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.:Frerard:. Frankie has a stutter (not sure if i want this to be a one-shot or not.)

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He was perfect. Hazel eyes that shone with no given light. Pale, yet colourful skin, so soft and smooth. Silky black hair that hung perfectly. And those lips, so thick and soft.
Everyone loved him and his talents. His perfect appearance but he had a secret. And only I knew it.
I flipped through our old photo album, taking in the images of the one man I loved.

Frank Iero, my wonderful husband. I loved him with all my heart. I’d known him from the simple age of 7. We met in the park. He seemed odd to me. He didn’t speak but after a few visits, we’d made communication system that worked for us. Sign language was too difficult for me to learn so we compromised. Simple things like a tug of a lock of my hair, a few taps on my shoulder, even a hand on my chest meant something. He made an impact on me. I’d known I was gay since a young age but never liked anyone.
I stopped at one photo. My mother had taken it the day I met Frank. In the photo, we were sitting on the swing set. Frank looked upset that day and that’s what drew me to him.
After getting closer to him, I had the guts to ask him about his problem.

~Flashback~ (Gerard: 16. Frankie: 14)

‘Hey, Frankie.’ I smiled as I opened the door. He smiled back and gave me a quick hug.
I lead him into my house. My parents weren’t home so it was just us.
‘What are you doing here?’ I asked, realizing it was only 10am on a Saturday morning.

He took out a mini-whiteboard and marker from his backpack that he always carried.

Mum started yelling at me again. He wrote, showing me the board then erasing it.

‘Frankie, you’ve got to stop letting her push you over.’ I told him, making him sit down on my bed.

How can I tell her off? I don’t speak.

‘C-Can I ask why you.... don’t speak?’ I stuttered. I had known him for 9 years and I still didn’t know why he didn’t speak.
He took a few breaths then looked me in the eye.

‘I st- stutter.’ He whispered and hung his head.

‘Frankie.’ I whispered, putting my finger under his chin and lifting his face back up.
‘Don’t be afraid to speak, honey. You have a beautiful voice.’

‘P-People l-laugh at m-me.’ He whispered again.

‘You know I won’t. I’m your friend.’ I said, trying to stop myself from telling him the truth.

He smiled at me and pulled me into a tight hug.

~End flashback~

No matter how many times I told him, he refused to speak. He’d say a sentence to me when he was too busy to write or when he was tired. It took 3 words to get him to trust me. 3 simple words. I love you.

~Flashback~ (Gerard: 19. Frankie: 17.)

It was a cold winter’s night. I had my own apartment. Frankie stayed nearly every night since he’d left school to pursue his dream of being a rock star.
We were curled up on my king sized bed, under the covers and watching Patch Adams.
Not far into the movie, Frankie held up his whiteboard.

Don’t let the squirrels get me.

I burst out laughing, hiding my face in the pillows. I felt a pillow whack the back of my head and I shot up, glaring at Frank.

‘That hurts!’ I whined, holding my head to fake my injury. Frank just giggled and tossed the pillow at my face.

‘E-eat feathers, G-Gee.’ He giggled. I faked a shocked face and tackled him off the bed. We landed on the bed that Frank was supposed to be sleeping in. His aunt had dropped him round and stayed till his bed was made, not that he was going to use it. He always slept with me.
I pinned his wrists down with my hands and straddled his waist to keep his lower body under control.
‘N-Not f-fair!’

‘Is too! Now stop moving!’ I complained as he kept wiggling.

‘R-RAPE!’ He giggled loudly. I burst into a fit of laughter and dropped to the ground beside him.
‘D-Don’t rape me, G-Gee.’

‘It’s not rape if you enjoy it.’ I said, coming down from my high.

‘Who s-said I w-would enjoy it?’ Frank teased, rolling to his side to face me.
To prove my point, I moved closer to him so our chests were touching. I moved my lips closer to his. Barley a centimeter were between them

‘You would.’ I whispered seductively. I felt him shift a little closer, placing his hand on my hip. I looked him dead in the eye, trying to figure out what he was doing.

‘M-Maybe I would-d.’ He whispered before pressing his lips gently to mine. His lips were all that I had imagined, and more. They were soft, full and tasted like cherry. Most likely from all the lollies we had been eating earlier.
I pulled away gently, savouring his taste.

‘Frankie....’ I started, opening my eyes. The look in his eyes was heartbreaking.

‘I-I’m... sorry. I th-thought that.... n-never mind.’ He rolled to his other side so I was facing his back. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him onto his back.

