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Chapter 36

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School's a lonely place all of a sudden.

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Frank's POV

"Frankie, sweetie? Frankie, wake up, doll."

I groaned to life, but kept my eyes closed: I could tell that Elena was standing in front of me, lightly shaking me awake. "Elena?" I asked, momentarily confused, and then saw blinding light through my closed eyelids. She had turned on the lamp.

"Yes, dear. Now wake up." I groaned again and tried to move, but couldn't. It felt as if I were under something; something rock-solid that wouldn't budge if a bulldozer were to try to move it. My eyes fluttered open, and the first thing I saw was the time. God, it's so early! Why was she getting me up so damn early? Wishing I hadn't looked at the clock, I glanced at the solid mass in my lap, which was a much better sight: I saw Gerard, who was now the target of Elena's prodding.

Elena kept trying to wake us up, and Gerard mumbled something incoherent. I laughed, "I'm with you, man. Let's go back to sleep, already." Elena shot a playful glare at us.

"Don't make me get the broomstick," she said, leaving at that. I was fully ready to re-close my eyes and cuddle with Gerard some more, and I kissed the top of his head as he woke up. "Morning, Gee," I said, smiling down at him.

"Hey, Frankie," he replied lazily.

"Hurry up, boys; we have to go to Frankie's to pick up some of his belongings before you go to school," Elena called from another room. To this, Gerard mumbled a few choice swear words, and I laughed to myself. So that's why we were up so early; we had to go to my house for clothes and stuff, since I would be staying with Gee and Elena for a while. We didn't do it last night, since the hospital called, so we were doing it now, before school started.

Wait, school? I hadn't even realized it was a school day.

"Gee, get up," I said, now wide awake. I tried to push Gerard off my lap, but it wasn't that easy; I was only successful in making his upper half slide off the couch, and he hit the floor with a bang, feet still propped up on the couch. I winced, regretting pushing him that hard, but it was actually a funny sight. I started laughing uncontrollably, and he glared at me from the floor.

"Damn, Frank," he said, rubbing his head. "What the hell was that for?"

"Sorry," I laughed, then realized I couldn't stop. I finally managed, after about a minute, to stutter, "But we have to go to school." Gerard continued to glare at me until my laughing fit died down, then realized what I had said.

"School? Shit, I completely forgot about school," he said hurriedly, and then went quiet.

"Come on, get ready. We've got to go to my house, so I can pick up some clothes and stuff," I told him, wondering what was taking him so long. He really wasn't a morning person, was he?

"Frankie, I can't," was all he said, so quietly I could barely hear him.

"What do you mean, you can't?" Funny, this was starting to sound a lot like a conversation we've already had. Suddenly it clicked, and I knew what he was trying to say. Funny how I was always talented enough to piece together Gerard's puzzle of a mind. I scolded myself for being so sarcastic, and told him, "Gee, you can't hide from the people at school. Most of them won't know what happened this weekend, anyway. Don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive, remember?"

He nodded, looking sad. "They won't take me alive if they'd rather take me dead," he sulked. "There are a whole bunch of people who'd like me to be dead right now."

"Gee, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard you say. And believe me, I've heard a lot of stupid shit from you," I said, and he laughed a little, like I hoped he would. "Don't worry; everything will be fine, I promise.” And even if it isn't, so what? “You know that you'll always have me, no matter what happens." It sounded cheesy, even to me, but thankfully it was all Gerard needed to hear. He nodded, and went to get ready for school.

About fifteen minutes later, Elena, Gerard, and I were on the road to my house. It was still dark out, and it was cold outside. Elena told us she would be waiting in the car, and asked if I could bring Pansy. How could I say no to those hopeful eyes? Laughing as I told her this, we pulled up in my driveway. I got out of the car, Gerard following to make sure I didn't forget anything. My only protest to this was I didn't want him to get near the alcohol again, but I trusted him when he said it wouldn't bother or tempt him.

I realized getting into the house would be harder than I expected when I tried the door. "Well, at least she remembered to lock the door this time," I said, trying to think of an alternative way in.

