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A look in town.

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Gerard brought me back into the house a couple hours later. My skin felt like ice and my eyelashes had acquired their own small ice formations; causing them to get stuck together. My lips were a nice shade of blue and my cheeks were rosy from being so cold. Gerard laughed at me as he seated me on the edge of his bed.

He removed my coat, quickly replacing it with his comforter. "You're freezing." He frowned. "I shouldn't have kept us outside that long. I'm sorry."

"N-No," I shook my head. My teeth were louder than my voice. "I h-had fun. R-Really. Thank-k you."

"You sure?"

I nodded. "Y-Yes. I j-just need t-to warm u-up."

"Alright." He seated himself beside me, rubbing his hand across my back to heat it up. "You know, if you're not completely froze, we could go sit out on the balcony. Watch the snow fall."

"Not-t right n-now, Gerard. T-Thank you, t-though."

"Human." He laughed. "I forgot."

I leaned back on the mattress when I could begin to feel the temperature return to my body. My lips faded out to their normal color and my chattering teeth silenced. Gerard smiled down at me as he laid down beside me, placing his hand on my arm, occasionally running his thumb over my skin. I could feel my eyelids get heavier as I slowly drifted off to sleep. The warmness of the fire and the combined heat of the blanket and Gerard sent me off to sleep. The last thing I remember was wiggling my way into his arms, resting my head in the crook of his neck.


Maurice trudged through the snow, clutching his thin wool coat tight to his body. Lights could be seen not far off in the distance; Indicating that he was not far from town. He blew his warm breath into his hands and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He sighed when he reached the outer limits of town, near a pub. Hearing jostles and shouts coming from inside, he bit his lip, knowing this was the closest place to find the strongest men in the town. And he'd need all the help he could get if he were to retrieve his precious daughter and bring her safely home. Who knows what those monsters did to her while he was being thrown out. Even the mere thought of it made his skin crawl.

Throwing the pub door open, he straightened up his posture and cleared his throat. None of the men turned around to see who had entered, figuring that it was just another one of the regulars. Maurice never entered town unless he absolutely had to; Usually, he'd just send Rose in. "Ahem." He cleared his throat again, louder this time. "Hello?"

One of the many men turned his head, eying Maurice. He smirked and tilted his head. "Maurice? What are you doing outside your house? Don't you usually stay cooped up inside your barn?"

"Yeah," called another man. "Crazy old Maurice."

"Maurice? What's he doin' here?" James stood up and made his way through the crowd, shoving numerous men out of his way. When he reached Maurice, he smiled, peering over his shoulder. "Alone? And wandering the streets this late at night?" He clicked his tongue. "Where's Rose at? Hm? Waiting outside?"

James made to move past Maurice when he shot his hand out, gripping onto the fabric of James's shirt. "That's what I've come to tell you! Rose is gone!"

"What?" James asked, arching an eyebrow.

"She's gone! Taken by a fiend!"

"A fiend?" laughed one of the men, clearly drunk.

"Fiend?" mused James. "What kind of fiend?"

"A monster!" Maurice shuddered. "A horrible monster! Five of them!"

"Monsters?" James shook his head. He studied Maurice's face before breaking out into a fit of laughter. "You really are crazy, aren't you?"

"I'm not crazy! She really was taken!"

"Sure, sure." called Alex, James's right-hand man. "We believe you, Maurice."

"Y-You do?"

"Yeah. This sort of thing happens regularly." All the men burst out laughing at Maurice's expense. Maurice was about to give up and head for the door when James called out to him, gaining his attention once more.

"Five, you say?"

He nodded. "Five horrible monsters! With fangs!" All of the men gasped, egging on his story. "And terribly tall!"

"Oh, no!" "What will we do?" "Crazy old Maurice!!"

"They snatched her up after they let me go!" Maurice waved his hands in the air, attempting to attract their attention again. "They have a castle in the woods, and... And I can lead you to it!"

"Oh, really?" James asked. "You know where this castle is?"

Maurice nodded, clasping his hands together. "It's right across from the falls."

"Across from the falls? Well, then, old man, why haven't we seen it? We've all hunted near those tracks before. Someone would've come across them sooner or later, don't you think?"

"Yes, but--"

"Maurice," James laughed. "Just go home."

"But... Rose!!"

"I'm sure Rose is fine. She's probably at home, in her bed, dreaming about me. You'll see." James gripped his shoulder, leading him to the door. "Now, scamper home. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Who knows? With this night, looks like a good one for monsters."

Maurice grunted as his body met with the hard ground. Snow got it's way into his shirt and he jumped, feeling the cold against his skin. From inside the pub, he could hear the laughing and hollering continue; Along with a few choice words about his sanity.

He wasn't crazy.

No, he was far from it. Probably the sanest person in town. But, just because he chose to spend his time inventing, people thought him odd. The only one who didn't seemed to be Rose.


"I'll get you back, Rose." Maurice frowned. "Even if I have to do it alone."

A/N - Hello, loves! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I did. I just had a thought -- I was thinking about doing another Disney/MCR spin-off after I completed this one. Not necessary Disney, but one of the old familiar stories; Like Aladdin, Hercules or Sleeping Beauty. You know? Would anyone like it if I did one of those? Because I won't do it unless I get a guarantee that it will be read. I don't want to be wasting my time. But, as for the last update, thank you all so much for reviewing!! It really means a lot -- Seriously. I hope you enjoy this chapter as I did writing it. Rose's father is one of my favorite, seldom seen, characters. Thank you all so much for reading and, please, don't forget to R&R for me. xoxo - Esther Rose.

P.S. - I was frustrated with my boyfriend when I wrote this one -- Hence the shortness. I apologize for the length. I'll make it up to you with the next update. I promise!
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