‘I love you.’ I whispered. He smiled and kissed me again. This time, I contributed. My lips working against his in a slow, loving kiss.
I rolled us over so Frankie was lying on top of me. I set my hands on his hips as his wound around my neck.
He pulled his lips away but still keeping close.

‘I-I love you t-too.’ He whispered.

~End flashback~

The image warmed my heart. Just us, lying on the bed. I smiled and flipped the page. On the other side was the photo I had taken of Frank while he slept. He had told me to burn it but I didn’t.

We spent the rest of that night kissing and fooling around. For the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was complete.
From that day on, he moved in with me. His aunt was a cow and his mother visited her often. No-one in Frank’s family liked him because of his stutter. He’d always come to me when things got ugly with his family and he knew he could trust me.

The next photo was taken by our best friend Bob. We were in the kitchen making a coffee when Frankie almost tackled me to get to my lips. Bob had snapped the shot before we broke apart. It was perfect.

~Flashback~ (Gerard: 20. Frankie: 18.)

‘G-Gee?’ Frank called from the hallway. I was in my art room, painting a scene from my dream.

‘Yeah?’ I called back, keeping my eyes on the brush strokes. I washed the brush thoroughly and picked up a new colour.

‘I-I need h-help.’ His voice seemed closer, near the door. It opened slightly, just enough for him to peak in.
‘I-I d-don’t mean t-to disturb y-you.’ He whispered. I put my brush down, being careful not to bump the easel. I stood up and opened the door. Frank was standing there, hands clutched together on his thighs. His large puppy like eyes were shining. They always shone like that when he thought he’d disturbed me or made me madd.

‘It’s fine baby. What do you need help with?’ I picked him up and put him on my hip like a small child. He snuggled his face into my neck, kissing the soft flesh.

‘I-I c-can’t reach the c-coffee.’ He whispered. He always hated how short he was. I’d always tell him I would move everything from the top cabinets so he could get them easily but he refused. He said he didn’t want me to change the way I live just because he isn’t tall enough.
‘S-Sorry for annoying y-you.’

‘You’re not annoying me. I like helping you. I love you.’ I whispered, kissing the top of his head.

‘L-Love you t-too.’

I sat Frank on the kitchen bench top, turning and grabbing the coffee tin out of the cabinet. I handed it to him and his face grew. My heart nearly stopped as he smiled.
I left Frank with his coffee to go finish my painting. I stopped and spun when I heard the coffee tin fall to the lino floor.

‘W-Whoops.’ Frank giggled, jumping down from the counter.

‘Good thing I always get extra.’ I laughed with him. I reached up again to grab the other tin.
‘I’ll make the coffee.’ I giggled, popping the top off.
I was half way through making the coffees when the door bell rang.
‘Can you get that, baby?’ I asked. Frank hated answering the door in case he had to talk. If he was in a good mood, he’d get the door.

‘S-Sure.’ I watched him as he skipped put of the room. I sighed and went back to making the coffee.

‘Hey Gee!’ I heard someone call. The voice was familiar but I couldn’t pick it.
Frank ran into the kitchen and slammed his lips against mine. I would have kissed him longer if I didn’t see a flash from behind my eyelids. Bob stood in the doorway with a camera in his hands, smiling like he’d gotten dirt on us.

‘Privacy, Bryar?’ I laughed for the millionth time that day. Bob just flipped me off and grabbed one of the cups of coffee. He’d grabbed Franks which resulted in the searing hot liquid to be spilt over both of them.
‘Don’t touch his cup.’ I sighed, picking up my boyfriend.

Bob had suffered minimal burns to his chest and arms, where Frank suffered them on his stomach. I had to take care of him till they healed.

~End flashback~

Frank was known for his injuries and the nurses all knew him at our local hospital. Like many before them, they’d never heard Frank speak. It was just normal for them to hear what he had to say through me or the whiteboard.

I skipped a few pages in the album, flipping right through to our wedding photos. Before our first wedding photo was me on one knee. I had asked Ray, Mikey and Bob to come around that night because I wanted to make an announcement.

~Flashback~ (Gerard: 24. Frankie: 21.)

‘Thanks for coming around in such short notice.’ I smiled, facing my friends, boyfriend and brother. They all looked at me with the same expression, confusion.

‘What’s this about, Gee?’ Mikey asked. Knowing him, he would have been thinking something was wrong.

