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What is it that makes people tick? Have you ever wondered what it is like to completely loose everything?

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Okay, obviously, these may or may not be Mikey Way's opinions. These are not all my opinions, I tried to work with different views of things etc. I would appreciate if people reviewed this very much. Maybe share you views on the opinions here or whatever. I don't want any 'fighting' going on over people's reviews. Do it in a mature way, please. I wasn't sure what to put as 'warnings' either...yeah. And please, don't get to angry or worked-up or whatever because of some of the things in this. After all it is just Fan Fiction. Also, I do not have anything against Barack Obama either. Some of this you may find stupid or whatever, that's okay, it's your opinion and you might get annoyed by how many questions and how many times I used the word 'opinion'. Sorry! Some bits also may seem off topic and the title also has hardly anything to do with the one-shot.

Thanks, F oxox.

Mikey's P.O.V
What is it that makes people tick? Have you ever wondered what it is like to completely loose everything? Why are people so judgemental? We wonder, is it the way they are brought up? Or is it their own personal opinion? Can one person change the world for the better? Really, can they? If we take the president of the United States for example, just because he is from different nationalities does that make him our saviour? There will always be the people who agree and the people who disagree. Everyone has different opinions, and we can’t change that. But wouldn’t it be boring, if we all have the same thoughts, ideas, opinions. Why do we judge people on their looks, their personality, their opinions, their sexuality, their past. I do not believe in judging people of their past, as it has nothing to do with the present.

Why do we shy away from people of different religions? Different faces, hair, clothes. Is it natural? Do we teach ourselves over the years? If you are brought up to dislike a certain type of human being, a lot of us stay that way. Though if we are brought up to accept everyone, again a lot of us stay that way. Why does the brain accept such lies? If it is intelligent enough, why can’t it detect which is true and which is not? Why are we not all the same? If we like someone of the same gender, why do some people’s brain’s accept that and some don’t. Does it bring us back to the point that it was the way we were brought up? A lot of us turn away to what we were made to believe when we were younger, therefore some don’t.

If someone isn’t dressed the same as you or is interested in a different type of music, why do some of us automatically say we ‘hate’ them. Such a strong word; hate. I don’t think it has anything to do with the music they listen to nor the clothes they wear. I think it is the worry, the worry that maybe they will reject you. I don’t think any human being likes rejection. Two different people who like completely different things to one another can get on fine, I think, in my opinion. Our friends are always different from us or maybe are similar to ourselves, but they never seem to be the exact same as ourselves.

The rain; it is mostly captured by people that it is miserable, depressing. If we were all told as we were growing up that it was bright and happy a lot of us wouldn’t despise it so much. Some people find the rain refreshing, cleansing.

I don’t get it; how do some people think that when two men are in love it is fine but when it comes to women, it is completely wrong or vice versa. Incest; is incest generally wrong? Just because two people are related by blood does that make their love disgusting? I don’t think so. Love is love, you can’t stop that. Does the same surname really matter? Should we judge people on their own love for each other, who are we to judge one another? We are not any better, that we are all equal some people might say.

One thing that I really hate is racism, if a wise human being judges a person on what colour their skin is, is hardly a wise man at all my father once told me. Which I think is completely true. I don’t see how one can dislike, maybe even ‘hate’ a person because of their skin colour. It really does confuse me. I don’t see what good affect it could have on someone if they ‘hate’ someone of a different nationality, why can‘t we all be smart enough to realise it is wrong, that‘s my opinion. In my eyes, I think it is completely wrong and stupid.

Something else that really annoys me, when a person says (along these lines) ‘I don’t care whatsoever what someone else thinks of me’ because if you went out looking like a tramp, really I think that’s just no self-respect for yourself. I think everyone cares what someone else might think, only some take it over board. Which is my opinion. What pisses me off is when people state that their opinion is a fact, even if I agree with that opinion. Even if you are one of the most open-minded person out there. If you think homophobia is wrong, if you think racism is wrong, as I do, but I can’t state them as fact, that they are wrong, because they are just merely opinions.
What I love the most is when two people can put their opinions, religious views, genre of music, clothes, aside and just get along. How? Some might ask, everything evolves around those things. Not in my mind, I believe you can put them aside and get on with the person, as the other person put their beliefs aside. You could talk about your love of sharks for Lord’s sake. Me, not so much.

There will never be a world when everyone agrees with one another, when everything is the same, it’d be boring. In my opinion.
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