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And Never Again

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Frerard. Frank is reminiscing on the one memory that he finds the most memorable. (ONE-SHOT)

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I have come here everyday since his death, and every time I said nothing. How could I, there was nothing to say. I just kneel here just knowing he knew I was here. He has been dead for a week, and it has been a week since he proposed. I remember it perfectly.

I played the last few chords of Prison, and started tuning my guitar for the next song.
"Frank Iero" I heard Gerard say into the microphone. "I love you more than life itself" right then I decided to look, and there he was down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand and his eyes full of love, set only on me. "And here I am kneeling here just staring at you, and there is nothing in the world that could compare to the love I have for you. You baby, are perfect in every way for me, and probably don't deserve someone like me. But baby I love and I want to know, Will you Frank Iero marry me?"
I smiled tears coming to my eyes as I choked out the words "yes, oh god Gee yes" and just as he got the ring on my finger, he fell, and there was a bullet in his back. I ran to him and he started whispering his goodbyes to me. "I love you Frankie" "no, no you don't Gerard, please stay with me please" my tears were mingling with the blood on the floor. "please, kiss me, give me one last kiss." "This is not gonna be our last kiss" i muttered as I pressed my lips to his, and right then I felt that he might me right. One hour later he was pronounced dead.

Tears came to my eyes at the memory, as I knelt down that day.I placed one hand on the tombstone. Today was going to be different, I was going to say something. "I miss you baby" I muttered to the grave. I looked at the ring on my finger, he was shot after I said yes. "I love you baby." I said "I will never take off the ring. You are the one, you are my other half. I know you want me to move on, but I know there is nobody else. I will date, but I know that I will never marry. I will never take off this ring. You will always be the only one to truly capture my heart, and my soul. Hunny you were my life, you are my life. I am dead inside without you. I love you Gee."

Right them I could have swore I heard the wind whisper Frankie

I realized right then it was Gerard, telling me he loved my, that he loves me. I smiled for the first time since he died.

"I love you too Gee, I love you too."

I soon fell asleep there despite the cold winds and snow. I died that night from severe Hypothermia. Now I was in my happy place, 'cause I was with Gerard, my love, In heaven.
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