‘I wanted you guys here so you could witness the possible next step in my life.’ I took a step closer to the chair Frank was sitting in. I smiled and dropped to one knee. I pulled the small purple velvet box from my jeans pocket and opened it. The silver band imbedded with diamonds shone in the moon light that made its way through the curtains.
Frank covered his mouth with both hands and let tears drip down his face. I couldn’t tell if that was a good thing. He could have been crying because he was happy or because he was going to reject me.
‘Frank Anthony Iero. Will you make me the happiest man alive and be my husband?’ I’d practised that speech for weeks, trying to make it sound formal but not robotic. I saw a flash of light but ignored it and waited for Franks answer.
I watched his face change. He looked shocked then happy then worried. I suddenly understood why. He wanted to say yes, physically say it but the guys were there. They didn’t know about his stutter and I was almost slapping myself for putting him on the spot like that.

‘Y-Yes.’ He finally said, smiling. He threw his arms around my neck and kissed me. I dipped my tongue into his mouth, feeling my fiancés mouth.

‘Oh my... GOD!’ Mikey yelled. I pulled away from Frank and hugged my brother, jumping up and down like we were girls.
Bob and Ray were almost as ecstatic but managed to control themselves. They gave me a hug and went to Frank. He had reduced to tears and was sobbing happily in the chair. I pulled him up and sat down with him on my lap.

~End flashback~

After that day, he’d gained the courage to talk around the guys. He was confident and I noticed he’d stutter a little less than before. I didn’t mention it to him in case I was dreaming and got his hopes up.

A stray tear slid down my cheek as I look through our wedding photos. Bob and Ray had gone overboard with the photos and my mum had told Mikey he wasn’t allowed to take them.

Our wedding day was like I had dreamed. All our friends and family, even Frank’s mother, was there. The lake was pink from the sunset and the tears on Franks face were the same.

I flipped past the wedding, feeling my heart strings begin pulled tight.
The last photo of us was the day of the accident. It was Frank’s birthday and Mikey wanted to throw a party.
The party was perfect. Everything went as we had planned it... till it was time to leave.

~Flashback~ (Gerard: 26. Frankie: 23.)

‘Did you have a good night?’ I asked Frank as we drove home. Mikey was married then and was living with his wife. They had the party at their house.

‘Y-Yeah. Thank you, G-Gee.’ He leant over the consol and kissed my cheek.

‘Don’t thank me. Mikey and Ray planned it. I just kidnapped you and took you there.’ I smiled. I had nearly literally kidnapped him. He kept saying he wanted to stay home. Any other day I would have let him but I didn’t want to let Mikey down so I threw him in the car and drove.

‘I d-didn’t just mean for the p-party. I meant-t for everything. F-for being my h-husband, for t-taking my in when I-I had no-one e-else... F-For loving me.’ A few tears dripped down his face. I wiped them away with my thumb.

‘Frankie, I couldn’t help NOT to fall in love with you. I’d go through the list but we’ll be here for a while. Now smile. The night isn’t over.’ I winked at him. It took him a moment or 2 to understand what I was talking about. When he did click, he burst out laughing.

‘Such a d-dirty mind, Gee.’

‘You love it.’ I smirked.
We started joking about with dirty comments. Frank took it a step further and started to rub me through my jeans. I tried to keep my eyes on the road but it was proving to be a difficult task.
‘F-Frank.... stop.’ I breathed out, trying to calm myself.

‘Why?’ He challenged, rushing his hand movements. I let out a loud moan and closed my eyes for a second.
For the one second my eyes were closed, my hand had managed to slip and turn the car into oncoming traffic. I freaked and tried to straighten up but ended up spinning out of control. I slammed on the brake, gripping the wheel.
I breathed out a sigh, thinking we were safe. I looked at Frank, smiling. I leant over the consol like he had and kissed his cheek and pulled him into a hug.
I opened my eyes, going to look at the sunset but only to be met by a semi. Its horn roared as it came closer. I knew I wouldn’t be able to put the car in drive and put my foot down fast enough so I clutched to Frank tighter and whispered my love to him. He returned his and then it went black.

~End flash back~

I didn’t hear the truck collide with us, nor did I hear Frank’s pain filled screams but i knew they happened. All i received from the crash was a broken leg, a few broken ribs and a cracked skull. Frank, on the other hand got much worse than i did.

‘Gee?’ Mikey called, opening the hospital door.
‘It’s time to go. Visiting hours are over.’ He took the photo album from my hands and left the room.

‘Bye Frankie. I’ll see you tomorrow.... I promise.’ I whispered to my husband’s induced coma-tised form. I kissed his forehead one last time, leaving him to sleep.

I'm not sure if I like this.... It started out as an experiment. I dunno if it should be a one-shot or not.... what do you think? xox E
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