko said from the door. "I hope you find him!"

"Thanks, I know I will! I must find him and return this." The young girl held the item close and smiled as she petted the soft Blue Eyes White Dragon. "Seto can't sleep without his plushie."


Disclaimer, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! and I don't own Millennium Actress. This story is easier to understand if you watched the Millennium Actress movie where Chiyoko is from. I only hinted at who the girl with Seto's plushie is, but if you know me, I'm sure her identity is clear as day.
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