"You need a key or something?" the Morning Person asked. I found myself laughing at this, and with playful sarcasm asked him why I would need a key to open a locked door. He scowled and I continued to think.

"How about the window?"

"Gerard, you're a genius," I said, smacking myself in the forehead for not thinking it before he did.

"And you're surprised?" he smirked boastingly.

"Hell yes I am, actually," I laughed back, jumping off the stairs to a ground-level window. "Especially since it's, like, six in the morning. You must have a headache by now." I tried the window, and felt a mixed feeling of relief and worry when I discovered it was unlocked. "Shit, I wonder how long that's been open," I worried out loud, and started to climb in.

This time, instead of having Gerard wait in the kitchen, I made him come up to my room to wait until I had all my things together. Throwing all my clothes and essential belongings into another bookbag I owned, I looked around to see if there would be anything else I needed. That's when I saw Gerard, hunched over my desk, looking at something. I strained to see what he was looking at, and he turned to me and asked, "What's this?"

He was holding a copy of the untitled song I had found while snooping around his desk for a pencil. Only, this copy I had copied down for myself had a few chords and notes scribbled on it, which he wasn't supposed to see until later.

"Oh, that?" I said, knowing I couldn't lie. It was, after all, his song. "I was going to show that to you later, once I was finished with it. It's--"

"You're making this thing I wrote into a song?" he asked. I was unsure of how to answer; I couldn't tell if his expression was angry or taken aback.

"I... yeah," I confessed. "I really like the lyrics, so I copied it down on my own paper and started writing music for it when I got bored or was trying to get away from my mom. I was going to try to finish it and surprise you, but I guess you've already found it."

He continued to stare at it, as if looking at his own writing for the first time. I still couldn't tell if he was angry at me for stealing his stuff, so I shifted uncomfortably and grabbed Pansy. "Come on, let's go to school," I said, putting her in her case, and quickly walked out of my room, feeling like a dumbass.

Gerard's POV

It took all the strength I could muster to enter the school building and not run away when I saw all the people. If it weren't for Frank walking behind me, I would've high-tailed my ass right out of there the second I stepped out of the car.

"Damn it, Frankie, don't make me go in there," I pleaded, feeling like a little kid. He shot me a look that clearly said, "Go-before-I-make-you," and I decided it would be best not to mess with the short dude. Be brave for once, I told myself, and practically forced myself towards our first class, ignoring all the sideways-glances and whispers that seemed to radiate from every single person at Jefferson Hill.

As soon as the first period bell rang and the roll was called, I heard my name being whispered from behind me.

"Hey, Way," the voice hissed. I turned and learned that the person who called me was the kid that started throwing shit at me and Frankie a while back. What the hell was his name, Jason? I really need to start remembering this stuff. "Is it true about what you did to Eric and that Bob kid? I mean, I know Eric woke up eventually, but how long do you think that dude Bob will last?"

"Shut the hell up," I hissed back, flipping him off. This earned a smirk from the Jason kid, which I thought was pretty brave of him, considering I could've rearranged his face last week.

"Oh, does that mean you don't think he has a chance?" he kept on. "I agree; he didn't deserve to live much longer, anyway. Fag-lover." I was fully about to get up and break this guy's face in, if it weren't for Mrs. Smith, who chose that very moment to stand over my desk. I grumbled a few fitting swears to myself, and Frank turned around as if he hadn't heard any of that.

Just ignore him, he mouthed. Not worth it. I agreed, but I still wasn't about to let him just get away with putting Bob down like that. I'll just deal with him later, I thought. But what if he's right? What if Bob really doesn't have a chance?

The rest of the day was hell; I knew the minute I walked into my English class that there was going to be an awkwardness between me and the rest of the class. Everyone looked at me as if I were some sort of criminal, and Frank informed me earlier that neither Alex nor Eric showed up to school that day. Of course, that train of thought led to the fact that Bob wasn't at school, either.

I looked at the empty desk beside mine, and tried my best to fight back the tears. Something told me, however, that this wouldn't be the only time I would have to do that.
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